Types of Face Shapes and How to Do Makeup Accordingly

Here’s the EASIEST guide on how to find your face shape + a guide on how to do makeup for different face shapes. Whether you’re looking to do makeup on oval or round face shapes, our tips will guide you on how to highlight your best features like a pro. 

The Ultimate Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes

For most of us, doing makeup is being experimental and rightly so. After all, the routine is about having fun, feeling comfortable, and not following any rules. While we hate rules, we love some expert tips that can help us enhance our look better. Think the best way to contour or to apply blush for your skin like a professional. And that’s what this article is all about. We’re going to talk about how you can apply makeup according to your face shapes.

It’s a fact. Applying eyeliner, blush, highlighter, and bronzer tactfully on the right areas of your face will accentuate your best features. Do you have a heart-shaped face?  Heavy eyeliner can overwhelm your angular face shape. Looking to define your square face? Contouring towards your jawline, ears, and cheekbones will take care of that. To learn what your face shape is, and how to use the right techniques for square, oblong, heart-shaped, oval, and round-faced shapes, keep reading on!

What’s Your Face Shape?

How to find out what’s your face shape? Here are the simple steps you can try:

  1. Take a measuring tape and stand in front of the mirror. Take the following measurements in inches or centimeters.
  2. Forehead- Pull the tape measure from one end of the eyebrow to the other end of the arch. Note down that number.
  3. Cheekbones- Take the measuring tape across your upper cheeks starting from the highest end to the outer corner of your eye.
  4. Jawline- Take the measuring tape across the widest point of your face.
  5. Face Length- Measure from the middle of your hairline ending at your chin.

Note down these measurements. Identify which one is the largest or prominent, and use the guidelines below to determine your face shape.


Round face shapes, as the name suggests, have a curvy chin and their jawline is not prominent. Your forehead and lower portion of your face have the same width while your cheeks are pronounced.


Square face shapes have a slight curvy jawline and the sides of their face fall in a straight line. Your face structure is wider and longer with angular features.


A prominent forehead and a wide, delicate jawline are the defining features of a heart-shaped type. Most people with this face shape also have lovely, prominent cheekbones.


Oblong faces are also known as rectangular face shapes. Their features are quite similar to a square-shaped face but are longer in width. The forehead, jawline, and cheeks are about the same width while your chin is slightly curvy.


The oval-shaped face is considered to be the ideal face type because of its symmetrical and proportionate features, making it the most attractive shape. Those with an oval face have a forehead and lower face with the same width and longer sides.


If you have a diamond face shape then you will have high cheekbones and pointed chin. This type of face shape is similar to a heart-shaped face. But the hairline of the two shapes is different. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you will have a narrower hairline.


A fuller jawline and a narrower forehead are the defining features of a pear-shaped face.

Best Makeup for Your Face Shape

No matter what your face shape is, there are makeup techniques that can bring out your best features. And now that you have identified your face type, you can find your signature look. Here are some tips on how to do the best makeup for each face shape.

1. Makeup for Round Face Shape

A round-shaped face has natural youthful features. So soft, feminine touches look nice. Otherwise, you can also opt for makeup that adds an edge to your face like an overall bronzy look.

Drew Barrymore is a classic example of a celeb with a round-shaped face. If you haven’t noticed yet, the actress focuses her makeup on just one feature, which keeps her look fresh all times.

Jennifer Lawrence is another celeb with a round face. She quickly draws our attention with her eye makeup while keeping the rest of her makeup subtle.

Here are some tips on how to apply makeup for round face shapes:

  1. Highlight the center of your forehead, cheekbones, bridge of your nose, below the brow bone, chin, and Cupid’s bow.
  2. Contour the temples of your forehead, under your jawline and underneath your cheekbones, in the shape of figure 3.
  3. Sweep blush along with the high points of your cheeks and all the way across the apples of your cheeks. Following these steps correctly will break down the roundness and make your cheekbones appear higher.

