Ethnic But Not Behenji: How Beyond Gallery is Changing Ethnic Wear

Ethnic wear doesn’t define one as old-fashioned. With this adage, the new brand, Beyond Gallery is changing the perception of Indo-western and Indian fashion. Read on to know more!

latest-ethnic-wear-beyond-gallery-indian-style-dresses-accessoriesHey beautiful! Millennial Indian women and sarees have a complex relationship. From our grannies’ generation to our mommies’, sarees have always been synonymous with Indian fashion. But ethnic wear styles have experienced a sudden shift with our generation. With the westernization of Indian fashion, Indian sarees and ethnic wear are often deemed unfashionable and even backward, which puts the suit and saree lovers in dilemma!

Of course, we millennial women wanna wear sarees or other Indian dresses, but sometimes face judgment. Imagine when you wear a saree at your workplace and you get comments like, “Oh! A saree, what’s special today?” or “Are your parents preparing you for married life?” Ugh! I know right. It’s so pathetic! But Bollywood is to blame for stereotyping, girls who wear ethnic wear as behenji and those who wear western outfits as modern. So sexist.

And that’s why everyone our age in India has two wardrobes – ethnic wear for weddings and western wear for everyday. Same with auntyji. The term behenji should be respectful, and should not be portrayed as something bad.

The so-called behenji and the modern girl don’t get along in Bollywood! Likewise, the wardrobes aren’t combined together. But the real Indian woman is a mix. For her, traditional doesn’t mean backward.

She is strong, independent and a free thinker. She wears what she wants to and doesn’t abide by the rules set by patriarchy. And that’s exactly what the newest brand on the block, Beyond Gallery, is promoting with its designer brands in ethnic and western wear that are very niche.

Latest Ethnic Fashion | Indian Ethnic Wear

Beyond Gallery is an online shopping destination for Indo-western and ethnic wear by niche designers. In fact, they promote upcoming Indian designers and single studio owners. They strive to showcase the designs and creativity of those who are talented but may not be famous, nurturing them to provide the audience they deserve.

With an aim to fulfill the need for people to know about this growing creative vibe, Beyond Gallery is the only online platform that connects designers directly to the customers, to help fashionistas get what they really want and at the best price. So “discover unique fashioners… great designs” with this marketplace that lists apparels, jewelry and accessories.


Sarees or ethnic kurtis now have a new avatar that’s chic, cool and confident. Sarees have often been considered age-specific. For example, if my mom who’s 40+ wears a saree, no one questions but whereas when I wear a saree for a casual lunch with my husband, it’s a big deal. In fact, I have got comments like, “Why you wanna auntify yourself? Wear a pair of jeans and tee shirt.” But I’m expected to wear a saree only for weddings. Well, thank you!

But ethnic wear brands like, Beyond Gallery are changing the perception of Indian fashion. Like these beautiful cotton sarees that are worn with a casual top and crisp button-up shirts. Wear them for lunch with your girls, formal work parties and even on casual Fridays!

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (4)-white-button-up-shirtbeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (7)-checkered-sareeEthnic sarees can be paired with crop top and ethnic skirts. Indian outfits, especially from the best ethnic wear online shopping websites in India, never fail to amaze me. These traditional dresses go well for parties or celebrations at work, too!

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses-(15)-ethnic-wear-brandbeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses-(16)-white-dressThe new Indian dresses don’t have to be always combined with western wear. Like these unconventional blouses. They are traditional wear but with an eccentric Marlyn Monroe print. So tempting! I’m gonna grab ’em soon!

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (36)-indian-wearbeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (35)-indian-blousebeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (37)-brandI love finding ethnic wear online and I also love to wear ’em everywhere. From parties to work to casual outings, personally, I feel fusion wear grabs all the attention. And traditional gowns can be not too dressy nor uncomfortable. Party wear ethnic gowns are something I would wear for a reception night. And this layered off-the-shoulder gown is perfect for parties. And also, the asymmetric gown with Indian embroidery looks magical.

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (9)-party-gownbeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (12)-asymmetric-gownbeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (13)-indian-gownKurtas are the go-to attire for Indian wear, and these are must-finds for ladies cloth online shopping. A kurta dress is a perfect example of casual Indian clothes. Try wearing them with the ever trendy white sneakers to create that carefree new fashion look! Wear them to work or university party.

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (20)-kurta-dressMillennial women and jeans are inseparable. Indian ethnic wear brands are something you should look out for! Beyond Gallery has some unique and out-of-the-box ethnic tops. A layered peplum top with cropped jeans is so perfect for a coffee date. I would go ahead and pair it with Indian accessories like a layered beaded necklace.

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (22)-jeans-peplum-topIndian Accessories | Latest Ethnic Wear

Just like Indian ethnic wear, Indian accessories are to die for! From bags to jewelry to shoes, mix them with western wear and add a quirky touch to your look. And if you thought Indian prints are boring or too old-fashioned, well! Rethink! With colorful prints like hibiscus flowers or ostrich motifs, who wouldn’t wanna carry them everyday?

beyond-gallery-indian-ethnic-brand-fashion-new-stylebeyond-gallery-tussels-indian-accessories-fashion-stylefashion-ethnic-wear-indian-accessories-stylemini-micro-bag-indian-fashion-wear-ethnicIf you’re a teacher or university student, then the backpack with mango prints is a must-try!

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (32)-backpack-accessoriesAlong with Indian style dresses, Indian jewelry is surely headturners! The beaded necklaces are so chirpy and eye-catching. I can imagine wearing them to a mall or on a coffee date and getting that second glance. 😉 Who doesn’t love some extra attention?!

beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (10)-indian-accessoriesbeyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (33)-indian-accessoriesethnic wear beyond-gallery-ethnic-wear-fashion-style-dresses (34)-indian-fashionSo, what do you think about ethnic wear? Does the behenji label also make you think twice before donning traditional wear? you and I can together change the perception of ethnic wear. Do you agree with us? Rock our traditions confidently, proudly and fashionably. It’s #NotBehenji!

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting @shilpa1ahuja! Also, share your proud pics in ethnic wear with us with the hashtag #notbehenji and tag @beyondgallery on Instagram!

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