Fashion Nails: All the Latest Nail Art, Color and Shape Trends!

From reverse french manicures to aquarium and chrome nails, discover the latest trends in high fashion nails below!

high-fashion-fashionable-nail-art-designs-trends-2018Hi there! Trends in nail shapes, colors and art are ever-changing! It’s like new trends in nail fashion are being discovered every other day! But of course, we’re not complaining ’cause doing nails makes us feel happy and pampered! So we’ve come up with the nail fashion forecast for this year – lots of new, unique trends to try! And they’re all so cool and unique in their own way that this list will have something for everyone’s tastes and preferences. And also occasions! So check out all the latest and best fashion nails trends below!

Latest Trends in Fashion Nails

1. Aquarium Nails

@majestic_nails_by_crystell, @mosspink73

Ever seen those super cool phone cases with colored liquid and glitter and sequins moving in it? Picture that on your nails. That’s what this fashion nails trend is all about! Yes, moving specks of glitter and sequins on your nails! The trend initially started with aquarium themed nails with tiny fish and shell shaped sequins and blue liquid, hence the name. But now, there’s all sorts of themes and designs from Disney to vampires! Watching nail experts create these fashionable nails is like watching a work of art come to life!

 2. Holographic Nail Polish

@jankowska9419, @doobysnails

You’ve obviously seen your share of holo nails all over your Instagram feed. So don’t be surprised to be seeing it in this list of top fashion nails for summer. From scattered to linear holographic nails, these high-shine, metallic, colorful nails are everywhere. Not just in nails, holographic makeup is huge, too. There’s something about the glimmery rainbow-like effect and sheen that’s driving makeup lovers towards them. These fabulous fashion nails can be achieved by either using a pigment powder on top of a gel base coat or using an iridescent nail polish.

3. Magnetic Nail Polish

@tetetetris, @lakomish

Magnetic fashion nails are not a new trend per se but we’re seeing lots of them this season. It’s so unbelievably cool, I have no idea how they even came up with such a unique concept. How it works is that the nail polish has iron shavings in it, which form beautiful patterns when exposed to a magnet held above it. Different patterns are created depending on the shape and pattern of the magnet. Unlike most of the other trends in fashion nails for spring summer, these can be done at home by yourself.

4. Almond Shaped Nails


Although there’s plenty of nail shapes like oval, flare, lipstick, coffin, stiletto, etc, almond is what you should be flaunting on your nails this season. I can totally see why these high fashion nails are as popular as they are. They’re a beautiful shape, suit all finger and nail bed types, and have a slimming effect on fingers.

5. Color Changing Nail Polish


Nail paint that changes color depending on the temperature or lighting is another popular nail trend for this season. These high fashion nails are perfect for anyone that gets bored with nail colors quickly and likes switching them up often. Or even for someone who’s indecisive when it comes to choosing what colors to wear. Some brands also have nail confetti and caviar that change color with changes in lighting and temperature! Similarly, mood nail paints are another huge trend in nails fashion, where the color changes based on your body temperature and mood!

6. Pierced Nails

@isabellehommonuk, @kellyswork

Nails with pierced holes and charms hanging off them is what this fashion nails trend is about. From celebs like Kim K (who started this whole trend, btw) to models on the runways of Vivienne Westwood and Philipp Plein, this trend is as popular as it is daunting. And as you can imagine, these are always done on acrylic nails. The most popular pierced fashion nail designs are metal hoops hanging from a nail as an accent. But multiple charms are in too.

7. Gel Nail Polish


Gel nails cured under UV lamps are more durable and long-lasting than fashionable acrylic nails. They can stay on anywhere from 2-3 weeks and come in all sorts of colors and shades. And their wet, shiny look is super chic! They’ve been in trend for the past two years and it looks like they aren’t going away anytime soon. If anything, they’re only getting more and more popular!

8. Watercolor-Effect Nail Art

@knockoutnailsbyko, @nailthoughts

If there’s a beauty trend taking over Instagram right now, it’s this one! These high fashion nails look like watercolor paintings on canvas. Random splashes of color, abstracts and florals are some popular designs. I wish I was skilled enough to be able to paint gorgeous tiny flowers on my nails but thankfully press-on watercolor nails are a thing.

9. Negative Space Nails

@jennieshaw, @fingerbangportland

I personally find these fashion nails so creative and cool. As you can guess from the name, these nail art designs have empty spaces where no color is filled and you can see the natural nails. Sure, they’re intricate and time-taking but oh-so worth it!

10. Non-Toxic Nail Polish


With eating organic and healthy food becoming a part of most people’s lifestyle, beauty is no exception. Organic, non-toxic or 5-free nail polishes are those that are free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and DBP, which most nail polishes contain. Next time you’re out shopping for nail paints, pick ones that say 5-free or atleast 3-free. Similarly, there’s also hydrating natural nail polishes, cruelty-free nail polishes and tinted nail strengtheners, all of which are better options than regular nail polishes.

11. 3D Accent Nails

@deryabinayulia, @nailcocktail

Gone are the days when accenting nails meant painting a nail with a different nail color or a glitter nail polish. This season, accessorize and accent your nails with three-dimensional crystals, caviar, feathers and pom-poms. Or try an embossed effect nail art.

12. Chrome Finish Nails


These fashion nails have a mirrored metallic finish nails that just cannot be achieved with regular nail paints. To get that high-shine metal effect, nails are brushed with chrome pigment powders using a sponge tip applicator. Silver, gold, rose gold, midnight blue and duo chrome are the chrome nail colors in fashion. And judging by some of my friend’s nail color choices of late, once you go chrome, you never go back!

13. Nail Caviar

@piontkowaa, @missleft19

These have nothing to do with actual caviar (thankfully!) but are micro beads used to decorate and accent nails.They come in all sorts of colors and can be used to fill up an entire nail or they can be arranged in a way to form patterns.

14. Reverse French Manicure

@meldassi, @taylornails27

Like the name suggests, these fashionable nails are an upside down version of the classic french manicure. Instead of the tips, the ends at the cuticles are painted in white or even fun colors! You could also give half moon nails a try!

So those were the best trends in fashion nails. What do you think of them? Which of these fashion nails designs were your favorite? If you try any of these trendy nails, show us your pic by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom!

Image Credits: Instagram

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