9 Eyeshadow Trends That Are Going to Get Big This Fall

From mask eyeshadow trend to holographic, there’s a completely new range of styles in eyeshadow this season! Discover the latest social media and runway ruling eyeshadow trends here! 

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Hey gorge! Eyeshadow helps to either make or break a makeup look. Unlike lipsticks that give a specific spectrum of colors to try as every color does not look good on the lips, eyeshadows give us a variety to choose from! There is no restriction in choosing eyeshadow colors, from teal to royal blue to the unicorn colors, feel free to choose the ones you like. Also, there are unlimited techniques that you can try every time you use an eyeshadow.

2018 is all about trying new techniques and color combinations. The old rules of blending and light to dark gradients no longer apply. This season we’re seeing out-of-the-box eyeshadow trends that can either be combined with the classic smokey eyeshadow or just go bold with #4 and 5 trends.

So let’s check out these brand new Instagram and runway eyeshadow trends for Fall 2018!

9 New Eyeshadow Trends

1. Shimmery with a Twist

We are also calling this trend as a dark inner lid trend! Usually, when eyeshadow is applied, the crease line is kept dark and inner part of the lids light, but this season we’re seeing nothing less than bold looks! The best part of this trend is you can choose any color for a smokey effect.

The below image is from the Instagram page of MAC cosmetics. Try a combo of gold and brown, or go for a grey and silver combo! Perfect for weddings and parties. Also, eyeshadow extending to the brows is a new trend we’re seeing in Fall 2018 collections.

shimmery with dark crese latest fall winter 2018 trends

2. Holographic Eyeshadow

Holographic clothing and now holographic makeup! Holographic eyeshadow is one of the latest trends that’s taking over the beauty world. Holo smokey effect combined with a dark color is the one that is currently trending.

In case you are not looking for such a bold look but wanna try something unique, then pick iridescent colors and go for subtle colors like blue or grey to get smokey effect. Since the makeup is more on the bolder side, you can go for a nude or lighter shade lipstick to complete the look!

latest eyeshadoe trends fall 2018 holographic

3. Subtle Glitter

This type of eyeshadow trend works well for brunch and daytime birthday parties. Of course, you can make it look party-like by choosing a color that matches your outfit or any dark colors. If you want to keep it simple and yet rock the trend, then choose a shade that is close to your skin tone.

Also, this trend does not involve much technique. Dust translucent powder or eyeshadow primer. Then take a small amount of gold glitter eyeshadow on the tip of your finger and apply in the center of your eyelids. Make sure you don’t rub over the lid as that would look messy! Pair it with nude pink glossy lips to make heads turn!

subtle glitter latest trends 2018

4. Bordered Eyeshadow

You need to be a little careful while trying this trend, as this trend involves clean lines! Go up to the brows and also to the sides for a cat-eye look! Fall and dark colors go hand in hand, but we’re even seeing turquoise, purples and bright pinks this season! If you choose a bolder eyeshadow, make sure to keep the shade of lipstick subtle!

Instead of smokey eye, just use the same eyeshadow to create darker and lighter shades. For a simpler look, skip the inner corner border and go for a graphic cat-eye.

latest eye shadow trends fall winter 2018

5. Eye Mask

This look is like one of those super-hero makeup trends! In this trend, the eyeshadow is not covering the whole lid but just half of it. You will need a template and a very steady hand to try this look. Grey eyeshadow and black eyeliner are good to go give a head start to this trend! You can also try with different colors but make sure you don’t merge the eyeshadow and eyeliner colors. Choose a shade slightly lighter or darker so that the liner pops up!

This may look a bit tricky and so, if you’re looking to try this eyeshadow trend, then do it before applying the base foundation. Once it’s done, then go ahead with the rest of makeup so you can clean any fallout. This is one of the eyeshadow trends that work well for Halloween, birthday parties or photo-shoots with friends!

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eye shadow trend latest ideas 2018 fall eye mask

6. Smokey Upto the Brows

We’ve been seeing this trend for the past few seasons and it is going strong with every season passing by! So, why not try this super popular trend for your next party! In this trend, the eyeshadow is applied until the brows and a smokey wing on the outer corners. You can also match the eyeshadow color to the color of your lips like burgundy shadow with matching lips.

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7. Unicorn Eyeshadow Colors

Who doesn’t love unicorn colors? Not only just for fairy-themed parties or weddings, try them for galas and dinner dates too! A bold lipstick with these colors would really upgrade the look! In this trend, a couple of colors are blended well and also the white eyeliner adds on to the look!

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eyeshadow trends fall winter 2018 latest
Ralph & Russo

8. Smokey Cat-Eye

We’ve seen the smokey eyeshadow technique and cat-eye trend separately, but this season we’re seeing them being clubbed with just the eyeshadow – no liner! Also, I like the way the eyeliner is applied on the lower waterline!

smokey eye shadow with cat eye latest eye shadow trends
Jean Paul Gaultier

9. Complementary Colors

Try subtle color combinations this season! This is one of the best eyeshadow trends if you want to match the colors of your outfit with the eye makeup. In this image, the two colors of the outfits go on the eyelids too! Also, don’t hesitate to try both bold colors as the bolder, the trendier, is what we’ve been seeing on runways. Try unusual color combos like charcoal and teal here.

double eye complementary colors latets trend fall winter 2018

So, these are the latest eyeshadow trends we’re loving! I’m totally obsessed with the holographic trend and looking forward to trying it! Which trend did you like the most? Do let us know by commenting below or tweet @shilpa1ahuja.

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