Fall 2015 Winter 2016 Hairstyles | Latest Hairstyle Trends for Women

From celebrity styles to runway trends, from casual messy buns to elegant twisted knots, from mermaid hair to braids, here are ALL the HOTTEST & latest hairstyle trends for Fall Winter 2015 2016! Let’s check them out!


Latest Hairstyle Trends for Fall/ Winter 2015-2016

Curls and Waves

  • The Mermaid Hair: The feminine, wavy mermaid hair is one of the hottest hairstyles for Winter 2016. Part your hair low on one side, and straighten your a top quarter or half your hair, curling the bottom half. Run your fingers through it for more natural-looking waves.
  • cara-delevingne-hairstyle-hair-trends-latest-side-part-mermaid-wavyCenter Part and Tucked Under the Jacket: This season, the latest hairstyle trends go from very dramatic to very natural! The center part is also super in right now. For I-don’t-care-hair, tuck the ends under your jacket collar!



Half Up

Straight and Half Up: Take the top portion of your hair, straighten it and pin it at the back. Then straighten the bottom half.
fall-2015-winter-2016-fashion-trends-harpers-bazaar-cover-october-2015-espana-spainYou can also do this with the side part.

Or center part. They can also be naturally wavy.fall-2015-winter-2016-fashion-color-trends-runway-valentino-couture-roman-dress-black

Messy Beehive with Twisted Knot: This messy beehive is one of my favorite latest hairstyle trends! Take a top section of your hair, pull it up and do backcombing. Pin it behind your head in a messy beehive. Now the hair from one of the sides and twist it around a hairpin or hair accessory and pin it at the back. Repeat with the other side, completely hiding the hairpin underneath the knot. Spritz some hair spray to set the poof!




Headband with a Messy Bun: Part the hair in the center or side, and twist them at the back into a messy bun, leaving a few random sections on either side. Now pull up a stretch-headband over the head.

fall-2015-winter-2016-latest-top-hairstyle-trends-womens-fendi-fashion-week-side-part-messy-with-heafbandYou can also use a non-stretch headband, or a double headband.
hair_accessories_trend_2015_2016_latest_top_best_womens_couture_dolce_gabbana_embellished_headbandsHalf Up with Headband: Pull up a top section of hair, and pin it at the back of your head. Then just wear your headband!



The Poofy Ponytail: The poofy ponytail is still very in! And it’s super easy and trendy! Backcomb a top section of your hair and secure it at the back of your head with a bobby pin. Then take all of your hair and tie it in a messy ponytail just below the pin.


Side Combed Ponytail with Low Side Part: The side part goes low this season! Part your hair, then straighten it. Side comb the wider side and secure on the side with a bobby pin. Take all the hair and tie into a ponytail at the back.


The Side Ponytail with a Twist: The side ponytail is back in trend! This time with a sleek twist! Side part your hair and straighten them. Tie them at the back of your ear with a thin matching band. Then take a section and wrap it around the band and nearly secure it with a pin from underneath.fall-2015-winter-2016-latest-top-hairstyle-trends-womens-dior-fashion-week-side-ponytail-sleek-straight-longKnotted Ponytail: Loving this cool ponytail with a knot at the back!! We can also do this as a messy ponytail!



The Inward Braided Ponytail: Between you and me, I have no idea how to do this! In fact it’s too uptight-looking for my taste! 😛


The Side French Braid: I think this is officially my FAVORITE look for Fall 2015 Winter 2016!! It looks badass while being cute! A side French braid on a side portion of the hair parted with a low side-part!


The Braided Bun: The braided bun was in last season, and is still in trend this season! This uses a French braid loosely done on the crown of the head, neatly secured at the back of the ear.fall-2015-winter-2016-latest-top-hairstyle-trends-womens-top-french-braid-bunHere’s the side of it, I guess! Looks gorge!


Knots, Twists and Buns

The Ponytail Bun: I like how this is sleek and straight at the top of the head and all messy at the bun!


The Messy French Bun: The classic French bun which has an elegant, clean lady-like appeal to it, has evolved into this messy version for the modern girl! Just a loose twist, secured with the hairpin! And perhaps we’ll consider adding the band, too, to keep it all in place!


The Messy Bun: The classic low-bun has also given way to its messier cousin! ANd I’m loving the touch of multiple hair accessories to it!

fall-2015-winter-2016-latest-top-hairstyle-trends-womens-dolce-gabbana-fashion-week-messy-knot-bunThe Elegant Twist Bun: This Oscar de la Renta runway hairstyle seems like a great idea for weddings and formals! Perhaps I would need a stylist to make this one!fall-2015-winter-2016-latest-top-hairstyle-trends-womens-oscar-de-la-renta-fashion-week-twist-bun-formal

The Messy Braided Bun: Here’s another option for the braided buns. This one is more casual compared to the French braid crowning the head type bun.fall-2015-winter-2016-latest-top-hairstyle-trends-womens-tom-ford-fashion-week-braided-bun-messy

So, those are the Fall Winter 2015 2016 season’s Latest Hairstyle Trends! Which one did you like the best? Comment below!! 🙂

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