Gourmet Desserts Get a Trendy Update: Designer Desserts are Here

Who doesn’t like trying new desserts? Here we have lined up the best gourmet desserts to try in 2018. Also, these desserts can create the best Instagram posts! Don’t miss trying #7! 

gourmet desserts gourmet-desserts-trendy-designer-dessert-trends-2018-latest-gourmetHowdy! Desserts have always been super popular amongst all ages. While some love to stick to their own taste, others like to experiment with the latest desserts! Experimenting with desserts can never go wrong cause’ whatever it may be, at the end it’s gonna be sweet! So, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t ever be afraid to try something new! Here, we have picked up the latest gourmet desserts and the coolest trends for 2018 that are worth trying!

Gourmet Desserts for 2018

1. Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich


The name ice cream sandwich itself makes one’s mouth water! Add a spin to the classic ice cream taste with the delicious tiramisu. It is a perfect blend of mascarpone cheese and espresso cookies. This Italian dessert is sure gonna win your heart!

2. Celery Sorbet and Green Olive Cheesecake


Wondering whether it is a veggie dish or a dessert? Well, it is doubtlessly a dessert! Now you can have vegetables as your dessert – at least that’s what a restaurant in Los Angeles says. The natural sweetness of celery is used in making the dessert sweet. Dan Barber, the Blue Hill chef and co-owner say, “We like looking at vegetables in a new way.”

3. Flower Jelly

flower-jelly-latest-trendy-designer-dessertsThe oh-so-real looking flowers are not actually flowers – it’s a dessert! Flower jelly is a new type of dessert that has gained popularity in Japan and we’re dying to try it, too! It looks super cool and perfect dessert for summers! The most important ingredient in this dessert is gelatin. Also, the flower jellies are super easy to make and even interesting to look at during the making process.

flower-jelly-designer-dessert-trends-20184. Banana Cake and Green Tea Ice Cream


Here’s a new dessert for all the fitness freaks! Usually, people who follow a diet tend to stay away from desserts. But the banana cake and green tea ice cream is less-caloric and can be had even by people who follow the strict diet! Green tea ice cream!!! Aww, I’m super excited to try this one! And maybe this gets added on the menu of our office coffee breaks! Hope you’re reading this, Shilpa! 🙂

5. Korean Bingsu


It is a popular Korean dessert with shaved ice as the major ingredient. From condensed milk to fruit syrups to almonds to cereal flakes, the list of toppings that taste well with this dessert is endless! You can even top it with green tea powder for a less caloric dessert.

6. Trifecta


The three all-time loved ingredients in one bite is what makes trifecta one of the trendy desserts for 2018! It contains dark, milk, and white chocolate with cream, brownie, roasted almonds and raspberry sauce. I wanna try this right away! Yum!

7. Key Lime Pie

key-lime-pie-crust-latest-designer-trendy-desserts-2018Who doesn’t love dollops of whipped cream on desserts? If you’re like me and love any dessert with whipped cream, then this one’s for us! This is an American dessert made with key lime juice, condensed milk, egg yolk and pie crust. The thinly sliced lime skin on the dessert makes it look appetizing!

8. Sorbet Cheesecake


Cheesecake is something that no one can resist. And adding a flavoring agent with water ice will make it taste yummier! If you are a cheesecake lover and wanna give a twist to your usual dessert, then this sorbet cheesecake will be a perfect end to your dinner!

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9. Frozen Bananas


This is one of the easy-to-make (in case you wanna try making this at home), yummiest and trendiest gourmet desserts! Bananas are loaded with potassium and anti-oxidants and this makes the frozen bananas dessert the healthiest, too! The frozen chocolate bananas with nuts and sprinkles on them make it irresistible!

10. Ricotta Doughnut

ricotta-doughnut-italian-dessert-trendy-designer-desserts-2018These Italian doughnuts are perfect for one’s sweet-tooth! They are soft and fluffy and made with ricotta cheese. Doughnut lovers, don’t miss this cool dessert!

So, this is all about mouth-watering gourmet desserts! Which one are you looking forward to trying asap?  Also if you’ve tried any of them, we would love to know your personal reviews! Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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