A Guidebook on How to Look Rich and Classy

Hey gorgeous! Adding elegance to your style can create timeless outfits and help you avoid the out-of-trend trap. Here’s a guidebook on how to look rich and classy.

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Richness doesn’t have to just be associated with being wealthy. It’s a quality that also talks about abundance, delectability and exquisiteness. And bringing “richness” to your personal style is all about adding taste and elegance, not an effort to look wealthy necessarily.

Dressing rich and looking classy may or may not be your personal style. You may want to dress up for an interview, or to meet your boyfriend’s parents, to go to a fancy party or just casually for a change. There could be so many occasions when you feel the need to try a sophisticated casual dress code. Here are a few tips on how to get that look!

How to Look Rich & Classy

  1. Observe the Style of Classy Ladies

Classiness is all about adding a touch of old-school grace. Classy women have a timelessness in their style. Here at ShilpAhuja.com, we always write about the latest trends and season’s hottest looks. But it’s always a good idea to mix them with the all-time favorites in your wardrobe. This will help you create timeless outfits that ooze elegance. Because as they say, “Trends go out of fashion but style doesn’t”. Sometimes it’s just about simple but stylish outfits.


2. Wear Solids, Neutrals and Rich Colors

  • Wear solid colors instead of prints. If you wear prints, go for small-print, and wear it only on one separate – like a skirt.
  • If you want to wear large prints, choose artsy or exotic patterns like handmade water-color or sketchy prints. You can also try hand-embroidered or applique instead of prints.
  • Wear tonal colors like black and white.
  • Wear monochromatic outfits, especially in tonal colors and pastels for the rich clothing style. They work great to create elegant looks.
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  • Also wear colors inspired by precious stones – like ruby red, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green, amber yellow. Precious stone colors help to create simple classy outfits really easily.


3. Wear Well-Fitted, Well-Maintained Outfits

If you wanna know how to look rich and classy, you have to start with the outfit. If you wanna dress like a classy lady, Fabric quality, fit, color and cut matter the most. Instead of wearing expensive clothes that look cheap, focus on what looks expensive, too. It’s the subtle things – rich fabrics, perfect fits, simple silhouettes and neatly ironed.

What are classy dresses?

  • Good ideas for clothing are well-fitted dresses, pencil skirts suits, trousers and blouses.
  • Knee-length sheath and shift dresses work great. Flared mini or midi-dresses also look appealing.
  • For outerwear, opt for faux-fur or woo knee-length coats, bar jackets or classic tweed jackets. Brocade and silk coats work great for lightweight party-wear options.
  • Wear dark denim with a light wash. Avoid frayed, baggy or too tight jeans.
  • Give structure to your outfits with belts.how-to-dress-basic-fashion-tips-advice
  • Choose garments made of good-quality fabric. This gives the rich and classy look more than anything else.
  • Wear well-fitted clothes that look tailored to your size. Wealthy women have access to personal tailors and wearing well-fitted clothes will make you look like you do, too!
  • Wear only clean, well-ironed clothes. avoid wrinkled fabrics at all costs.

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4. Add structured bag, sunglasses and clean shoes

Accessories play a huge role in looking rich and classy

  • Large rings and over-sized sunglasses work wonders as statement pieces. If you observe women with old money or stylish classy women, you’ll notice these accessories on them almost always.
      • Invest in a good medium-sized handbag.
      • The state of your shoes and handbag counts a lot. Avoid wearing shoes that look dirty or worn-out. Keep them clean like they’ve never been in the dust or a puddle!
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How to Look Rich and Classy how-to-look-more-stylish-womens-fashion-clothing5. Wear Either Dainty Jewelry or Statement Pieces


  • For studded necklaces or hair accessories, missing rhinestones or studs are a complete no-no. Yes, they are noticeable.
  • Avoid chunky jewelry. Invest in a white pearl necklace and pearl earrings instead.
  • You can also wear delicate jewelry like a diamond pendant and stud earrings.
  • Keep your jewelry and handbag chains shiny.
  • Avoid layering your jewelry. But layered pearl or sleek layered chain necklaces are a good idea.
  •  If you’re wearing stacked chain or bead necklaces, make sure they aren’t tangled with each other or stuck in any part of your outfit.
      If you’re wearing chain necklaces, check to make sure the chain looks lustrous. It’s time to discard chains when they start discoloring.

6. Take Care of Your Skin and Basic Grooming


        • Keep your skin hydrated and fresh.
        • Use blush and highlighter for the glowy and youthful look.
        • Never go out with dry flaky skin or chapped lips. Use moisturizing lotion and lip balms and carry them in your bag if you need it.
        •  Always make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped. If it is, remove it completely.
        • If you notice any stray eyebrow hair that are too noticeable, carefully pluck them with your tweezer. This will considerably elevate your look.
        • Always line and fill your lips with lip-pencil before you wear your lipstick.
        • Master a minimalistic makeup look which consists of concealer, tinted moisturizer, mascara and thin-winged eyeliner. Also, practice taking the same look from day to night by adding shimmery copper eyeshadow and red lips.
        • Keep your nails buffed and shaped at all times. Use classy lacquer-colors on your nails like red, white and clear polish. Always use clear polish after you paint them. Read more tips in our guide on how to look polished.

 How to Look Rich and Classy: Dont’s

  • Logos are making a comeback in small designs on unusual places like sleeves or bra straps. But avoid clothes with large logos printed on them. Large logos look wannabe and don’t gel well with the rich and classy style!
  • Don’t overdo animal-prints. If you must wear them, choose it only for highlights – like leopard-print pumps, a handbag with zebra-print applique.
  • Avoid things that’ll make you uncomfortable or fidget. Such as if you’re wearing a fringe dress, avoid fringe necklace with it. If your shoes feel too uncomfortable, change into or carry a pair that’ll allow you to walk easily. If you’re carrying a heavy handbag, consider tying up your hair so it doesn’t get stuck under the shoulder straps. Uncomfortable outfits are major confidence-busters.
  • Avoid chunky or bulky hair accessories like scrunchies or broad plastic clips.

So, these are a few tips for you on how to look rich and classy. Which ones do you already follow? Do let us know by tweeting us @shilpa1ahuja!

Muaah 🙂

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  1. Loved the way how you point out the really simple things to look rich and classy. Your tip will help in keeping my fashion game up a level.

  2. Wow those tips are really helpful, thanks Shilpa! And honestly you do look very rich in these outfits. You look so sophisticated.


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