Fitness Fashion: Gym Look / Zumba Clothes for Work Out

Hey sexy! I’ve been getting tons of requests to post a gym look or a fashionable work-out look. And since my idea of a fun work out is obviously Zumba, so I’m showing you my favorite Zumba clothes in this look! You can use it for yoga/ gym too! Ready for some Zumba?


Fitness Fashion

Lots of girls don’t like to get dressed for the gym. Or they probably don’t consider the idea of workout fashion at all. But looking great isn’t just for going out with friends and taking an Instagram pic! It’s for any time we want to feel great! That includes running errands, lounging around at home and yes, even working out!

Zumba Clothes

For Zumba, I usually wear tight capris or yoga pants (which I feel are more comfortable) with tees or tank tops that have built-in sports bras. I usually keep my hair tied into a high-ponytail. For shoes, I have a mix of running and training shoes. For Zumba I usually wear training shoes.shilpa-ahuja-gym-look-work-out-zumba

Do You Need to Wear Makeup to the Gym?

It’s really up to you and what you feel most comfortable in. (And also how hot the gym trainer is, and whether or not you have a crush on the gym guy!) I never wear makeup to the gym because I feel it would make me uncomfortable (and probably sticky) with the sweat and all. If I’m feeling really self-conscious (yes, I, too, have those days!) then I wear a bit of pencil eyeliner!


So, how did you like my Zumba look? What’s your favorite workout? And what do you wear to the gym? Lemme know! Comment below! Keep working out and being stylish! 🙂

I was wearing:

Victoria’s Secret Black ‘Make me an Angel’ Yoga Pants
Fuchsia Tank Top: Reebok
Black Training Shoes: Nike

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