Fairy Kei Fashion is Taking Over Instagram: Discover the Kawaii World

Fairy kei fashion is the newest It-trend to hit Instagram! This Japanese street style is making fashion lovers all over the world go gaga. We have compiled everything about this feminine yet casual style clothing trend!


Hey gorgeous! Instagram is our new spot to find out about the new trends! Of course, we have runway fashion to update us with the latest trends and we at ShilpaAhuja.com are the trend forecasters! But there are a few street styles that pick up so well on social media that you just can’t ignore them. One such trend that’s in the limelight is fairy kei fashion!

If you search for the hashtag #fairykei on Instagram, you’ll see everything pastel as if you’re on a candy hill. Well, even our magazine’s theme for the month of June was fairy fashion and our editor-in-chief, Shilpa Ahuja turned into a beautiful fairy for her photoshoot! She wrote about fairy tale inspiration in fashion and how to look like a fairy. In fact, our fiction series, Adventures of Shilpalyn, has episodes of fantasy, which I’m loving!


With so many fairy things going around, how could we not cover the fairy kei fashion? From cute pastel clothes to fairy kei makeup to fairy kei accessories, read on to know all about cute Japanese fashion trend and how you, too, can rock it!

What is Fairy Kei Fashion?

Fairy kei is a Japanese term translates to fairy style. It’s a street style fashion style that’s trending in Japan. It’s a style where young girls dress up in pastel and neon pastels inspired by fairies. From clothing to makeup to accessories, pastels are the color scheme for fairy kei fashion.

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Fairy Kei Background

Fairy kei fashion is inspired by 80s cartoons such as My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears. And gained popularity when the owner of a boutique called SPANK created a look for herself. Since then, many Japanese girls have followed this unique trend. In fact, it has now become so popular that not only Japanese teenage girls, but girls and young women all over the world have made fairy kei their go-to aesthetic. That much is apparent by the number of Instagram accounts dedicated to this style!

Fairy Kei Clothing, Makeup & Accessories

Unlike other Japanese trends, followers of fairy kei fashion use their own clothes and create unique looks. The clothing varies from cute A-line dresses to baggy tee shirts to frilled shorts. Tutus are the most favorite clothing item for girls sporting this trend. And why not?! Tutus are so so fairy-esque! They also pair the skirts with colorful stockings with cute prints like kittens, moons, stars and rainbows. Unicorns are the most favored for people following fairy kei fashion. The most common colors spotted in this style are pale pink, neon orange, lavender and mint green.


Accessories are yet another important part of the fairy kei clothing. Pearl bracelets, floral necklaces, oversized statement finger rings are the essential fairy kei jewelry. Multicolored clips, headbands with oversized bows or unicorn inspired horns, satin bands are must have fairy kei hair accessories.

Kawaii – The Cute Factor

The Japanese are obsessed with cute stuff, like anime, hello kitty and what not! Japanese girl fashion styles include cartoon or toy shaped bags. From unicorn shaped to rabbits to sling bags with zippers of teddy bears, Japanese girls are all for cute little things. They even have a word for it – kawaii, which literally translates to cute!


Footwear includes high top sneakers in pastels with unicorn stickers or studded heels. And stockings are must for that adorable look!

Fairy kei makeup is all about looking cute and young, too! Like a fairy doll! The makeup is a glowing look with pink blush, bold eyeshadows, winged liner completed with lip gloss. Unicorn inspired eyeshadow makeup, too, is quite a hit.


Hairstyles are funky and cool. Japanese fashion wigs are sported with these looks. However, a few of them may even color their hair for real but wigs are a safe option to try new looks everyday.

Can I Try Japanese Street Fashion?

Of course, you, too, can try Japanese street fashion or modify it to suit your personal taste. But it’s also important to understand that this trend maybe a bit too much for other cultures or your personality. So, never go overboard, instead keep it minimal or mould it accordingly by wearing pastel clothing, accessories and youthful makeup. A cute tutu paired with a plain tank top and a unicorn handbag is perfect for casual outings. Go for high top sneakers or create your own ones by pasting stickers of your favorite Japanese fashion or cartoon characters.


You can even pin badges on your tee shirt or your bag! Try colorful clips and headbands for a night out. You can even try the makeup everyday if your workplace is fashion savvy! If you’re feeling adventurous, go for rose or blush-colored hair or a wig and don a cute dress or headband! Stockings are optional!

So, that was all about fairy kei fashion! Did you like this trend? Are you gonna try this street style fashion? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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