Gulmohar: The Fun & Summery Audrey O. Illustration

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new series of Audrey O. illustrations, which I have made during the lockdown. The first in the series is Gulmohar, which is inspired by my time in quarantine.


I made its pencil sketch on my birthday, which was on May 24 (last month). My birthday came after one of the most tiring weeks of my life, both mentally and physically exhausting. My husband unwell and I was just getting used to somehow managing all household chores along with keeping our company running amid plummeting revenues (thanks, Covid-19). All I remember is that I didn’t have a second to rest, I was constantly drenched in sweat (it was very hot) and I promised myself that I deserved to do whatever I loved when my birthday came around.

So after finishing the chores, I finally got lucky enough to manage an hour of taking out my Audrey O. sketchpad and it instantly came to me what I wanted to draw. In true Audrey O. and Coco style, I imagined what I would want to do if I weren’t so tired – I’d relax, enjoy the summer on the terrace – where I have been going every evening during the quarantine.

Our terrace is a lovely place – surrounded by trees, it attracts all sorts of birds – cuckoos, mynas, kingfishers, crows, pigeons, parrots and woodpeckers. I love spending time there – so inspiring and peaceful. Right in front of where I park my chair is a beautiful gulmohar tree that blossoms with fresh neon green leaves and flaming red flowers every monsoon. So I imagined Audrey O. swinging from it.

No matter how tough things get, there’s a way to find (or at least imagine) a happy thought. That’s what keeps us going.

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