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From Nike to Victoria’s Sport, from mesh leggings to crop tops, here are the top fitness clothing trends for 2017!

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Hey sexy! We fitness lovers hoarde all sorts of workout clothes – sets and sets of them in our closets. Sports bra, leggings, yoga pants, jackets – we love them all! What are you looking for in your fashion clothing wear for your day to day gym workout sessions? Comfort, style, and of course performance are the main criteria to look for in women’s fitness wear. Sure, we love working out, but we also wanna look stylish for our gym selfies and workout Instagrams! So if you’re in search of trendy workout clothes, then here you go! Let’s check out this year’s fitness clothing trends.

Latest Fitness Clothing Trends for 2017

1. Mesh Leggings

Forever 21, Alala

A new trend making its way into your gym bag. Mesh panel detailing is where it’s at right now! Has any trend made us feel simultaneously fit and sexy as the mesh leggings do? This season, mesh detailing are must haves in our wardrobe and they’ll even provide ventilation to keep you cool during workouts. Pair your cute sports bralettes or crop tops with them, and even use them in your athleisure outfits!

2. High Neck

High neck sports bras are the things of the 80s. They never go out of fashion and are back in the spotlight. From Victoria’s sport to Nike, we are seeing this trend everywhere, so you won’t have a problem finding a piece you love. If shoulders and arms are your true assets, show them off with high-neck bralettes and pair them with mesh leggings, shorts or jogger pants.

Beach Bunny, Nike

3. Mesh Sports Bras

Mesh bra gives a cute, sexy feel and they are so trendy in 2017! You can have a high neck or cleavage-baring mesh bra paired with cut-out jogger pants or shorts for your daily workouts. Or cover it up with a crop hoodie, unzipped just enough to reveal the mesh panel.

Forever 21

4. Color Blocking

Topshop, Nike

I’m loving this style – leggings and sports bras with color blocking designs. Try neutral with bright color combos, and use color blocking to hide problem areas and show off your assets!

5. Sports Crop Tops

Skip the long tank tops for your Zumba classes! Crop tops are bold and totally fashionable. Every season as most popular fashion trends do, these tops find their way amongst the workout trends. If you’re bold enough to show off your newly toned abs, a crop top is a perfect option for workouts. Pair tops with shorts or crop pants for yoga, Zumba or even your evening jogs!

Nike, Adidas

6. Sports Bra Tank Top

This season, we’re seeing tank tops with sports bra insets. This will give you the sexy and comfy look you always wanted. Pair leggings, shorts with the sports bra tank tops. Try racerback or halter styles for that extra oomph factor! These are also great for doing Bikram yoga because you don’t have to worry about them riding up when you’re doing upside down poses!

Forever 21, Beach Bunny, Reebok

7. Strappy Sports Bras

Strappy sports bra is very trendy this season. The purely performance-based gym wardrobe essential has taken a decidedly sexy turn! I can say this strappy wear looks super hot for the workouts. As the weather heats up and we bare more skin, this bra is the best option to get some “airtime” during workouts!! Match ’em with your flying aerial yoga sessions!

Beach Bunny, Reebok, Victoria’s sport

8. Striped Sportswear

Striped sportswear are back in trend. Try nautical inspired striped wear for your routine workout. Or try some multicolored stripes in shades of apple green or candy! Pair striped sports bra or tops with matching jogger pants, shorts or leggings to create a cute co-ord set.

Jordy and Jones, Nike

So these are the must have fitness clothing trends for 2017! Which gym wear trend is your favorite? And what would you like to add next to your workout wardrobe? Lemme know! Comment below!

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