107 Garba Quotes for Instagram by Shilpa Ahuja | Navratri Captions

From funny to sassy to thoughtful, here are 107 original garba quotes & Navratri wishes for all your IG needs and moods.

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Hey SAM fam!

After years of wait (8 years of being married to a Vadodara guy) I’m finally in Vadodara this year for the Navratris. And Garba has been on my mind ever since the rains became scarce and the weather got hot again. Navratris are the time no one can resist Garba – not even Punjabis. And of course, what better way to show my enthusiasm than to contribute some of my signature Instagram captions for Garba!

Of course, I know you’ve been working hard at the gym to look good, and day-dreaming about “accidentally” dancing with your crush for months. And finally it’s hours of getting passes and getting ready. And in all this you probably don’t got the energy to muster up a good caption for that hot Instagram pic. So I did the work and wrote original Garba quotes and Navratri captions for Instagram for all your needs and moods.

Let’s go!

Funny Garba Captions

Garba is all about having fun, and a funny caption can set the mood for your IG feed. ‘Cause you like to make your followers laugh while you show them how to live! That’s why I’ve written some funny Garba quotes that can go with all your selfies and Navratri night pics.

Funny Garba Captions for instagram quotes cool
  1. You can’t handle me in my Garba mode!
  2. I like a man who’s got the dandiya moves!
  3. If I were the PM, Garba would be 99 days a year.
  4. Forget chicken, I’d even leave my boyfriend for Garba.
  5. I got 99 problems but sleep ain’t one of them!
  6. A dandiya a day keeps the monotony away.
  7. The most prized commodity: Garba pass.
  8. Garba zaroori hai.
  9. Barish or no barish, Garba is on.
  10. Hours at the gym – only to fit into my Navratri kurtas.
  11. So tired from last night. But yet so ready to Garba tonight.

Sassy Garba Captions for Instagram for Girls

While Garba is for everyone, only girls know how much hard work goes into making each nigh a glam night. And while Garba may be for everyone, not everyone can be sassy and sexy like the gujju girls at Garba. So here are some Navratri and Garba captions for Instagram for girls that show off your spicy attitude.

Sassy Garba Captions for Instagram for Girls
  1. Dress like no one’s staring, dance like no one’s watching.
  2. Be a garba girl in a room full of Bhangra girls!
  3. Find you a boyfriend who can do Garba for six hours straight.
  4. If a guy brings you water when you’re thirsty from all the dancing, he’s the one.
  5. If you can’t keep up with my Garba moves, don’t bother asking me out.
  6. I may not be the most popular girl in college, but at United Way, I’m the queen.
  7. My chaniya choli may be classy but my Garba moves are savage!
  8. All decked in my Garba garb – now all I need is a handsome partner!
  9. Garba night is the one night when every girl ditches her jeans and proudly dons some ethnic ‘fits!

Gujju Garba Quotes (Funny)

The whole country may be celebrating them but who can do Navratris better than gujjus? So be yourself this year by posting a proud picture for your Instagram feed and add one of these captions to tell the world who’s the boss!

Gujju Garba Quotes Funny caption status IG gujarati
  1. Dance the Gujju way.
  2. Garba. Dandiya. Gujju.
  3. Keep calm and Garba on.
  4. Garba and girls have one thing in common – if you’re not a Gujju, you can’t keep up with either.
  5. Gujjus don’t just dance. We dance all night. And we do it in style.
  6. If you hear garba songs and your feet don’t automatically move, are you even a gujju?!
  7. When all gujjus turn pro.
  8. Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di.
  9. Chokri paas che, par ‘pass’ che?
  10. It’s our pride day: dance like a gujju, dress like a gujju.
  11. Being a vegetarian for 9 days is a small price to pay for this heavenly madness!

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Garba Dance Captions for Instagram

There are few things in life as fun as Navratri nights. It’s like all the energy in the world gets concentrated on the Garba ground and it’s difficult to stop even to catch a breath! So here are some lovely Garba quotes about dancing to capture that fun festive mood.

Garba Dance Captions for Instagram IG caption status
  1. If you’re not dancing all night, you’re not doing it right!
  2. Dance like you have never been hurt before.
  3. Dance like your life depends on it. #Dandiya
  4. It’s not about how you dress, it’s about how you dance.
  5. Garba be crazy. Can you keep up?
  6. The best way to find out if you like a person is to dance with them.
  7. The first round is elegant, the Second round is pro, the last round: stay out of my way!
  8. Life is a rhythm, dance to its beat.
  9. Don’t stop dancing till the beat stops. #Dandiya
  10. Dance for the one who is dancing inside you.
  11. I dance so my soul can remember who I am.
  12. You can dance but you can’t stop.
  13. Garba is like life. Sometimes it’s nice and slow. But sometimes it’s so fast you can barely keep up even if you’re a pro!
  14. Let’s dance to the beat of happiness! #Garba #Dandiya #Navratri

Garba Outfit Captions & Navratri Lehenga Quotes

It’s time to get ready for the Garba season, and while you’re busy getting your chaniya choli and jewelry ready, I have written up some Garba outfit and lehenga quotes for you! Use ‘em as your Instagram captions and break the internet with your sexy backless choli pics. Thank me later!

