Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Trends: What to Wear Next Season


Fashion Week’s Fall Winter 2015-2016 Couture collections were amazing. They showed us many winter 2015 fashion trends. Some hot. Some not. And to put it all in perspective for you, I’ve done my homework and made a list of 10 must-have winter 2015 fashion trends. It’ll help you figure out what you’ll be wearing next season! I’ve also picked out my favorite looks from all collections. So pretty! Wanna check out the top picks of winter 2015 fashion trends? Let’s go!


Winter 2015 Fashion Trends

Let’s take a look:

1. Asymmetric Silhouettes

We saw lots of asymmetric dresses on the runway. It came in many different ways – single-sleeved dresses, one-shoulder straps, unmatching sleeves, asymmetric collars and skirt hems.


1. Zuhair Murad
2. Valentino
3. Zuhair Murad
4. Vionnet

2. Heavy Decor Fabrics

Brocades, Rug, Velvet, Tissue

One of the most interesting winter 2015 fashion trends I saw was the use of unusual textures and fabrics – especially those heavy ones that are traditionally used in interior decor, such as tissue, leather, brocade and velvet. If you’re not up for wearing such heavy fabrics, try accents of these on sheer or wool.

brocade_fabric_dress_velvet_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Valentino
2. Valentino
3. Dior
4. Valentino

3. Sheer

Lots of sheer is going to be coming our way, probably even more than this summer. Well, we can’t complain, we love sheer. It’s overshadowing most other winter 2015 fashion trends.

Check out those black sheer skirts, and shoulder-tops, and those embroidered and patterned sheer fabrics. It seems like it’ll be all over the wardrobe – from tops to dresses to skirts. Loving the black trendy sheer dress by Valentino
black_sheer_dress_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Valentino
2. Valentino
3. Giambattista Valli
4. Zuhair Murad

4. Long Jackets

Jackets will be long – super long. No matter whether you wear suede, fur, wool, textured. They can go from just-below-the-knee to floor-grazing.
long_jacket_valentino_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Jean-Paul Gautier
2. Jean-Paul Gautier
3. Valentino
4. Dior
5. Valentino

5. Flared Skirts

I personally adore flared and poofy skirts and dresses. And it seems, that this winter we’ll be wearing plenty. They make up the poof of the winter 2015 fashion trends. (Poofy, get it?!)

They can go from extra-poofy to flared with structure, but either ways, we will want to wear them more and more. Combine them with jackets and sweaters, too.
flared_skirt_dress_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Chanel
2. Dior
3. Ellie Saab
4. Jean-Paul Gaultier
5. Giambattista Valli


6. Mixing Patterns

This trend is not new, we’ve seen pattern and texture mixing in the past couple of seasons. This year, it seems not so loud. The best way is to combine different patterns in the same color palette and family (such as geometric below), or patterns that are from totally different families but contrasting colors (such as polka dots with vintage brocade below).
mixing_mixed_patterns_texture_fabric_sheer_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Valentino
2. Maison Martin Margiela
3. Maison Martin Margiela

7. Oversized Accents – Collars, Knots, Belts

I’m loving this brand new trend. If Spring was about oversized flower pins, winter will be about overstated collars and broad belts and huge knots and bows.

This may be the trickiest of all winter 2015 fashion trends. But this can go from the runway to the sideway if you put some thought into your ensemble. Go for fall jackets with huge collars or dresses with large knotted detail, or overstated shoulder bows on prom dresses. Or make belts out of broad wraps.
dress_large_accent_knot_belt_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Viktor and Rolf
2. Viktor and Rolf
3. Rad Hourani
4. Rad Hourani

8. Shine and Sequins

It’s amazing that we’ll have something to brighten up the murky, sad weather of winter this year. So don’t be afraid to wear fabrics that shine up, or glittery details, sequin appliqués, sparkly buttons, or embroidery. Even use bling in your accessories, like shoes, belts or bracelets.
dress_shine_sequin-glitter_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Valentino
2. Elie Saab
3. Zuhair Murad
4. Elie Saab
5. Chanel

9. Fur in Unexpected Ways

Be prepared to use fur like an accent next season, because you’l want to see it in unexpected places. On the runways, we saw everything from single fur-sleeves, to fur sleeve-holes, to thick and broad fur skirt hems, to even fur pants!! Out of all the winter 2015 fashion trends, this trend will make you look the chicest and it’ll be great to try!
unexpected_places_fur_touch_sleeve_winter_fall_autumn_2015_couture_trends 1. Erkan Cura
2. Giambattista Valli
3. Elie Saab
4. Dior
5. Dior

10. Statement Shoes

Statement necklaces are not all you’ll be wearing next season. Statement shoes will be the next thing to wear. And forget just wearing bright colors or glitters, you’ll have to rummage the stores for something unique and impressionable. Here are some of what we saw on the runway!
statement_shoes_heel_couture_fall_winter_2015_collection_casino (Clockwise)
1. Dior
2. Chanel
3. Dior
4. Chanel
5. Atelier Versace

Hope you got some great ideas from this list of winter 2015 fashion trends. And also got some ideas on what to shop for the next season! And I know that no matter what you wear, you’ll look hot as hell! Because you’re winter-sexy and you know it! 😉

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