Fashion for Cycling: Influencers, Industry and Inspirations

Comfort is very important in any fitness activity and so is the case with cycling! But you can also look stylish while trying to look fit. Get to know the fashion for cycling here!

fashion-for-cycling-latest-trends-ideas-what-to-wearHey! Cycling is a fun fitness activity. For all those who feel indoor fitness training is boring and wanna try something outdoors, then cycling is one of the best options. You can go along with your friend or partner and yeah, being competitive is not a bad idea. And as we always say, whatever you do, do in style and create a statement of your own.

The world of cycling is like a club of environmentalists. They are proud of themselves and their sport as it doesn’t pollute nature, which makes them anti-motorsport especially anti-motorbiking.

Fashion for Cycling


The sport of cycling can broadly be classified into two types – mountain biking (the off-road kind) and road cycling (the on-road kind). The fashion and gear in both these segments is pretty contrasting and both these cycling categories are diametrically opposite in terms of functional requirement.

Road Cycling

road-cycling-different-types-fashion-for-cyclingIt is the most prominent when comes to defining cycling as a sport. Road cycling originated in Europe – primarily in France, Italy and Spain. These 3 countries host the grand tours of cycling which are similar to grand slams of tennis. Tour de France is the most popular one, followed by Giro d’Italia (Italy) and Vuelta a Espana (Spain). These events, besides being the biggest sporting events, are also the fashions shows of cycling universe similar to Paris, Milan and NY fashion weeks.

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Cycling brands and teams pay huge monies to sponsor a team here. If you are not sponsoring a team at Tour de France, you are not a major global player in cycling! The whole world watches these events, and whatever the top athletes wear here, gets worn by fans all over the world. And so that becomes the top trend in fashion for cycling. All brand pay top dollar to get noticed and be associated to the top team.

In road cycling, brands are obsessed with weight. Riders want the lightest bikes, lightest shoes, lightest apparel, lightest helmet, lightest wheelsets, lightest everything.

Carbon fiber is light so brands like to make everything out of it. Besides being light – carbon fiber is cool sounding for sure. Cycling teams and brands differentiate themselves by color. Fans want these too, just like football club jerseys. And if you want to take fashion for cycling to the next level, then color coordinate your cycling accessories along with it or even your cycle.


Top Cycling Brand and Teams

Top American cycling brands that dominate fashion for cycling are – Specialized, Cannondale, Trek and Scott. It is a good idea to follow their Instagram pages to keep updated!

Some of the biggest European cycling brands in road cycling area are Ridley, Pinarello, Bianchi, Focus. The top cycling teams are – Team Sky Racing, Bora, Quick Step, Movistar, BMC Racing, Astana Pro Team, DRAPAC-Cannondale. Team names keep changing every year depending upon their sponsors.

Peter Sagan (Above) – one of the most flamboyant cyclist with multiple green jersey wins in Tour de France
Chris Froom – Multiple Tour De France Winner – sporting yellow jersey (over all winner) at tour de France
2018 – Tour de France Champions – sporting their winning jersey’s Yellow (Overall – best time), Green (Most Consistent), Polka Dot (King of the hill – best time in climbing stages), White Jersey (Most promising young rider)

Mountain Cycling

fashion-for-cycling-abhishek-mountain-climbingMountain biking is all about mountains and off-road racing. Riders need tough bikes, with big suspension in the front. Mountain biking is an individual sport, unlike road cycling which is more of a team sport. Here individual riders participate in various mountain biking categories like XC (Cross Country), DH (downhill), Enduro are sponsored by leading cycling brands like Cannondale, Specialized Scott, Trek the Pinarello, Bianchi, Giant, BMC, Canyon, Merida, Cube, Focus, GT, etc or private teams.

Fashion for cycling is usually technology-based i.e. all companies try to project technology behind their cycling gear to lure new customers. In mountain biking, downhill racing is the most glamorous and riders sport the loudest clothing and accessories.


Cycling sunglasses are one of the most exhibited accessories in cycling, brands like Oakley, POC, Rudy Project, Uvex. Factory (cycling company sponsored). Team cycling jersey kits are next most important thing, as everybody wants to be perceived as a pro-cycling athlete.

Atherton racing is of the few sponsored teams in downhill mountain biking. They are a major influencer and top cycling manufacturers always want to sponsor them. Check out the images below.


what to wear while cycling latest trends ideas

fashion for cycling advice ideas what to wear
The major calendar events UCI XC world cup, UCI Downhill world cup, Redbull Rampage, Cape Epic.

So, this is all about fashion in cycling. Are you a cyclist? How often do you go to races and what do you prefer wearing? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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