Grooming Dogs Gets Chic with New Pet Trends

The world of pets is getting luxe day by day! From hairstyles to facials to personal hygiene, check out the latest trends for grooming dogs and pets!

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Dogs grooming is not just about maintaining their level of cleanliness and keeping your dog good-looking. It includes maintaining both physical health as well as his/her appearance. Of course, every dog owner should know the basics of how to groom their pet. But other than the simple pet grooming tips like hair cutting and nail clipping while he/she is a puppy, pet owners can’t forget the cool, trendy dog grooming products.

From spa-days to fragrant balms, dogs also have pamper-needs, just like us. And these days, there are so many new styles of conditioners, haircuts, nail polish and what not, which any dog lover will be enamored by! Let’s take a look at different trends in personal hygiene and grooming dogs.

Latest Pet Trends for Grooming Dogs

1. Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs

Frequent bathing will usually not dry the dog’s skin or coat if the appropriate shampoo is chosen. The ones with harsh chemical usually dry out the skin if used too much. So choosing a chemical free shampoo is essential. These days, organic shampoos with essential oils like lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang are very popular.

Natural fragrances like vanilla and healthy ingredients like aloe vera are taking over the online pet stores. After bathing, application of conditioner makes it easier for you to brush your pet’s hair. As it helps to soften the coat and add shine, without weighing the coat down.

2. Personal Hygiene

Taking care of your cute dog is as important as it is for yourself. And taking care doesn’t just mean providing good food and regular exercises. In fact, they need personal hygiene that keeps them happy and healthy. For proper hygiene, make the best use of after bath cream and sprays. This year, flavors like green tea, grape fruit and lemon grass are very trendy amongst dog owners. Plus we’re also seeing different size brushes, flavored paw butter for softening and nourishing the dogs paws like vanilla!


3. Fragrance

If you own a dog, it’s common that their body coat smells at times. Using the best dog body spray, after bath or body wash is important after shampooing your pet (here are some great ones I found). And see to that you don’t get the harsh ones. The latest mild-flavored organic sprays have essential oils like ylang-ylang with magnolia and lemon grass.

4. Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are not exactly a new way to clean your darling pet. But we’re certainly seeing more and more pet spas offering both bombs and epsom salts for dogs.

While shopping for shampoo or bubble bath soaps for your dog, ensure that it is one that will not sting if they get it into their eyes and that it is not too harsh for their skin and coat. A natural, organic and moisturizing shampoo is best one to go for. Just like that filling the tub with bubbles is a great way to make their bathing fun, assuming that your dog having a great time with the bubbles and not something new that scares them!


5. Massage

Massaging your dog might seem silly, but it’s actually extremely beneficial for your pup. As it feels good when you get a massage, right? Well, that feeling is the same for dogs. As it helps to reduce stress in the body, help the joints, muscles and provides basic pain relief. Canine massages have become very popular over the last few years, and new types like Swedish massage, trigger joint therapy, acupressure are the ones to try!


6. Pedi Paws

The pet owners are worried about their dogs getting hurt. As trimming the dog’s nails can be tricky and daunting. Gone are the days of using those stainless steel blade nail clippers. Instead, these days we are seeing nail grinders that help to keep your pet’s nails short and from getting scratched. And most important of all is get to know all the details and the position of your dog paws before clipping their nails at home or at pets nail salon. Dog claws have nerves in them, so be sure to consult a certified veterinary practitioner or spa to know how much or how to clip them so they don’t get hurt or bleed.

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7. Collar

Dog collars come in a wide variety of fashionable styles and sizes. The idea is to pick the right collar for your pet. Here are some latest ones. Lately, embellished, embroidered collars with charms and studded ones have been trendy. Great idea to go for embellished and studded ones if you’re planning to take your dog for a party, and go for embroidered and the charmed ones for daily wear.


8. Bows

Bows are all time favorite for all the dog owners. And I know there are some of us who are mad about grooming dogs. Including me! We groom them, dress them in crazy outfits and pair a bow that goes with it. So this year, we saw printed cupcakes and floral printed bows in the online dog’s store that is best used for their own birthdays, animal printed bows can be worn during Christmas eve and polka dots add to the feminine appeal.


9. Belts

If you’ve got a new pup and confused about choosing classy belts for your dog. Then here you are! There are different types of belts used for different use. For casual regular days, simple neck collar belts are still popular, but for walking and while driving these body plus neck belts have been lately getting super trendy as they are safer.


10. Dogs Clothes

Many pets do not need the necessary coat thickness for outdoors during chilly weather. Unlike, other dogs do need while spending their lives in the indoors. We saw this year checkers and denim dresses are very trendy in the dog’s store. Great idea to put up these cute dresses to your pet for casual days. Hoodies are chic, too, to keep your dog warm during winters.

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11. Haircuts

dogs-grooming-trends-designs-hair-trends-styleWe can groom our pets at hair salon with different cut and styles. Try the trendy cuts like a high pony, bangs with side-parted, two ponies and many more that goes according to their hair volume and length of the hair your dog has!


12. Facial

Before facial is done, apply slices of cucumber if your dog is ready to, and then start with facial. Blueberry facials for dogs are all rage now! So dog lovers who want to pamper your pooch can give them a blueberry facial! It does great benefits such as treating tear stains, improving dry skin and brightening your dog’s coat.


13. Spa

Do you think only humans need a spa to relax? Pets need pampering, too! Dogs spas include facials, bath spa, haircuts, nail polish and many more services. All these are part of the perfect pamper session. Let the dogs have their own fun!


14. Nail Polish

Nail polish for grooming dogs is an amazing trend. And it’s very important to know how to keep your dog safe while you’re polishing up their paw. Make sure to use a chemical-free nail paint from a good brand, so that it doesn’t harm your pet even if they lick their paws. There are different trends and colors to get inspired to polish your pet nails. Choose something that goes with your pup’s personality!

So those were the basics on how to groom your pet as well the latest trends in grooming dogs. Which is your dog’s favorite one? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!


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