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Discover the latest fall jewelry trends for 2017. Give the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with runway fashion jewelry.

Fall Jewelry Trends-latest-2017-fall-winter-2017-fw17-accessories-jewelryHey gorgeous! Statement jewelry has always been a thing, but the jewelry pieces we saw in the FW17 fashion weeks were bold, wearable and exotic. From casuals to formals, the runway jewelry trends would go with any outfit, just choose the perfect one depending on the occasion. Here are the latest fall jewelry trends for 2017 to update your jewelry box.

12 Best Fall Jewelry Trends for 2017

1. Chokers

The most Popular fall jewelry trend for 2017! Chokers have been so popular on the runways that they are coming back every season with a few twists. Velvet, beaded, embellished and lace chokers have been in trend this year. For FW17, these will be replaced by leather, sleek to extra broad, chain link, metallic, multi-layered and logo chokers. Loved the coin choker by Moschino.

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2. Logo Jewelry

Logos became big in SS17, and the trend of logo jewelry is something fresh this season. Designers are showing off their logos on the jewelry and it’s been my favorite fashion statement. From earrings to necklaces, designer logos are popping up on all pieces of jewelry!

3. Multi-Layered Necklaces

Multi layered necklaces is a great trend of mixing short and long necklaces. This trend has been in for ages and is not going to fade soon! Broad chain link, pearl, novelty shaped pendant necklaces are what we are seeing on the runways this season. I loved the shell multi-layered necklace by Prada.

4. Statement Necklaces

Statement necklace let you stand out in the crowd and have all eyes on you. Extra broad embellished chokers by Chanel, back necklace by Ralph Lauren, novelty shaped collar necklace by Dior are a few statement necklaces we saw on the runways of Fall Winter 2017 collections.

5. Collar Necklaces

A Jewelry box is incomplete without a collar necklace! From broad to chain link to tasseled, we saw many varieties of collar necklaces this season. Try a statement collar necklace by Ralph Lauren for a perfect party look!

6. Mismatched Earrings

Designers like Versus Versace, Marc Jacobs, Maison Margiela, etc. came up with interesting mismatched earrings. We saw some cool pairings like large hoops and dangle earring, drop earring with a stud, statement with a drop earring. For a bold look, try the mismatched earrings by Maison Margiela.

7. Statement Bracelets

From leather to pearl to embellished, we saw all sorts of statement bracelets in our favorite designer collections. We saw both styles – matching sets and mismatched bracelets on both wrists. My favorite in this list is the ring bracelet by Gucci.

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8. Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is evergreen and goes well with both casual and formal outfits. Pearl collar necklace, pearl earrings, chokers and multi-layered long necklaces are going to be trendy in Fall 2017. I loved the metallic pearl collar necklace by Oscar de la Renta.

9. Geometric Themed Jewelry

From rectangular cuffs or octagonal chokers to square pendants, we saw lots of cool geometric themed jewelry in collections by Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Moschino, etc.

10. Coin Jewelry

Coins and charms are back! We spotted coin jewelry in the collections of Versace, Moschino and Ralph Lauren. Small coin to large ones both were seen on the runways. Try the matching set by Moschino if you’re looking to make a statement with this trend.

11. Chain Link Necklaces

Perfect for the street style look! Both long and short, chain link necklaces are trendy this season. The one by Ralph Lauren is worth a try because of the statement it makes at the back.

12. Single Earrings

The trend of single earrings is certainly last year’s and is not going out of fashion this season either. We saw long, novelty shaped and a single logo earring in collections of Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Versus Versace.

So, these are the latest fall jewelry trends for 2017. Which trend did you like the most? Do let us know in comments below!
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