Fun and Unique Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Bored of the usual candle-light dinner for Valentine’s day? Check out some fresh, out-of-box ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day this year!

ideas-to-celebrate-valentines-day-advice-fun-uniqueHey! It’s time of the year when red is the must-have color! Apart from choosing gifts, an important task is to figure out how to celebrate this special day. The most authentic but notorious Valentine’s day idea any couple would think about is surely a candle-light dinner! If you wanna take a break from the scented candles, dark roof-top atmosphere and try something out of your comfort zone, then check out our unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day for a truly memorable evening.


16 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

1.Try a Romantic  Breakfast


Start your day with spending time together on breakfast rather than waiting day long and going for dinner. Mornings are rejuvenating and it’ll be cute to find out each others coffee and bagel preferences.

2. Beach Camping

Camping Camp Tent Nature Beach Camping TentTake a break from the busy city life and camp under the sky near an uncrowded moonlight kissed beach. The pleasant breeze, chirping birds and soothing water waves would definitely make your Valentine’s day a memorable one! Also, try flying a kite together or swimming!

3. Cooking Competition

fun-things-to-do-for-valentines-day-cooking-together-coupleInstead of going to a high-budget restaurant, try cooking at home for each other. You can also create your own unique three-course Valentine’s menu, or something you’ve never tried cooking earlier. You can even have a cooking competition to make things more interesting. You can light some scented candles and fairy lights and enjoy your private romantic date at home!

4. Walk on the Beach

top-ideas-to-celebrate-valentines-day-walking-on-the-beachNothing can be as romantic than walking on the beach, hand in hand, right? The beach atmosphere is enough in itself to bring in the intimate vibes. Talk your heart out, make a special wish and add a red rose for some sweet romance.

5. Go to the Place of Your First Date


Take each other to the place where you first met or any such special place whose memories are still fresh in your heart. This place will reel back all your memories and help give a fresh new start to your relationship!

6. Long Drive

ideas to celebrate valentines day long drive couple

Personally, I think this is one of the best ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day. Spend all day with just the two of you in the car. Try going to pleasant places with less traffic. If it’s the man who drives everyday, I suggest the lady to be behind the wheel for the day, and make him feel relaxed!

7. Relive Your Past Memories

ideas-to-celebrate-valentines-day-latest-seeing-old-memoriesIf you wanna don’t step out of the house and still make it a memorable one, take out all your photo albums out and get nostalgic. This will make you remember all those wonderful moments spent together. You can even show each other your childhood pics. What can be the best way to relive memories than taking a look at the pictures!

8. Play Your Favorite Games


Apart from being romantic on this special day, you can also try something sporty. Bring out the playing boards and get to know the champion of the day. Play any game in which both are interested in, so none of you two gets bored.

9. Social Cause

couple-helping-the-needy-social-caude-ideas-to-celebrate-vaentines-day.jpgYes, you heard it right! Do something to give back and help the needy. It’s common to celebrate Valentine’s day with your partner. But just imagine how happy someone would feel if you go and help them on that day, spend some time with them. Try educating under privileged kids, spend time in an old-age home, donate something to the needy, this will definitely make you much happier and fill you with inner-satisfaction.

10. Take Him/Her Shopping


Girls love this! Instead of buying a surprise gift for the Valentine’s day, take your special lady to shopping on that day. She would go bonkers! Of course, make sure you tell her your budget. 😉 And if you wanna be the man of the day again then here’s a chance, ladies. Take your man shopping and get him what he wants.

11. Watch a Movie at Home


Looking to celebrate in a more intimate way? Arrange a projector or home theatre at home and watch each other’s favorite movies in a movie-marathon. Make some popcorn to get the perfect theater environment at home.

12. Couple Spa


Pamper each other this Valentine’s day by hitting the spa. Relax and keep away all your work stress at bay. Don’t forget the bath tub or jacuzzi with rose petals and scented candles!

13. Gaze at the Sky


Take your pillow, blankets and go to the terrace of your building. Spend romantic hours there gazing at the stars. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent! Take some music along, too!

14. Backyard


Shilpa’s Idea: If the thought of getting stuck in the traffic keeps you away from going for long drives, spend time with each other someplace close to your home. Go to the backyard of your house or a nearby park for a walk. Leaving your phones at home is mandatory to avoid disturbance. You can also play cards or have a go on the parks swings.

15. The Road that Takes You Nowhere


If you wanna go crazy, just doing nothing, try something out-of-the-box. Go driving in a car wherever the road takes you, get back home using GPS. Discover the hidden strrets of your city, and tiny local restaurants. Or try taking each other to places you’ve been wanting to try.

16. Play Truth or Dare


This would make you spend time together and also get answers to those queries which you were longing to ask! Be spontaneous and make it funny by asking crazy questions.

So, these are our top ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day. Which idea are you gonna try? Do let us know in comments below!

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