Garba Outfit Captions Navratri Lehenga Quotes
  1. Don’t get too close, I’m on fire tonight!
  2. If it’s not backless, it doesn’t belong on Garba grounds!
  3. Bye chicken, adios eggs, hello chaniya choli!
  4. Yeah, I don’t do minimal! I’m ready for Garba from head to toe!
  5. It’s not just about the garba, it’s also about the garb. #lehenga
  6. Forget Navratri – my traditional Garba outfit is enough to make me want to go out!
  7. My trad Garba dress makes up for my lack of boyfriend tonight: it’s reason enough to dance!!
  8. Chaniya choli: check. Makeup: check. Trad jewelry: check. Now all I need is my BFF!
  9. Days of shopping, 9 chaniya cholis, hours of getting ready – my Garba pic deserves a ‘like’ for all the hard work, right?
  10. The night may be over but I don’t wanna take off my chaniya choli.
  11. If you can’t look away, don’t worry it’s not your fault.
  12. Got our lehenga cholis, got our Garba moves, what are we waiting for?
  13. Wearing a lehenga makes me feel like dancing!
  14. Choose a lehenga choli that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. #garba
  15. Garba is about dancing together, celebrating together, and looking good in chaniya cholis together.

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Captions for Garba Lovers, Friends and Garba Pride

You got the passes and now it’s time to tell the world that your Garba be better than the next person’s! So I wrote some fun captions for Garba lovers that showcase your pride. Whether you’re taking a pic with friends at your fave Garba ground, or showing your love for your city, I got you!

Sassy Garba Captions for Instagram for Girls
  1. Where’s the Garba tonight?!
  2. The Garba gang going out with a bang!
  3. We wait all year for Garba nights, now we’re unstoppable!
  4. Make way for the unstoppable Garba force.
  5. The people of Rajkot rock Garba nights like no other!
  6. Dandiya night: Surat tonight!
  7. Vadodara beats Ahmedabad in Garba moves – hands down.
  8. Go east, go west, Ahmedabad Garba is the best!
  9. The undeniable Garba champion – United Way forever!
  10. Slay at United Way!
  11. Garba trumps bhangra any day!
  12. United Way ground brace yourself: here we come!

Garba Quotes for Instagram about Celebration (Short & Thoughtful)

Looking for Garba quotes in English for your Instagram status? Well, here are some some thoughtful captions that I’ve written just for you.

  1. Eat, sleep, Garba, repeat.
  2. Garba changes everything.
  3. Dance to the rhythm of life.
  4. Garba is not just a dance, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle.
  5. Follow your bliss. #Garba
  6. Garba (n.): The art of joyful celebration.
  7. The best part of Garba is being with family.
  8. I feel like I’m in my own little world when I’m doing #garba.
  9. Garba is like life, it always comes full circle.
  10. Garba is a language that speaks to the soul.
  11. Garba is not just a dance, it’s a celebration of life.
  12. No matter where you are, garba is coming.
  13. Garba is an expression of the inner self, and it can be seen on the face.
  14. Garba is a form of nonverbal expression, where each person tells a story with their body.

Dandiya Captions for Instagram

Dandiya is the most beautiful dance. It’s a celebration of Indian culture and tradition. So if you wanna post your Dandiya selfies on IG, here are some cool Dandiya quotes you can add. Use hashtags like #Dandiya #Garba #Navratri with your IG pics so you can reach a larger audience, and everyone can admire your dandiya moves!

dandiya quotes-for-instagram-garba navratri caption
  1. Dandiya more and worry less.
  2. When life throws sticks at you, do Dandiya with them.
  3. Dandiya is not just about the dance, but also about the spirit.
  4. Dandiya requires no words to communicate.
  5. Dancing is a way to connect with yourself and the people around you, and nothing says that better than Dandiya.
  6. Dandiya is the festival of colors, joy, and happiness. It’s a time to forget your worries and have fun.
  7. Come and get your dandiya on!
  8. The best thing about Dandiya is that it is a celebration of life.
  9. Dandiya makes you feel like you’re dancing on air.
  10. Dandiya and Garba are not just about the dance, but also about the music, the colors and the spirit of togetherness.
  11. Dandiya is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It is an occasion when people come together to celebrate the joy of life and love!
  12. The festival of Navratri is incomplete without Dandiya. And Dandiya is incomplete without a year’s worth of energy.
  13. What better way to celebrate our culture than with a traditional lehenga choli and some Dandiya?

Navratri Quotes & Wishes for Instagram

Happy Navratri, everyone! Wishing you a prosperous and energized year ahead. Stay strong and true to your values, and keep spreading the beautiful message of love. Here are some quotes to get you through the nine days of Navratri.

Navratri Quotes status Wishes for Instagram
  1. Happy Navratri. Let the dance begin.
  2. May this festival of Navratri bring happiness and good fortune to all.
  3. May the Goddess bless us with peace and prosperity; may we enjoy the company of our loved ones.
  4. Navratri is a festival of lights, a celebration of life. It’s a time when we rejoice, but it’s also a time to reflect.
  5. The best part of Navratri is the celebration of victory of good over evil.
  6. Navratri is like the Goddess herself blesses us with her presence and it is the best time to feel that.
  7. Navratri is a beautiful festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The festival brings together people from all walks of life, and reminds them to connect with their inner self.
  8. May this Navratri add all the bright colors to your life. And may you never be left partnerless at Garba!

There, I wrote 2 extra! So I hope you found these Garba quotes and Navratri captions helpful. Lemme know if you used one (or many) of them for your beautiful pics by tagging me on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom. Share the glam! Feel free to credit me for the quote and I’ll ‘like’ your pic!


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