Fashion Designer Games for Girls are the Newest Form of Addiction

What can be more exciting than having games in the field you’re interested in or that you envision yourself in? We’ve lined up the best fashion designer games for girls, both apps and online! I bet you’ll get addicted!

fashion-designer-games-for-girls-latest-newHey there! Playing games has always been fun and a great way to pass time. There is nothing more exciting than playing games that will help you work on your creative side. Fashion designing games are one of them! Excited on what the fashion designer games for girls would be, then check out our list of best games that will help you utilize your free time in a productive way. And we bet, you’ll enjoy them, too!

I was working on this topic over the weekend and I must say after my research I spent my entire time exploring and playing the fashion designing games. It made me feel like a professional and also got the confidence that I can run a boutique pretty easily. 😉

Best Fashion Designer Games for Girls: Apps

Be a fashion designer in the virtual world with these apps. Here’s a list of fashion designer games for girls.

1. Fashion Story

Fashion Designer Games for Girls

This is a fashion designer app that is available for both Android and iPhone users. It is a simple and easy-to-use tap interface. In this game, you can design a boutique of yours starting from what racks to be placed to where the changing rooms to be to the closet and mirrors. You will even have to stock your store. So, basically, from designer to an accountant to sales manager to fashion consultant, you are everything at this store.

There’s a catalog with latest trendy dresses and accessories. You can help the customers choose the right type of outfit for them. This way, you can collect gems and keep upgrading your boutique. It is a free app but if you want to unlock all the dress varieties then you’ll have to use your card!

Get Fashion Story

2. Fashion Studio

fashion-studio-fashion-designer-games-for-girls-latestIf you ever wanted to be a fashion designer, then this is the best place to start! It is also a free app and has 4.1 star-rating on Google Play store. Available both in Android and iPhone, this app helps to design your own dresses, dress up the models and also see your designs on the runway! Personally, I feel that this app has got everything a fashion designer dreams about!

With varieties of fabrics and accessories available, you can create gorgeous outfits and yeah, the best part is you can even choose the skin color, type of makeup and hairstyle. Cool, right?!

Get Fashion Studio

3. Dress Up Fashion

dress-up-fashion-fashion-designing-games-for-girls-latestFor someone who is fresh out of fashion school and is looking to start designing for celebs and supermodels, this app is perf for you! This app lets you participate in exciting virtual events and also you get to know the results then and there.

From pool parties to red-carpet events to casual wear, the options in dresses is unlimited. You can create you own outfits and impress people with your style ideas! With over 350+ outfits, more than 100 shoes, bags and accessories this app is one of the best fashion designer games for girls. It also helps to choose from a range of jewelry and hairstyles.

Get Dress Up Fashion

4. Fashion City

fashion-studio-latest-fashion-designer-gamesThis is another of the apps where you can build and run a virtual design studio! This game puts you in the role of a young and talented owner of a boutique. It is available for both Android and iOS users!

In this game you can decorate your fashion boutique, design dresses, set fashion trends of yourself and you can hire fashion designers also. It also helps to socialize and interact with other players. You can meet new people and visit their online shops!

However, this app has mixed reviews! As some users say that you once start designing and if you leave mid-way and close the app and come back again after some time, all the things you’ve done are gone and there is no way to save the changes in between! While other reviews say that is is a nice time-management game! So we hope the app makers resolve their glitches and then we can test it again!

Get Fashion City

5. Fashion Design World

fashion-design-world-best-fashion-designing-gamesWith 4.5 star-rating on the app store, this game should be really helpful and fun for every fashion designer! Starting from designing your own boutique to making clothes to getting ready for a fashion show this game has it all! Not only clothes but you can design your own accessories and footwear too!

Get Fashion Design World

6. Covet Fashion

covet-fashion-best-fashion-designer-gamesThis app is only available on the app store for iOS devices. Here, you can create head to toe fashion outfits! In this game, you need to feed your shopping addictions and create outfits accordingly. This is a completely free app and you need not pay anything during any level of the game.

This game also has a voting option in which other players can vote for the outfit style you design and if you get more than the number of votes required you get extra points. These extra points help to win exclusive in-game prizes for looks designed by you!

“This app is partnered with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camuto to bring you the latest fashions to obsess over. With over 175 brands to shop from you’re sure to discover styles you love,” says the description on the app download page. Also, this game has many positive reviews like, “one of the best fashion designer games for girls”, “the game that helps you feel like a fashionista,” etc.

Get Covet Fashion

Fashion Designer Games Online

If you don’t want the apps to eat up your phone’s memory, then you can play the fashion designer games online! You’ll need a mouse to play these games. So before you gear up, keep it handy!

1. Princess Fashion Designer

princess-fashion-designer-girlThe princess seeks your help to look beautiful and you have to create a perfect dress for her! Help her choose the right fabric, color and accessories! From different types of textures to various latest trendy dresses, you’ll need to dress up the princess in the best possible way in this online game.

Play Princess Fashion Designer

2. Become a Fashion Designer

become-a-fashion-designer-game-best-games-onlineFrom skirts to tops to dresses, different types of outfit pieces are available in a closet in this game. All you need to do is dress up a model by mixing and matching various combinations to get the best possible one! This is a good inspiration for the players as they get to know what combination suits one! In this way, it will even help them to find the right clothes for them!

Play Become a Fashion Designer

3. Sue the Fashion Designer

become-a-fashion-designer-game-best-games-onlineWith multiple clothing templates and color schemes available, you’ve to design a fashionable outfit! The best part of this game is after you’ve designed the outfit, you can get it scored! You can even add hats and bags to the model to get extra points! But you can unlock the accessories only after you reach a certain level in the game. Keep playing and designing until the model, Sue gives you the best possible scores!

Play Sue the Fashion Designer

4. Shopping Mall Princess

shopping-mall-pricess-latest-fashion-designing-gamesThis is a fun game and best for all shopping freaks! In this game, two princess visit the mall and all you have to do is help the princesses find the best clothes for them! Sounds interesting right! You have to be a fashion consultant and guide them with the latest trends and help them choose the perfect outfits!

Play Shopping Mall Princess

5. Design My Clothes

design-my-clothes-latest-fashion-designing-gamesIn this game, you will have to help a model fill the closet with trendy clothes but not the same style ones! So, designing fashion clothes is the motto of this game. With a whole range of colors and different pieces of clothing, this game will sure up your creativity level.

Play Design My Clothes

So, these are fashion designer games for girls! Which game are you looking forward to downloading or playing? Or which fashion designer game do you already have on your top list? Do let us know by commenting below or by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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  1. i’ve played the princess shopping mall game and must say, these games can be pretty fun. wish they had better interface and more levels, though.


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