Life & Fashion Quotes by Shilpa Ahuja: Celebrating 5 Million Pageviews

Words of wisdom and stupidity… I have selected my favorite fashion & life quotes from the best of as we celebrate our 5 million pageviews!

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Hey everyone! We at are so excited today, ’cause we’re celebrating 5 million pageviews! It’s a big milestone for our young website, which grew from a small blog to a full-fledged digital fashion magazine and much much more! I’m also so proud to be celebrating our 5 million pageviews mark way before we even celebrate our 5th birthday!

Nostalgia, Nostalgia…

It seems only yesterday we were celebrating 10K pageviews; in fact, it seems not long ago that we even started this website, and posted our first article! And now it seems interesting and humbling to me to think back to our roots, initial struggles and smaller milestones.

Anticipation & Nonchalance

Funnily enough, I’d been waiting for years for the time when our pageviews would cross the 5 million mark. But when it happened, it passed so quickly that we’re almost at 5.1 m now, and I never even got a chance to announce or celebrate it as it happened!

The Journey, the Contributors…

Working on has never seemed like work to me. It’s always fun – it seems like a hobby or experiment rather than my full-time job. Maybe it’s because it started that way. Was it a hobby or a challenge or just some creative outlet to put my energies into, I do not know. And nor do I know when it became more than that – taking over all my time and love!

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And I’m so proud that is not just mine. Our SlubTeam has also always put their heart and soul into it; everyone in our team works because they believe in, not because they have to.

We always take it one day at a time. Nothing is too far, or too difficult here. No matter what long-term ambition we have for, but we forget all that when we write a daily article, record a video or pose for a photo-shoot. It’s like music – it just comes.

But first and foremost, I owe these pageviews, and anything that we do here, to you – our readers. Without you, we’d just be an empty wasteland…!

In these short four years, we’ve done so much and worked on so many things – our comic series, our fashion words glossary, fashion trend analysis, content in so many niches and genres like relationships, fitness, food, men’s fashion, travel and much more.

Our SlubTeam

There have been so many memorable experiences – good and bad. Our site was hacked, our team dwindled down and many more hardships have come our way. But I’ve talked about some of them already! You can listen to all that in my 2018 year in review video.

But today is the time to celebrate, so I’ve selected some of the best style & life quotes on for you to check out. There’s nearly 2000 articles, so I can’t do them justice by selecting just a few, but here’s what I thought of off the top of my head…

Life Quotes & Best of

“Without the why, the what becomes meaningless. “

Why New Year Resolutions Suck and How to Keep Resolutions This Year

You can’t stop people from judging you, but you can stop judging you.

#UnFairAndLovely? Why, Of Course I am!

“Style is a language everyone understands but not everyone speaks.”

15 Basic Fashion Tips Your Stylish Friend Knows (But Won’t Tell You!)

“Fashion is always a representation of the society we live in. During much of colonization, Indian fashion became an expression of awe and oppression, both literally and stylistically.”

Indian Fashion Industry: Evolution, Trends, Influencers, Stats & Future

“Without dreams, we have no reality.”

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E38) Comic – Being in Denial

“Indian fashion is just like Indian women – modest yet seductive. Simple yet complex.”

20 Top Fashion Designers in India Ruling the Industry

Personal style is a way of expressing your personality – not just to the world, but to yourself, too.

What is Fashion & Personal Style: Why are They So Important?

“The goal of life is not to be happy. It’s to experience. And learn.”

Audrey O. Comics

Fashion and fantasy are really intertwined – one inspires the other. After all, fashion editorials of magazines strive to create magic with every shoot, page spread, or, in the digital era, Instagram pic!

Fairy Tales & Fashion: Is Magic Fashion’s Fairy Godmother?

“Just because an Indian girl dresses differently than the rest of the world’s women, doesn’t mean she’s old-fashioned. Our fashion is a power, an identity, a language.”

50 Traditional Outfit Captions for Instagram: Quotes for Indian Outfits

“The city of Cape Town is alive with culture, beautiful landscape, stories of political history and the juiciest burgers you’ll ever have!”

South Africa Travel Blog: Best Way to See, Tips, Itinerary, Safety, Cost

“There’s a question every single girl wants to find the answer to – how to make a guy fall in love with you. And I think I just narrowed it down to two words – you can’t.”

How to Find a Boyfriend: A Practical Way Every Teen Movie Teaches

“A lifestylista is someone who celebrates her life, and curates the things that make up her lifestyle with careful consideration.”

20 Things Every Girl Should Know | The Lifestylista

“The ‘right’ man doesn’t wait around for a girl to come into his life so that he can finally have good food or a clean house.”

Why Every Woman Needs to be her own Knight in a Shining Armour

“Eye-level shots enhance the jaw, smile lines, giving a more mature, womanly look. Whereas, a higher angle blurs out the skin more, makes the eyes appear larger and the mouth smaller – for a doll-like appearance. While youthful, it takes away the complete personality that a blogger (or real woman) should have!”

Fashion Photography Tips & Hacks: Pro-Photographer vs. Blogger

“Being tall gives even the most talentless and brainless folks at least some confidence over their shorter peers. Short height is shamed and discriminated against like it’s a problem, whereas it’s totally normal and cool.”

Short-Shaming: The Body Shaming Issue Nobody Talks About

“It takes too much work to be happy. But being sad is easy.”

“Happiness is like magic – you have to believe in it to see it.”

What is Happiness & Why is It Elusive? Can You Choose Happiness?

Hope you liked my today’s selection of life quotes, dose of words, wisdom and inconsequential rambling. Thanks so much for reading, and ultimately it’s you who makes what it is. Has our website ever made you happy, or feel confident, or more stylish? I’d love to know about any of your positive memories attached to us. Do let us know in the comments below. It’ll keep reminding me why I do what I do…

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Kisses <3

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