11 Fall Jacket Styles We’re Dying to Try in 2017 | Latest Jacket Trends

From keeping cozy in the chilling weather to creating a statement to fade away all the gloom, check out our list of top 11 fall jacket styles for 2017!

fall jacket styles jacket-trends-for-women-styles-fashion-fall-winter-2017Hey beautiful! The fall season is here already! And it’s the perfect time of the year to start layering. Jackets make a great outerwear as they are not too heavy but still keep you warm. It always seems like a task to be a headturner in this gloomy weather. You wanna be neither overdressed nor too plain! Whatever outfit you wear, a jacket adds instant charm to your look.

So, we went through all the Fall Winter 2017 RTW designer collections and rounded off the top fall jacket styles for this year. Check ’em out!

Fall Jacket Styles for 2017

1. Metallic Jackets

Less is definitely not more this fall. So you can’t go wrong with a bit of bling. Metallic jackets were super trendy in the FW17 runway collections. From Ralph Lauren to Chanel to Gucci, they made a case for metallics. Be party ready with these metallic jackets and look polished. We saw denim, matching, silver, sea green and gold metallic jackets.

2. Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets are here to stay. These chic jackets are perfect for outings and parties. From embellished to fur to velvet, they were all drool worthy. I may be over-praising but I love them. And I wasn’t paid to say this. Although, I don’t mind if the designers pay me (like a huge amount)! I loved the fur cropped jacket by Michael Kors. We also saw extreme crop jackets in a few collections. They were above the chest and might be the new hottest thing in the upcoming seasons. And yeah, who said we wear jackets to keep warm? Because these babies will keep us shivering!

3. Half Sleeved Jackets

After half sleeved coats and sweaters, here we are again! Half sleeved jackets too, are trendy! The purpose these jackets serve is still unknown. But Dolce & Gabbana is giving #jacketgoals with the embellished half sleeved jacket to parties! Perhaps will pair them with tight full-sleeved sweaters.

4. Bar Jackets

Bar jackets have made a comeback! They were trendy in the Fall/ Winter Couture collections, too! Perfect for parties and for casual outings. We saw jackets with shoulder pads, peplum and floral printed ones in the collections of Dior, Givenchy and Gucci.

5. Jackets with Asymmetric Zipper

Jackets with asymmetric zippers were super hot in the runway collections. But when you unzip, doesn’t it look weird? But fashion is not about comfort, right? We saw suede, leather and patchwork jackets. I loved the leather jacket with asymmetric zipper by Carolina Herrera – simple and classy.

6. The Denim Look

Denim never goes out of style. Period! But denim as a trend? I have been wearing them since high school. Should I wear them for another year? Ok, I don’t mind. Since they are as trendy as ever. We saw oversized, fur trimmings, embroidered, cropped and metallic denim jackets. Wear them for casual outings, brunches or while shopping for an edgy look!

7. Embellished Jackets

Embellished jackets are perfect for night outs and parties. This season, we saw minimal embellishments on the jackets that looked classy. We saw them on lapels, pockets, hemlines and on the sleeves. Also, try rhinestones, studs and pearl embellishments for parties.

8. Velvet Jackets

Velvet in itself is one of the hottest trends for Fall 2017. Velvet jackets surely make a statement. We saw matching sets, down jackets, pantsuits and cropped velvet jackets on the runways. I loved the navy blue velvet jacket by Altuzarra.

9. Fringed Jackets

Thread fringes are making waves in cocktail dresses this season. But boho-inspired fringes with cowboy vibes are ruling in jackets. Why jackets? Bring in the thread fringes for jackets, too! So we saw them on the chest of a bomber jacket, on shoulders and body of a studded leather jacket and on sleeves of a patterned down jacket in the designer collections of Chloé, Gucci and Maison Margiela.

10. Belted Jackets

After dresses and gowns, belted jackets have made a comeback. A perfect way to structure your outerwear by defining the waist line with these belted jackets. We saw skinny and broad belts in the collections of Fendi, Maison Margiela and Gucci.

11. Jackets with Extra Long Sleeves

Extra long sleeves are trendy in sweaters and tops! Now we’re seeing this trend in jackets too. but even half sleeved jackets are in trend (see #3). Make up your mind, designers. Which ones do we buy? I, personally loved this trend as it keeps your hands cozy and warm. We saw hussar frogging, patterned matching, plaid with fur trimmings down jackets.

So, these were our top 11 fall jacket styles for 2017. Which trends did you like the most? Let us know! Tweet us @Shilpa1ahuja.