Extraction (2020) Movie Review | Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Action Flick

Chris Hemsworth’s latest action movie Extraction just got released on Netflix. So here is my short review – spoiler alert – this review is filled with major spoilers. You have been warned. Warned, warned, I say it again.

I was so eagerly waiting for this typical action movie on Netflix starring Chris Hemsworth, that I had memorized its launch date. I, being an older member of the millennial generation, still like the old school action movie formula where the hero goes and rips apart an entire city or a gangster. Sometimes all you need is a juicy burger rather than a gourmet dish to satisfy your movie appetite.

Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction promised just that – just some real world action. I guess we have had enough fantasy action from the Avengers to John Wicks in the last decade. And can we just take a moment to talk about Chris Hemsworth’s entry scene where he breathes underwater for a whole two minutes. It puts all of Bollywood’s hero entry scenes to shame! We like.

extraction 2020 chris hemsworth underwater

So this dude, oops, sorry, man, here is this typical mercenary who’s on a neatly set extraction mission in Bangaldesh, a country that makes India look rich. The plot is built up nicely, where one country’s mafia’s kid is kidnapped by the other country’s mafia. Suddenly an ex special-ops soldier, Saju (played by Randeep Hooda), starts going against Tyler Rake (played by Chris Hemsworth) mission. The action here is not over the top, just well executed and believable.

extraction 2020 chris hemsworth randeep hooda bangaldesh fight

If I start explaining you the plot, there will be so many loop holes, that I will drown myself answering them, so let’s not get to them. With multiple betrayals, four dozen kills, periodic conscious awakenings, couple of sacrifices – Thor, sorry, Hemsworth, succeeds in extracting the jailed Indian mob boss’s son and that too without any compensation for his efforts. Since this guy’s actually a good guy even though he single-handedly murdered a whole town to save a kid. But those were the bad guys so no harm done. We want to believe so.

extraction 2020 chris hemsworth action movie netflix

He most likely doesn’t survive, but there is a blurred image of a guy shown in the last shot, telling you to make up your mind to guess whether Hemsworth is alive or not. In an Inception-style ending, the viewer is left to make up their own mind as to whether it’s a sad ending or a happy one. In fact, Hemsworth’s Tyler has an equally tragic backstory involving a kid. Anyways, this movie could have been much more, if they had paid the story writer, but I guess Thor wanted to do the job himself.

Extraction may not be a great or memorable movie, but it’s still worth a watch if you have time on your hands during these lockdown days. It’s a good quarantine flick for those looking for some simple action sequences and a not-hard-to-predict plot. I don’t believe in giving a star rating to a movie, but just put to it into perspective, sometime a typical action movie is not very common nowadays, so I would rate this movie 3/5.

So what did you think of this movie and what rating would you give it? Let us know below, and you can also tweet me @slubguy.

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