Fashion Tips to Look at in Summer 2022 

Ah, summer – the season of long days and short nights, of beach trips and early sunrises. It’s a season full of optimism and (depending on where you are) stunning heat. Clear skies and hot weather call for strategic fashion decisions. Strategic in the best sense of the word. Summer is an opportunity to get your floral dress and pair of Skechers shoes out, and it’s the perfect season to utilize everything in your wardrobe that’s been lying dormant through the colder months. 

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So, get your notepad and pen out, and make sure you’ve got a mirror handy because here are some tips you can try out this summer.  

Show Some Skin 

As you prepare for the inevitably hot, and maybe even humid days, you’ll do well to stay away from heavy clothing that covers every inch of you, even though you may look good! The baggy jeans and grandad jerseys have no place in a summer wardrobe. You’ve got to prepare to show some skin this summer, especially if you want to feel as good as you look. 

Minis are officially back and are the perfect option for a truly ‘summer’ fit that will be as flattering as it will be comfortable. A light jumpsuit can work well too, with a low hem but high enough to give your legs some freedom.

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Keep it Casual 

One of the best ways to look good this summer is to keep things simple. There’s no need to complicate things when you’re wondering what to wear. This can be achieved in the most stylish of ways by accepting the comeback of the white tank top. Yes, it’s very trendy again! A pair of denim cut-offs with a white tank top is the perfect fit for a social gathering of any kind. Wear a pair of sandals and you’ll even take people back to the weekends in the 90s. Sometimes less is more, and in the case of this classic look, that’s truer than ever!  


This can be a general tip if you’re not careful because you can accessorize for any season and any outfit. The key here is to know what to accessorize with for summer specifically. Hats and bags are your keys to a good-looking summer. A baseball cap or bucket hat can do wonders for any summer look, and a simple handbag can make any look complete.  

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Get Your Coastal Grandmother Look On 

Mom and dad had their time. Now it’s grandma’s turn. This trend is taking over this summer and surprisingly is not too different from the famous mom and dad look of years past. The wonderfully oversized button-up shirts paired with light but chunky pants, with big sun hats and flat sandals will put you in the prime category of summer fits this season. You can even rock some plain white tube socks with a pair of 60s Adidas sneakers with any of the above and you’ll look like you’ve been born to live in summer. Don’t discount the power of grandma’s wardrobe!


Add Something Yellow 

Yellow is the color of 2022, and there isn’t another color that says summer so overtly than the bright hue. With that in mind, make sure you have something yellow in your wardrobe that you can either add to an outfit or build your outfit around. A lightweight scarf or a shawl are great examples of items you can throw on as you’re walking out the door, and if you’re feeling really brave and full of summer fever, you could always rock a full-on yellow sundress for the fun of it. It is summer, after all!


Think of the Beach 

If you’re in a beach town during summer, odds are that you’re most likely going to spend a lot of time there. So, it would make sense to keep that in mind when preparing your look. 2022 is the year for linen everything, it seems. This means that linen dresses, linen pants, and linen skirts are all in the running when preparing your beach outfit. In many ways, linen is the perfect material to sport while beaching it, because it will protect you from the sun while also making you feel light and airy. Another thing to keep in mind when considering the beach is to make sure you have room for versatility. You can’t go swimming or effectively suntan when you’re wearing linen pants and a button-up. This is where having a simple one-piece swimsuit can be of incredible service to your summer beach adventures.

Bottom Line

Whatever style you’re after this sunny season, make sure you’re dressing for yourself. Stick to outfits that suit who you are and keep you feeling confident as well as comfortable because, at the end of the day, the most fashionable look on anybody during summer (and any season) is a confident one. 

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