Fendi Spring 2018 RTW Collection | Cool Breezy Spring Outfits at MFW

Karl Lagerfeld takes inspiration from tropics for Fendi Spring 2018 collection full of fun, youthful and dynamic outfits! Read the review!

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Fendi Spring 2018 fendi-spring-summer-2018-ss18-rtw-milan-fashion-week-collectionfendi-spring-summer-2018-ss18-rtw-collection (1)-matching-set

Fendi Spring 2018 collection at Milan Fashion Week was all about young and chic clothing. According to the fashion description, “Italian Futurism meets seaside cool in a collection that moves from sheer, transparent fabrics to more structured lines, embellished with summer’s signature details.” Indeed the looks had interesting summer details. A lot of dynamism was created by flouncy skirts, flaps, layers, crotch-high slits and pleats. A lot of layering of the patterns were seen in the looks -from horizontal stripes to vertical to diagonals, they gave creative and bold outfits! Pattern on pattern combos were bold, and even the socks matched the skirts’ stripes!

The runway was set up with triangle shapes on the walls. The show started with Kaia Gerber sporting a striped matching skirt set and gradually moved on to flowy dresses. Fabrics like silk, nylon and organza were used. Sheer was also prominent in the collection – from shirts to skirts to jackets, they were seen in all! And the denim dresses worn with tops surely made a statement. Also, the quintessential fur jackets and coats were seen. No Karl Lagerfeld collection is complete without the use of leather. And there were leather skirts and coats.

Another major highlight of the collection was the cutouts – shoulder cutouts were seen in dresses, coats and tops. Waist cut-outs were certainly a fresh trend. “Diaphanous materials in tropical hues meet symmetrical stripes, checkerboard patterns, and surprising silhouettes. Sequins shimmer like the sea, while botanical accents from florals to palms add that island feel,” read the fashion description. Kendall Jenner wore a green skirt with palm-shaped laser cutouts at the bottom. Indeed, these skirts had an island touch to them.
fendi-spring-summer-2018-ss18-rtw-collection (23)-skirt-green

The color palette included tropical colors like sky blue, green, coral pink and beige. Black, brown and red were seen in a few looks. Floral prints looked romantic on dresses and skirts. The makeup was bold with the thick winged liner and nude pink lips. The hair was side swept with colored bangs in teal or green. Accessories included box, micro and oversized bags with statement handles, pointy toe pumps with long striped socks and gradient sunglasses. Patterned bags matched the dresses exactly or had logos on broad straps.

Overall, a fun collection in true Fendi style! With rich color palette, relaxed fit and playful looks inspired right from the tropics, they were beautiful. But I would still grab their bags!


Fendi Spring 2018 Collection: Gallery

Image Credits: Fendi.com

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