Discover the Jean Paul Gaultier FW17 Couture Collection that was like skiing meets sari, with cute snowflakes and Eskimo boots! Read what we think about it!

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jean paul gaultier fw17 fall-winter-2017-couture-collection (1)-drape-scarfJean Paul Gaultier FW17 haute couture collection wasn’t your average fashion collection. With a mix of two hugely diverse inspirations, the collection wasn’t easy to place, but it was easy to love. The show was like skiing meets sari.

The show started with skirt suits paired with furry Eskimo boots and pom-pom beanies worn with matching collared knit jackets. Silhouettes also included hooded jumpsuits with crop wool track-pants and belted jackets, leather jackets worn with pencil skirts, sweaters with flared pants. A tuxedo-inspired asymmetric belted jacket was paired with a pleated skirt and a kimono jacket with maroon velvet leggings.


The winter references were endearing. Lots of red and black in the looks that screamed Christmas, and snowflakes knitted on to sweater-dresses. Accessories included nose-rings, hats, long leather gloves, sunglasses, drop earrings and all types of belts and leggings. Buckled broad and skinny belts came with sheer, velvet and metallic leggings.

The end of the show included lots of evening wear. The thing that made this collection rich was that sometimes the looks, in general, didn’t have mixed themes, but the collection did. So you’d get a gown that has half a tuxedo collar, draped to make a sari pallu, followed by a fur-trimmed sweater-inspired dress worn with ski hat and goggles! Or a pom-pom beanie with sweater dress look followed by a pleated velvet skirt and sheer embellished top on a nose-ring-wearing model.

Put the two looks separately, and you wouldn’t know they belonged in the same collection. Put the two together, and you’d get Jean Paul Gaultier FW17 Couture collection. The show ended with a gold turtleneck catsuit worn under a white asymmetric top, whose model came on a rickshaw – not a pedicab, but a single-passenger vehicle with white fur and tulle decorated winter-themed rickshaw!

Gaultier’s exotic inspirations are nothing new, especially the Indian ones. His Fall 2007 couture collection featured jodhpuris, turbans and Indian-inspired jewelry, replete with a groom look to end the show! And this year’s couture collection was a great progression from Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2016 Couture collection, which showcased eskimo hats and deep winter hues. Hope you keep surprising us, Jean!

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