Hottest Gigi Hadid Instagram Photos | Swimsuits and More!

From swimsuits to street-wear, runway dresses to nothing at all – The Guy has handpicked the sexiest and hottest Gigi Hadid Instagram photos! 

gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-portrait-red-topHi stud. Guy here. And hotties! How you doin’?

I wasn’t much of a Gigi fan before Shilpa put me to the task of selecting the best looks and most confident Gigi Hadid Instagram photos. So I checked out her account. But I liked it. I mean she-is-hot! And legs. And I knew Shilpa wouldn’t let me post some of these raunchy pics because she’s all about let’s inspire girls! and inner beauty and intellect! and beauty with brains. How pretentious! But let’s be real, girls – this one’s for y’all! Because Gigi knows how to pose. Gigi’s Insta pics are like a collection of tutorials on how to pose sexy! And I know you want to learn that, too!

Anyhow, here are my favorite Gigi Hadid Instagram photos, starting with this drool-worthy swimsuit pic:gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-bikini-blue-sunglasses

This one’s from “@StuartWeitzman SS16 campaign with @lilyaldridge and @joansmalls – shot by @mariotestino.”
gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexyThis is from a photo-shoot by Sebastian Faena for Vanity Fair, September 2015:gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-black-top-dress-nudeThis hot pic is from the Victoria’s Secret show:gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-fireman-dress-yellow-pants-sports-bragigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-golden-pants-retro-disco-look

This one’s from Victoria’s Secret Insta, but I liked this pic, the dress, the legs and everything.gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-golden-dress-over-coat-red-sunglasses

This one’s for W’s September 2015 issue:gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-sweater-skirt-super-hotAnd here is Gigi Hadid for Seafolly Summer 2015:gigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-sports-bikini-blue-headphones-beachgigi-hadid-instagram-hot-supermodel-sexy-white-dress

So those were the best Gigi Hadid Instagram photos. Which one is your favorite? And least favorite? Comment below.



  1. Naina

    January 11, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    She’s not too thin like most models. And I like those pink trousers.

  2. Andrea

    January 11, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Gigi Hadid swimsuit body = #GOALS2016

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