2. Makeup for Square Face Shape

When you do makeup, the idea is to soften your sharp silhouette. So opt for makeup that’s feminine, soft, and delicate with a shimmery finish. Think pastels, pinks and pinky-nudes, fluttery lashes, and soft blush.

Think about this, we’ve rarely seen Olivia Wilde in heavily lacquered in heavy coats of mascara. The actress usually skips it and allows lash extensions to do the talking. Oh, and she doesn’t really use makeup brush and instead uses her fingers.

We are 100% here for Margot Robbie’s perfectly prepped makeup look. Whether it’s the perfect shade of pink blush, well-executed cat eye, or the prettiest nude lips, she always gets it right.

Here are a couple of tricks for makeup application for square face shapes:

  1. Since your face type has a wider forehead and jawline, contour in a way to soften your angular features. Start with your forehead and jawline. Contour the sides of your forehead and under the cheekbones to make your jaw appear smaller. A great tip to follow is to contour the jawline using a fluffy brush.
  2. The next step is applying blush and bronzer. Lightly sweep the brush across cheeks, sweeping towards the cheekbones. And use the bronzer in the cheek hollows.
  3. Follow up by making a very subtle C shape around your cheekbones and forehead using your highlighter. Blend well for a natural look.
  4. Go for softer eyeshadow shades, like shimmery pinks, peachy tones, or smokey browns. Avoid sharp, bright, or crazy tones like turquoise or yellow.
  5. Shape your brows and wear cat-eyeliner to take the focus from your jawline to your eyes.

3. Makeup for Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces look very feminine and youthful. Those with a heart-shaped face should highlight their prominent cheekbones and make them appear higher. If you have a similar face shape, then stick to feminine, soft, and subtle tones.

Reese Witherspoon’s makeup look is sorted and it complements her face type. Whether it’s her vivid pink lip color and highlighter on brow bone and cheekbones, the actress surely knows what works for her.

Similarly, Lucy Hale loves popping on a vibrant lip and keeps the rest of her look clean. She feels nice and comfortable to keep the focus in one place.

Here are some good tips on how to apply makeup for the heart face shape:

  1. Highlight your cheekbones, beneath the brow bone, chin, Cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose.
  2. A light hand of bronzer or contouring on the jawline, sides of the nose, and forehead work wonders while blending down towards the cheekbones and temples.
  3. Avoid contouring your jawline since it’s already sharp. Although if you have a double chin, you can do slight contouring there to make your jaw seem shapely.
  4. Add a dash of color on your cheeks, sweeping upwards to the cheekbones, to highlight your sharp cheekbones. Otherwise, if you want a more balanced look, use blush on the apples of your cheeks to make your wide cheekbones seem softer.

4. Makeup for Oblong Face Shape

If you have an oblong-shaped face, then you should try to create balance across your jawline. Use products that balance the length and add definition to your bone structure.

Joan Smalls has an oblong face shape so she tries to draw the attention away from her jawline. This is the reason why the supermodel always carries a highlighter to bring instant glow effect to her cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of her nose.

Liv Tyler has a less-is-more approach when it comes to makeup. She usually swirls her cheeks with a pink blusher and adds a light sprinkle using a creamy highlighter. The actress steers clear from strong brows and keeps it natural.

Here are several easy makeup tricks for oblong face shape:

  1. Use bronzer around your hairline, across the top of your forehead, the bottom of cheekbones whilst blending towards the temple. Repeat underneath the chin, along the jawline, and bridge of the nose.
  2. Apply blush across the apples of your cheeks while blending inward and outwards to add depth. Highlight the high end of your cheekbones, blending across the temples, brow bone, Cupid’s brow, and bridge of the nose. Do not highlight the forehead and chin to avoid adding height.
  3. Pump up your natural lips with a hint of rosy lip color as oblong face shape makes your structure appear fuller.
  4. As for the nose, it is best to try a top shadowing technique. Avoid shadowing around the sides of the nose. Instead, sweep the bridge of the nose using a bronzer and foundation. Try these essential makeup tricks to look your best, all day, every day.

