French Boys: 15 of the Most Famous & Sexy French Men to Adore!

French boys are a serious blessing to this world. From hot actors and musicians to sexy models, keep scrolling for some drool-worthy eye candy you need in your life!

french boys sexy hot men male models actors singers players parisian menFrance is home to gourmet food, expensive wines, scenic locations and of course, hot french boys. If you’ve never fantasized dating a french man, you’re probably lying. French men are known to be one of the sexiest beings in the universe. Mainly because of their gorgeous accents (sorry, Brit boys!) and Adonis-like faces. So here’s something that you can drool over or keep coming back to if you’re having a bad day (I know I will) – lots of pictures of hot french men!

Famous French Boys

French Sports Personalities

I can’t be the only one who watches football just to drool over the sweaty, hot men on the field. Take a look at some sexy french men who put even sculpted Greek gods to shame.

Olivier Giroud

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (12)-olivier-giroud
Olivier Giroud

You gotta love a man with a beard! This professional footballer who plays for Chelsea and France, never fails to catch eyes while he’s playing on the field. What with his height, sharp facial features, slicked back hair and luscious beard. If you don’t already watch football, now is a good time to start!

Florent Manaudou

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (2)-florent-manaudou
Florent Manaudou

Competitive swimmer and an Olympic winner, Floret Manaudou, takes up a spot on our list of sexy french boys. Why? Just look at him, that’s why. Leaving his gorgeousness aside, he’s also appeared on TV shows like Vestiaires, Section de recherches and Munch. So, watching those would be a great way to learn french and swoon over sexy french men!

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann

A popular name in football, Antoine Griezmann is one of the hottest young french men. He’s also very experimental with his hair – ponytails, man buns, mohawks and more! I can’t resist a man with great grooming skills. To see more of him, follow Atlético Madrid in the UEFA Europa League, which is going on right now. He also takes his shirt off at times so never take your eyes off the screen! He’s also one of the most famous french men to follow on Instagram.

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French Male Models

Models are known for their unbelievable good looks and sense of style, take a look at some beautiful french men below!

Baptiste Giabiconi

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (3)-baptiste-giabiconi
Baptiste Giabiconi

Back in 2009, Naomi Campbell told Baptiste, “It’s not right, we all have defects. You have none.” If that doesn’t give you an indication of his perfection, I don’t know what will. Not only is this french male model smokin’ hot, but also a very talented musician. Also, he’s the current male face of Fendi and Chanel. I don’t usually watch the menswear fashion shows, but looks like I may have to start now.

Richard Deiss

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (14)-male-model-richard-deiss
Richard Deiss

He’s another one of the many Parisian men who have faces you’d think were carved by the angels above. His sexiness has rendered me speechless, so I’ll just leave a couple of his hottest pictures so you can drool with me.

Clement Chabernaud

Clement Chabernaud

At just the age of 16, Clement made his debut at the Dior Homme show in Paris in 2006. He’s one of the most recognizable french male models and has since modeled for many top brands and walked the runways for John Galliano, Hermès and Yves Saint Laurent. With his bright blue eyes and dark locks, he’s as dreamy as french men get.

French Singers

Check out some famous french men who can sing and play music as beautifully as they look.

David Guetta

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (5)-singers-dj-david-guetta
David Guetta

No matter what part of the world you live in, David Guetta is no stranger to you. This popular DJ’s music has now become a part of mainstream EDM. And of course, he had to be on our list of hot french boys and men. I mean, look at that long blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes. He may be 50 and all that but he only seems to be getting better with age!

Matt Pokora

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (10)-matt-pokora
Matt Pokora

A man who’s easy on the ears and easy on the eyes? Yes, please! Matt Pokora’s not just a famous singer or one of the most good-looking Parisian men, he’s also a dancer, song-writer and actor. Also, never google for his shirtless pictures, you might not be able to handle the hotness.

Kendji Girac

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (9)-singers-kendji-girac
Kendji Girac

This french singer needs no introduction if you know and love pop music. After participating on The Voice and winning it, he shot to fame and has released two hit albums since then. He’s only 21 so I’m gonna try and not obsess over him for too long. But I’m sure he’s every young girl’s dream! I’d also say he’s one of the best famous french males on Instagram.

Julien Doré

french boys parisian men sexy hot french men 8 julien dore
Julien Doré

It’s no doubt that french men look a million times sexier with long, rugged hair. And Julien Doré is proving just that. Binge-watch his music videos, they’re so aesthetically pleasing!

French Actors

Keep reading to know about some famous french men in the film industry who happen to be hot as hell!

Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet

 french boys parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (1)-gregoire-leprince-ringuet
Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet

No matter where he goes, this actor is always dressed to the nines. And that’s another thing I love about french boys. They have impeccable style. Watch movies like Love Songs, The Beautiful Person and Fool Moon to admire him some more. I recommend The Princess of Montpensier if you have a thing for hot french men in medieval clothing.

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Raphaël Personnaz

Having appeared in more than 50 films, Raphaël’s easily one the most famous french males. His smoldering gaze and alluring eyes were enough to make it to our french sexy men list.

Gaspard Ulliel

french boys parisian men sexy hot french men 6 gaspard ulliel
Gaspard Ulliel

Remember Hannibal Lecter, the psychopathic serial killer in Hannibal Rising? Well, this gorgeous being is him all grown up. Excuse me while I try not faint from his extreme sexiness.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (7)-jean-baptiste-maunier
Jean-Baptiste Maunier

Cute french men with boy-next-door looks are the key to my heart! And Jean-Baptiste is one of them. Also, his razor sharp jawline deserves an honorary mention. And fortunately, he’s currently one of the single french men!

Romain Duris

french-boys-parisian-men-sexy-hot-french-men (15)-actor-romain-duris
Romain Duris

This french actor reminds me so much of Russell Brand. I don’t know if it’s the crazy hair or the quirky personality. But I’m sure we can all agree on the fact that he’s a good-looking french guy. Watch his popular movie, The Heartbreaker, for a good laugh. It’s one of my favorite french movies ever!

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French Gods of Instagram

As much as we’d like to shower you with pictures of sexy french guys everyday, it’s not possible. So, follow these Parisian men on Instagram for a daily dose of hotness! They might post a lot of things in french, but don’t worry, their faces and bodies are all you need to see!

Anthony Gastelier – @anthonygastelier

anthony-gastelier-sexy-french-parisian-men-boys-male-models-franceRichard Deiss – @richardeiss

richard-deiss-sexiest-french-models-male-hot-french-boys-menEdouard Collin – @edouardcollin

edouard-collin-french-men-instagram-users-follow-sexy-parisianFrederic Tisseau – @_frederictisseau_

frederic-tisseau-french-models-sexy-boys-parisian-menWilly Cartier – @willycartier

willy-cartier-french-models-instagram-follow-sexy-menMatthieu Charneau – @matthieucharneau

matthieu-charneau-french-actor-model-hot-sexy-parisian-men-boysYou’re welcome!

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So that was all about the hottest french boys the world needs to know about! Let us know who you think are the hottest men in France by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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