Gucci Spring Summer 2020 Collection: The Purpose of Fashion

If fashion is all about self-expression, how can there exist rules on how fashion “should be”? Gucci Spring Summer 2020 collection stirs up a conversation. Read our review.

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Art is so subjective, its meaning is important yet, at times, elusive. It’s after watching shows like Gucci that people outside the fashion industry ask the kinds of questions you find on Quora, “Why is runway fashion so absurd?” and, “What’s the point of making models in fashion shows wear clothes that you can’t wear IRL?” And out of all the Gucci collections we’ve seen in recent seasons, this is perhaps the one we can most easily translate in real life!

And yet Gucci Spring Summer 2020 collection is all about the freedom of expression, free of societal confines. Creative and still true to the house of Gucci, the Spring Summer 2020 collection is perhaps very meta in the way it asks the questions it also answers.

Fashion is not just for those who like to follow the rules of how fashion “should be.” Fashion is for everyone. Its purpose is to enable people to tell their story, to showcase their own place in the world. For those who understand this higher purpose of fashion, no clothes would ever seem absurd.

gucci-SPRING-SUMMER_2020_SS20-looks models runway

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 women’s and men’s collection was presented at the Gucci Hub during Milan Fashion Week. The show started as fully white clad models stood on a travelator that moved them forward, like an android factory! It seemed futuristic yet spiritual. And then the presentation started.

The first few looks contained a lot of black, and the show thereafter kept moving in a bright and colorful direction. Silhouettes included leather skirts, long-slit dresses, trousers, suits and matching sets. Many looks featured broad chokers and large sunglasses with chunky black chains. Other accessories included long gloves and bright pantyhose, pointy-toe pumps, flap bags and women’s ties.

Color was an important part of this collection. Shades from the whole color spectrum were seen – bright yellows, reds, greens and blues. Hues like champagne, leaf green, mint, fuchsia sapphire, scarlet, aquamarine and many more. Neutrals included dove grey, biscuit, peachy nude, beige and cocoa.

Sheers and cut-outs played an important part, too, and made up some of my favorite looks. One was a leaf-green crop sweater paired with a sheer long skirt in lilac, worn over netted underpants, and accessorized with long leather gloves.

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 SS20 RTW (3)

Another was a sheer skirt worn with a sheer oversized-shirt with large pockets and a matching choker in pale peach. The look was accessorized with a royal blue beanie and gold sunglasses.

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 SS20 RTW (13)

And another was a loo that played up warm tones of rose beige and red. The dress had a large cut-out in the center and a high slit, paired with red sheer pantyhose, long black gloves and strappy heels.

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 SS20 RTW (15)

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection: Gallery

Image Credit: Dan Lecca for Gucci

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