Guy Flicks vs. Chick Flicks | The Ultimate Movie Making Guidebook!

Guy recently dragged me, nay, convinced me, to watch Kingsman, the Secret Service. It was a total guy-flick. I mean, come on, it has ‘man’ in its name. I should’ve known. I had sort of anticipated, but Guy tricked me, saying it was going to be a comedy. Which it sort of was, to be honest. And I am a total sucker for comedies, let’s face it. So we can’t completely blame him.

“It’s such a guy movie”, I cried, frowning, ten minutes into the movie, munching butter popcorn and sipping Coke, my eyes fixated on the screen even while complaining. The young protagonist in the movie raced his car madly into the city traffic, being followed by the cops, glass smashing and bullets firing in all directions.

Guy’s eyes seemed even more fixated than mine, too busy watching the car-chase sequence to even reply to me. Multitasking is one thing guys cannot do to save their lives!

If this were a chick flick, I imagined, we’d have started peeking into a girl’s secret journal by now, or met a guy-next-door, but wayyyyy cuter than they are in real life, along with copious amounts of laughter, this season’s swoon-worthy designer collection. And high heeled pretty shoes.

And to accentuate these stark differences, I decided to make this Ultimate Comparison Chart of a Guy-Flick vs. a Chick-Flick. It’s a step ahead of dismissing these as an age-old ‘brawls and babes’ formula. In fact, you may even go as far as considering this a cookbook of sorts for making a guy/girl movie, where you can find all the necessary ingredients.

Guy Flicks Chick Flicks
Relatable guy, or hot guy, preferably muscular
Hot guy(s), preferably with nice hair, eyes, smile, jawline, abs, biceps…
Hot babesmegan_fox_transformers_hot_babe_hollywood_action_movie_car_guy_flick_chick_flick Relatable girl with great style, or a princess
Superheroes or robots (or both)
In absence of these, a cool gadget that does seemingly supernatural stuff will also do
Minimum one girl and one guy who will eventually end up together
Love optionaloceans_11_bradd_pitt_hollywood_action_movie_car_guy_flick_chick_flick
Love mandatory
Rugged terrains/ extra-solar planets City, or exotic and romantic locales
Fights/ Brawls/ Killingsfight_club_fighting_scene_hollywood_action_movie_car_guy_flick_chick_flick Shopping, chatting
Tattoos, costumes
Designer fashion, dresses, handbags, shoes, make-up
Gadgets, guns, cars, motorbikes Pearls, flowers, diamonds
Action, blood and boom-boom sounds Emotion, tears and romantic music
Aargh!! Awww!
Ends with a fight sequence Ends with a kiss or wedding
Happy ending optional Happy ending highly recommended

Of course, this highlights only the key ingredients. There could be many other smaller ones, like swap coffee or champagne with beer. But you get the gist.


Now let’s see if the two genres have any traits in common, you know, the kinds that could be combined to create a movie both sexes equally enjoy.

Plus, to give a bit more to either sex, add upto three additional elements from each genre. So, for example, a typical enjoyable-for-both-sexes movie would have:

F:ProjectsLifestyle BlogArticles15-03-27 - Guy flick vs girl

Here are two of the most popular examples of such movies:

F:ProjectsLifestyle BlogArticles15-03-27 - Guy flick vs girl

And we get (drum rolls please) Spiderman!! Here’s one more:

F:ProjectsLifestyle BlogArticles15-03-27 - Guy flick vs girl

And here we get Titanic!! Applause!

And if I read this venn diagram correctly now, you get a typical Bollywood masala movie with these ingredients. So, voila! you just found yourself the (very) limited possibilities for creating a Bollywood movie!!


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