10 Hottest Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Trends We Need in Our Closet!

Update your wardrobe with the 10 latest Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends and create some chic, runway-inspired outfits!!

latest Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Trends 2018-TOP-best-style-forecast Fall Winter 2017 Fashion TrendsHey gorgeous! The fall season is almost here and we can’t wait to find out what the next season’s fashion has in store for us. Although we hate saying goodbye to the warm and carefree summer days, fall brings its own charm – the warm hues of nature, coziness of light cardigans and hot cocoa outings with our bestie when we can indulge in dessert again without having to worry about whether we’ll still look good in our crop tops! Something to be thankful for!

And on that note, I have something else you’ll be thankful for – the Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends report. Like every season, I did my thorough research, went through the ready-to-wear FW17 fashion collections of more than 100 designers from Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion weeks. And then I came up with this fashion trend forecast. So I shortlisted 10 trends for Fall 2017 from a list of nearly 40 styles I had spotted on the runways! Months of research!

Some trends were old and tried, but others were fresh and inspiring. So here we are! Let’s take a look at the top 10 Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends:

10 Latest Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

1. Maxi and High-Low Tops

If I couldn’t even shortlist 6 images for this gallery below and made my teammate Nishita write a whole article on how to wear maxi and high-low tops, we can be assured that this is the biggest fashion trend for Fall 2017. So wearable yet so stylish. We saw asymmetric hemlines, hip-high slits and tops that went down to the ankles. These high-low tops toe the line between tops and dresses – short enough to be crop tops in the front and long enough to be dresses at the back or in the side. We saw some cool styles paired with jeans, pants and skirts. Be creative with this one!

2. Dress with Pants

The dress with pants trend is yet another practical one. The layering would give us a reason to still wear some of our favorite dresses in the winter. In the FW17 fashion collections, we saw some asymmetric dresses paired with pants that would be too revealing if worn without. But we also saw perfectly conservative-looking long dress styles worn over trousers, too.

3. Top on Top/ Dress on Top

Another layering trend. The top on top or dress on top trend is also gonna be tricky to pull of. We saw sleeveless tunic dresses worn over skinny sweaters or button-up shirts. Some looks showed crop tops or sweaters worn over longer tops.

4. Tailored Pant Suits

Finally, the fashion world realized that women have joined the workforce! LOL, fashion designers – a few decades late, much?! Anyhow, we saw tons of practical, formal yet chic-looking pant-suits on the FW17 fashion runways, making the workplace staple one of the top Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends. Metallic, gradient/ ombré, velvet and brocade are some of the different styles we spotted in designer pant suits. We even saw formal jackets worn as separates, paired with trousers or skirts.

5. The Sheer Trend

Sheer tops, dresses and skirts have been in vogue for the last few seasons, but are still one of the hottest Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends. We saw long sheer dresses worn over bodysuits, slip dresses or bandeau tops and boy-shorts. We also saw sheer skirts, tees and tops.

6. 90s Loose Pants

I’m so glad this style is back because one of my old pair of trousers from the 90s is just lying in my closet waiting to be worn again. Just kidding! But yeah, I am glad the relaxed-fit trousers made a comeback. They’re very comfortable and make for perfect work wear. We saw both crop and long styles. Pair them with sweaters, jackets, shirts or even chic sheer blouses.

7. Shades of Copper

Of course, we saw lots of gold, silver and other metallic tones on the runways, but copper metallic dresses were certainly the boldest trend of them all. Try everything from bright burnt copper, golden copper to duller shades.

8. Velvet

The velvet trend is back from last year as one of the Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends. We saw velvet suits, dresses, matching sets and skirts both in deep and bright colors.

9. Contrasting Boots

Matching ones aren’t going out of style, but this season, the designers are urging us to experiment with colors. They want us to brighten up our winter outfits. Who are we to complain? Pair red, yellow, blue, green – all bright shoes with your neutral-colored outfits. Or go for bold red boots with a dress in another color, like Fendi’s blue dress:

10. Poncho Inspirations

Capes of 2015 and 2016 have given way to ponchos. Mostly, we spotted front-open ponchos worn over gowns and dresses. We also saw tops and coats that had poncho-shaped layers, almost like faux-ponchos. Or poncho illusions!

So, my gorgeous, I hope you found this guide to latest Fall Winter 2017 fashion trends helpful. Are you gonna update your wardrobe with any of these? Which one is your favorite out of these FW17 fashion trends? Lemme know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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