11 Hair Color Trends for 2019: Coolest Celeb/Insta-Inspired Shades

From celebrities to Instagram trends, from natural to snazzy, here are the 11 most popular hair color trends for 2019! Would you be able to pull off #8 and 9?


11 Hair Color Trends for 2019

Hey gorgeous! Hair coloring is becoming a bigger industry every passing year! The celebs have always been into it, but now they are trying new hair colors and techniques every week, which creates so many trends! And the salons themselves try so many new hair color ideas on clients, who are looking for something unique to match their personality.

So that’s why the hair color trends for 2019 are so varied. From sun-kissed natural tones to chic but wearable hues to absolutely crazy color mashes, we’re seeing something for everyone. What would be your pick?


1. Thin, Long Babylights

Babylights are thin highlights, usually very subtle, which first became trendy in 2014. All big celebs are wearing some version or the other of this in 2019 right now. Thin long highlights are back. They’re somewhere between balayage and frosted hair).

Go for just three shades lighter than your natural hair color from top to bottom (except the roots), on a few strands hidden here and there. Or you can also go for face framing long thin highlights along with your balayage. Or mix up highlights in two to three shades, both cool and warm.

2. Rose Gold

Rose gold is another trend that’s back and even stronger than before. Rose gold is a warm pink shade, something between pink and peach. Its warmer tones are perfect for both blonde and dark hair. If you have black hair, you can still wear rose gold highlights, mix them with golden medium brown ones. Either go for rose gold all over, with platinum blonde or light brown highlights. Or try rose gold highlights to frame your face. You can even try a rose pink ombre.

3. Ice Blue

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Ice blue is all the rage right now! Worn by everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaya, this cool cerulean shade is one of the top hair color trends for 2019 among celebrities. Lady Gaga wore it with platinum roots, and Bella Hadid is wearing it in an ombre, a la anime characters. I also loved Cadi B’s style of ice blue to deep blue ombre. And Kylie Jenner tried it with darker roots; she even tried a warmer shade of cerulean.

4. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut is a very wearable shade that we’ve seen as one of the top hair colors during many other seasons too. And surely, it is still a celeb favorite among the hair color trends for 2019. We’re seeing it on the Fall Winter 2019 runways a lot. And even on magazine covers, so it seems to be a models’ favorite!

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate and darkest brown, both are trending right now. Try dark chocolate brown hair color with subtle chestnut highlights for the perf sun kissed brunette look. Or go for solid darkest brown without any highlights. You can even try a cool dark brown to warm chocolate ombre a la Alessandria Ambrosio.

6. Auburn

Looking for a red tone that can turn heads? Well, good news, ’cause auburn is back among the hair color trends for 2019. Celebs like Zendaya, Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne are wearing it this year, and we’re seeing both warm and dark shades of it.

7. Marilyn Blonde

Among all the blonde shades, the light blonde is the most trending one among all the celebrity hair color trends for 2019. This would be a great transformation if you’re looking for any post-breakup ideas! Or try it with darker roots for a more wearable effect.

8. Phoenix Tail Feathers/ Pulp Riot Hair

Move over unicorn hair! Phoenix hair is the new trend in 2019!

The rainbow spectrum hair color is trending like crazy on Instagram these days. I’m calling it phoenix tail feathers, because it reminds me of Fawkes. But some hair stylists are also calling it pulp riot hair. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s for the bold and fearless. It’s 2019’s vibrant answer to last year’s unicorn hair.

9. Half & Half

This crazy yet snazzy style is another one if you’re looking for something bold and very unique. Not everyone can pull this off, honestly, because you’ll get mixed reactions from your friends and family! Other than half and half, even “half hair color” is trending, in which hair on one half of the head is colored and the other half are left natural.

@yaa.favos, @pop.dolld

10. Mushroom Hair

Ashy tones are generally 2019’s popular hair coloring choice. On Instagram and Pinterest, we’re seeing a boom of what’s called mushroom hair – which is just an ash brown ombre balayage. I’m not a big fan of this hair coloring style, since ash grey tones make you look older. But it’s a good idea if cool tones suit your skin.


11. Denim Hair

The trend of denim hair first started early last year, but it’s still trending in 2019, as people are trying this trend and showing off on Insta! I’m loving this hair color style, especially the deep, dull denim shades. If denim is too bold for you, go for underlights (hidden highlights)!

denim-hair-top Hair Color Trends for 2019 ombre-balayage-2019

So these were some of the most popular hair color trends for 2019. Which style are you gonna try? I’d love to go for thin long babylights.

Image Credits: Instagram (refer to individual handles or celeb names).

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