First Night Tips for Grooms: Make Your Wife Feel Comfortable & Romantic

Believe me: you’re not limited to cliché ideas. The right moves pretty much boil down to keeping it simple, appreciating the moment, and celebrating. This means our first night tips for grooms are cringe and cheese-free, literally!

wedding romantic first night tips for grooms

Congratulations, your wedding date is fixed! You’ve waited on this moment like forever and now it’s time for your spouse to find their way home. This is where the nerves kick in. And, boy, are these initial days crucial, considering the promises you’ve probably shown her and fine-tuning every little detail. But here’s the thing: you want to surprise your wife in a good way, right? I mean no pressure. That’s why I have stepped in with the best first-night advice to get you out of this dilemma.

And mind you, these first night tips for grooms are in no way cringe-inducing for every future bride (counting me). If I speak for myself,  romance calls to mind visualizations of rose petals, chocolates, dramatic tears, and love professions.  But then again, that is purely a personal choice. Some may call this cheesy but surely, a lot of women do like it at all, so it’s all about what speaks to you.

That’s the reason why I have summed up these amazing tips that are just flexible and perfect. Whether you’re having a love marriage and know your partner in-and-out or an arranged marriage where you’re to-be bride’s needs are somehow alien to you. Get all your answers below.


11 First Night Tips for Grooms to Display Your Love on the Wedding Night

Sweet, playful, classy, or spontaneous moves, your special moment is not going for waste if you express your style. And remember: there is no right or wrong advice to create your version of a wedding night. It’s all about you and your special lady. So let’s start!

1. Keep it Simple

Of course, you want the first night to be special. But beyond that, make sure you understand how your wife feels. Talk with her to ensure the first night moments go without a hitch. Some of the sweetest moments that may hold special meaning to your wife are things you do spontaneously. That means your moves shouldn’t be forced, but natural. Focus on relaxing and enjoying.


2. Go with the Flow

Don’t let the wedding night expectations play in your head and spoil the fun. Be present and enjoy what’s in front of you. Rather than picturing to create the perfect experience, your wife will enjoy a moment that is more real for her. Go with the flow, quite literally!


3.  Help Her Get Settled

Similar to the decision of going with the flow, most women prefer to take at the moment sans formalities. There is nothing your bride would want other than getting her space and feel-at-home vibes. Be mindful of her first night jitters and awkwardness. Reassure her to chill.

This is one of the effective first night tips for grooms that can also calm first night nerves. If you do wish to step in to help, then give your hospitality skills the benefit of the doubt. I suggest you ask your wife how she wants to set out so you can assist in any way or if she wants something to eat. Be sure of understanding her needs. There’s nothing worse than allowing your manly instincts to play out at the wrong time.


4. Thoughtful Details are Welcome

The best first-night tips for grooms are those with great attention to details, where you know your spouse’s heart. Details, however, don’t have to be a bottle of predetermined bubbles, red roses, or chocolates, unless that’s what she wants. I suggest something meaningful to both of you from your relationship, playing a favorite song, conversing, and enjoying each other’s company or cozying up at a corner, especially if there is a particular scenic room.


5. Take a Breather

Don’t jump into getting intimate right away. Allow your wife to sink in the new feeling and just savor the moment. You’ll have enough time over the next twelve months and beyond that, a lifetime.


6. Focus on the Bigger Picture

Easier said than done, I know, but honestly, what’s the worst that may happen if your night is less than perfect? So many guys get stressed out thinking about making a move. However, in the wider scheme of things, these thoughts are insignificant if you’re marrying the girl of your dreams. She will love you and just be happy to celebrate the moment. Admit that you can be sometimes become the harshest critic of your self when faced with decision time.


7. Set the Mood

Once you’ve helped her feel comfortable and made up your mind about how you want to go about your first night, MOVE ON. Trust me; you’ll drive yourself mad second-guessing every small detail. By coming upon a decision you’ll only be rewarding yourself. Don’t go crazy and force her frivolously.

Perhaps treat her to a mood-setting décor or lighting (scented candles and the works). Slipping into comfy wear by this time is common sense so I believe you have that sorted. And the final touch? Press play on a slow, intense song. It won’t get more romantic if you both wish to have a dance to savor your newly-minted status as a married couple.


8. Capture the Moment

Being photographed for hours at your wedding can be exhausting especially with all the stiff portrait posing. Now that your wedding is over, you wish to shake it off with a fun, lighthearted moment with your wife.

A good idea is to take cute selfies, and chances are, your wife may just love taking them during your intimate time together anyway. You may also capture candid moments of your wife but avoid taking any intimate pics or videos at any cost. This step will also allow both of you to loosen up and get closer.


9. Don’t be Afraid to Initiate Intimacy

Don’t assume intimacy is out of the question just because your bride is all coy on the first night. The impact of bonding over will be even greater if you initiate, if your wife is shy and expects the man to make the first move. Perhaps the best part of your first night tips for grooms may be the build-up to this moment. There’s nothing greater than this feeling than you both to add a nod to your special night. It’s the best step for making that deep connection of making your wife feel included and special.


10. Do not Force

Intimacy is a whole new level of connection, and not forcing it on the bride will be sweet, too. Respecting your wife’s decision of not being intimate on the first night will lend itself to your understanding. Bring on your good side filled with compliments and smiles. Also, celebrate the moment with your wife with paired passed sips and bites.


11. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

What says fun more than laughs? One of the important first night tips for grooms is to keep is fun for both. As first night traditions are increasingly flexible, leaning to personal style and tastes also are common. You may swap out the normal dos with playful assortments to lend both of you to high energy, fun night, which to me, sounds like a giant step for a night to remember. As long as you and your newly wedded bride are happy with your choices, that’s all that matters.


12. Allow Some Shut-Eye

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving – you both are sleepy! Allowing you and your partner to get some shut-eye is always a welcome change. And nothing says relaxing quite like a well-rested sleep, so why not call it a night? End it with sweet treats – and ok, maybe a kiss because women love that too!


As I said: these first night tips for grooms are great for making your wife feel comfortable and romantic. How awesome would it for your her to wake up to some flowers too, right? It’s a physical promise that she’ll remember your grand gesture forever. Well that, and the fact that you made a damn special breakfast. Basically, your wife is going to love anything you do for her. No pressure at all.

If you have a first night experience to share or simply would to try love one of these ideas, we would love to hear it out. You can also leave a shout-out by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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