5. Makeup for Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval-shaped face then you don’t have to do much. But if you wish to cut down on your jawline then add definition to your eyes and lips. Also, sweep a bronzy blush horizontally across your cheeks.

Jessica Alba’s perfectly shaped oval face is to-die-for. She is effortlessly beautiful but we cannot forget her whole makeup aesthetic as well. From her glowing skin, perfectly made lashes, sleek cat-eye, and glossy, sheer lip shades-we mean she crafts it masterfully.

Kim Kardashian is another celeb with an oval-shaped face. Known for her seriously sharp contour and perfectly lined lips, the socialite is one step ahead when it comes to makeup.

Here are some pretty quick and easy makeup tips for your oval face shapes

  1. A great tip to elongate the face structure is to minimize the oval effect and concentrate on sharp features. Most women with an oval face shape do not have a sharp nose. To enhance it, dab bronzer all the way from the top to the sides of the nose after applying foundation. This will bring about a shadowy effect and heighten the nose shape.
  2. Next, apply bronzer starting from temples all the way across the center of your face using a tapered brush.
  3. High arched brows look best on oval face shape while following the natural brow bone shape.
  4. Concentrate on one feature, like your eyes or lips, while keeping the rest of your look simple.
  5. While doing the cheeks, apply a little stroke of blush starting from temples to the center of your cheeks for a smooth finish.
  6. Highlight using a fan brush along with the focal points of your face including forehead, brow bone, Cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, and chin.

6. Makeup for Diamond Face Shape

The ideal makeup look for a diamond-shaped face is to make your face seem equally balanced. To make your features seem less angular, use blush above your brow bone and underneath the jawline.

Perhaps Jennifer Lopez’s signature style has to be the iconic glow from her hollowed cheeks. To create that magic she relies on bronzer and shimmery loose powders.

Ashley Greene is particular about grooming her brows and making them a bit fuller. A de-puff eye gel, lip stain, and some mascara are her go-to-makeup look.

Here are great tricks to ace your makeup look for diamond face shapes

  1. A diamond face shape features broader cheeks and hence your aim should be to bring attention to your forehead and chin whilst minimizing the center. Here is how you can achieve that. Apply bronzer on the top of your forehead to make your forehead look wider, chin to make the jaw-line appear wider and underneath cheekbones to minimize the face structure.
  2. Use highlighter underneath cheeks and along jawline instead of the forehead to balance out your prominent areas.
  3. Add definition to cheekbones by going for warmer shades. Using colors like peach and apricot can draw maximum attention. You can apply using upward strokes along your cheeks all the way across your temple. This can draw away attention from the forehead.
  4. For lips, avoid lip gloss or lipstick with bright shades as can give a wider effect. These small changes in your makeup routine can create the illusion of ‘perfect face shape.’

7. Makeup for Pear Face Shape

Focus on creating an illusion of slimmer cheekbones or jawline to make your face appear symmetrical and balanced.

We love how Ellie Kemper loves to keep her pear-shaped face as natural as possible. If anything, she goes for a bold cat-eye. She prefers to stay away from collagen or lip plumping-we aren’t complaining to that.

Kelly Osbourne is known for taking beauty risks and her signature style has been nothing short of electric. She is never shy to experiment with vibrant hues which do wonders for her pear-cut face type.

Here are few tips to get you started with your pear-shaped face

  1. Highlight eyes and cheekbones to add sharpness to your face structure.
  2. Accentuate eyes to draw away attention from your lips to lower face structure, to draw attention from your chin.
  3. Apply blusher on your cheeks matching with your skin tone to bring focus towards cheekbones and forehead.
  4. Use a highlighter to bring attention to the bridge of your nose, temples, and jawline. Highlight underneath the brow bone and cheekbones to make your face appear longer.
  5. Applying bronzer to your jawline can make it appear slimmer. Following these makeup tips can make your face look slimmer and balanced-out.

These are a few of the tips to determine your face shapes and how to do makeup accordingly. Do you think the tips suggested are achievable? Let us know by tweeting us @shilpa1ahuja. We would love to hear from you.

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