Fur Nails: The Quirky Fur Nail Trend You Need to Know About

This year’s runways saw a crazy new nail trend – fur nails. Do we wanna wear it or not? Here’s all you need to know about adding some fluff on your nails this season.

The latest nail art trend is here. After seeing nail trends like ombre, matte, crystal and velvet, we’re now seeing the crazy fur nails. They first debuted during the Libertine Fall/Winter 2016 show. Fur nails – you may love it or hate but it’s definitely the quirkiest nail trend this season. They are weird, incredibly unique and furry! 😉

Our Opinion on Fur Nails

We feel that in terms of practicality, fur nails aren’t really functional! These are definitely not something that can be worn every day, you cannot wash your hands or pick up anything, and you can literally do nothing with them on. The only good and fun part is you can tickle everyone with these fuzzy nails! 😉 But should we leave this trend at the runway or try it on? And if we wanna try it, then how?

Fur Nails nail trends-nail polish - faux fur nails- funky
Libertine Fall-Winter 2016

To Try or Not to Try: Fur Nails

The verdict is that this is certainly a trend we can try, because like every other extreme runway trend, you can make it more subtle and wearable for a real life use. We condemn animal cruelty, so avoid real fur. Faux fur nails are the way to go! Here’s the extreme trend, which we would reserve possibly for the Halloween party costumes (ahem, or avoid altogether!)! Yes, fur nails would be better for photo-shoots or parties rather than everyday use.

Image: Cosmopolitan

Fur Nails You Can Actually Wear

Brown fur too mousey for you? Try some white for a winter party! You can keep your white fur nails subtle, with tiny fur, or bold, with longer fur like this. Also you can just limit it to one nail only.

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan

And here is the subtler version. You can be creative with fur (and even pom-poms) and create your own styles! Try fur on one nail:

Image Credit: bobbo_young via Instagram

Or mix it with other nail art, like embellished or textured. Try fun colors like soft pastels or midnight blue, which will look glam rather than animalistic.

Image Credit: Chomichomchom via Instagram

Or just use a little fur, instead of covering your whole nail with it. Use it in geometric panels, or use tiny fur cut-outs for your nail art accents. How cute is this one?!

nail polish fuax fur nails 2016 e1474263977860

How to Wear Fur Nails

There are two ways to get fur onto your nails. Let’s take a look at them both:

#1: With Fake Nails

All you need to get this faux fur nail art are the following things :

  • Any colored or even clear nail paint
  • Fake or faux nails or nail tips with glue
  • Some faux fur of your choice (start with something less furry)
  • A pair of scissors

Cut fake fur into a small nail-tip sized piece (just a wee-bit bigger). Glue it onto the nail tip and cut the excess edges off with scissors. Glue the nail tip onto your nail and voila! Enjoy your newly minted fur nails, ready to be taken off when you’re bored!

#2: Without Fake Nails

You’ll need:

  • Any colored or clear nail polish
  • Some faux fur
  • A transparent top coat
  • The most important peel-off base-coat
  • A pair of scissors

The reason to add a peel off base coat is to easily remove the fur off the nails. Start with this and once you’re done, go ahead and paint a neat coat of your colored polish (optional).
Take a small strip of fur and glue it down with a layer of top coat. Wait for the polish to dry a bit and become thick before you place the fur. This will avoid the fur from slipping off the nail. Make sure the fur strip fits your nail perfectly, and cut the excess with your scissors.

You can either do just one fur nail. Or more if you aren’t gonna be doing anything but flaunting the trend! This may seem all easy-peasy while reading, but it’s way more complicated, what with the fur-strands shedding, washing hands and of course, the overall feeling of having fur on your nails!

What do you think about this fur nails trend ? Personally I think it’s better off at the runway!!

If you would try on fur nails, let us know where you would wear them to. We want to know all the details. Tweet us @shilpa1ahuja!

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