Our Favorite Handmade Minimalist Jewelry Under $50

Handmade minimalist jewelry has a subtle beauty about it. You can choose to wear one or more to compliment your outfit with simple elegance. Here are our top picks!

Image Credits: Naturametallum via Etsy

When it comes to accessorizing, wearing delicate jewelry seems to be the chicest trend of recent times. Shilpa and I started discussing about writing an article on handmade minimalist jewelry and she instantly knew I would take it up! I love wearing dainty necklaces, earrings and rings as it adds to my look and personality. These barely-there contemporary jewels are very classy for the modern woman’s everyday wear.

Now, the beauty of handmade minimalist jewelry is that it adds a more deeper, personal meaning to the wearer. You can customize artwork, engrave names or can even order from the many selections of designs that are available. We picked a few handmade minimalist jewelry that we think are great pieces under $50. Let’s take a look!

Handmade Minimalist Jewelry under $50

1. Minimal Necklaces

Simplifying the necklaces have come a long way since the start of minimalism. A few of the must tries are – necklaces with engraved names/codes, simple pendants or charms attached to chains, small pearl and chain necklaces or a little dainty version of the coin necklace.

Coin Necklace ($18.00)
Infinite Necklace ($47.99)
Bar Necklace ($21.00)

2. Small Earrings

With earrings, its geometric forms everywhere this season. Bar tops with design bottoms are in fashion. Instead of round loops, why not square ones? Or tiny triangular studs that make you look very stylish are just what you need for everyday!

Lotus Earrings($8.00)
Square Loops($20.99)
Triangular Studs($9.00)

3. Minimal Rings

Extremely thin bands are the craze everywhere. Knuckle rings are an even greater trend, they come in all different shapes and sizes but the most pleasing ones are the simplified handmade minimalist jewelry version. Beaten textures and diamond encrusted ones are cute too!

Silver Band ($22.99)
Knuckle Rings ($13.00)
Gold Stack-able Band ($46.93)

4. Thin Bracelets

Let’s not forget dainty bracelets and probably for those who like bangles, there are a variety of them, too. Look for jewelry you can personalize, as the trend right now is all about embracing oneself. Get one with an inspiring message to yourself!

Initial Bracelet ($18.00)
Bar Bracelets ($19.50)
Gold Bangle ($27.29)

5. Armlets and Hairpins

Fancy armlets? Have a look! These armlets are great for people who don’t like to wear jewelry in the usual regions. Hair pins are a great way to do it too. And minimalistic hair clips and pins are also great for travel and work.

Circle Hair Pin ($37.00)
Arm Bangle ($20.00)
Arrow Armlet ($9.95)

Since wearing jewelry like this is very contemporary and trendy, dressing up does not feel over-dressed at all. Tell me if you would go the handmade minimalist jewelry way and let me warn you, once you do, you will get addicted to it!

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