Emotionally Drained? 50 Tips for When You’re Mentally Exhausted

Feeling mentally exhausted and emotionally drained? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Here are 50 fun and easy ideas to get you back on track!
 emotionally drained burnout-stress-recovery-mental-exhaustion-run-down-depression-tips-ideas-listEveryone faces unbearable stress from some aspect of their life at some point. And although using up your energy to do something while you’re already emotionally drained might sound like a huge task, it can actually help a lot. Whenever I feel mentally exhausted, I like to paint, sew or sit outside among nature, declutter my mind and realize that nothing’s ever as bad as it seems. Overcoming exhaustion and burnout is not impossible. And there are so many things you could do to help yourself. So keep reading to know ideas for what to do when you’re mentally exhausted.

Mentally and Emotionally Drained Meaning

Mentally and emotionally drained or exhausted is a state of feeling worn out completely due to prolonged stress. Someone who’s mentally drained has exceeded their capability to handle emotional stress and this can have a negative effect on their life. And in more serious cases, it can even lead to panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, low appetite and eventually, depression. But it’s nothing to worry about, it’s also one of the many common mental health problems and can be solved by making small changes in our lives.

Types of Mental Exhaustion

occupation-job-burnout-help-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (1)

Although there may be many types of emotional and psychological fatigue, here are the three most common ones.

Occupational Burnout

Maybe you’re overloaded with too much work or maybe you just simply hate your job. It could even be because of having an exhausting workload plus too many household chores. Either way, job burnout is a serious issue. And it can take a toll on you both mentally and physically.

Emotional Detachment

An emotionally detached personality is when a person is not able to connect with others on an emotional level. So, they build boundaries and walls to guard themselves and use this as a method to cope with anything that might trigger them.

Stress & Anxiety

These would probably be the most common and most relatable. Everyone faces it at one point or another. Stress could stem from anything from your school, job or relationships to just life in general. Anxiety is a more severe form of mental exhaustion but even that can be helped by taking a few steps in a positive direction.

50 Ways to Recover When You’re Emotionally Drained

When you’re emotionally drained, try to get a change of pace by doing a physical activity, speaking to a close one, taking up a hobby or relaxing exercises – anything that takes your mind away from whatever’s mentally exhausting you. You need to force your brain to reboot and stop thinking about stressful things.

Some people are good with creative stuff while others are good at more technical things. So, choose what you feel confident doing and what you think would make you happy. And you don’t always need to go on a shopping spree or empty your pockets to cheer yourself up. You don’t need instant gratification but gradual, overall fulfillment that helps improve your holistic health. Also, all of the things in our list of what to do when burned out, won’t even cost you much. Like they say, the best things in life are free!

1. Binge-watch movies by yourself or with a bunch of friends. We recommend a Chris Hemsworth movie marathon. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (3)

2. Making lists can be very therapeutic when you’re mentally exhausted. So make a list of things you’re grateful for, people you’re thankful for or things you’ve achieved.

Count your blessings!

3. My favorite idea for what to do when you feel drained – invite your friends over and have an at-home nail spa day!

4. Take up a meditation or yoga class with your friend or partner. My suggestions for a fun workout session would be acroyoga and pole fitness.

5. Lighting some scented candles, playing some soft music and taking a relaxing bubble bath can really help with emotional exhaustion.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (6)6. Start a long-term project. This will keep your hands and your mind occupied. Learning a new language, knitting a sweater and taking up a hobby class are some great mental exhaustion recovery ideas.

7. Dig up old photos, videos, and memorabilia from your childhood and reminisce the good old times. This never fails to help me when I’m feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. You could even edit the videos and turn them into a montage!

8. Read an inspirational biography or novel when you’re feeling run down and stressed.

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emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (10)9. Play a sport. As sports are more physically challenging, it takes away all or atleast most of your emotional stress. It could be either a new sport or one that you already know and love.

10. Adopt a homeless puppy/kitten. And if that’s not possible, just visit a pet store, talk to the different animals and play with them!

11.Caring for another being will always make you feel a lot better about yourself. So do something nice for a stranger – karma yoga has known mental health benefits.

What goes around comes back around.

12. Physically, mentally, emotionally drained? Just get a soothing massage and take your friend or partner along, too.

13. Cooking or baking something you’ve never tried before is a great idea for coping with overwhelming stress.

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14. Listen to nostalgic music that was popular when you were growing up. Being reminded of simpler times can also help when you’re emotionally drained.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (5)15. Plant seeds, take care of them and watch them grow with you!

16. Explore a part of your city you’ve never been to before. Who knows what you might find?

‘Cause there’s happiness and positivity everywhere!

17. Clean and organize your room. Just moving the furniture around can be a good change for when you’re emotionally exhausted.

18. Go hiking up a scenic mountain and take pictures when you get to the top. A great idea for mental burnout!

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips-(4)19. Get creative – doodle, sketch, paint or even color! I personally love printing out downloaded, intricate mandala patterns and coloring them when I’m emotionally drained or anxious. Find your own adult coloring book and get a box of colored markers.

20. Play board games with friends or family.

21. Go to a farmer’s market early in the morning. Looking at and smelling all the fresh produce will surely refresh and clear your mind. You can also get some fresh flowers from there to decorate your bedroom!

22. Do something that reminds you of some place, memory or person. I have this perfume that I used on a vacation and everytime I spritz it on myself, it takes me on a trip down memory lane and brings back so many amazing memories. It’s something I like doing to help with stress and emotional fatigue.

23. Make a list of your childhood crushes or exes and rate them all! Your friends could join in too, everyone can make their own lists and compare them in the end!

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (15)24. Take out all your burnout stress by distressing a pair of jeans! Similarly, you could also spend some time revamping your old clothes.

Turn your stress into creativity!

25. Call your mom or sister or whoever you’re closest to, to have a long heart-to-heart.

26. Meeting new people is always a great idea for anyone who’s emotionally drained. Go somewhere you know you’d enjoy. It could be a library, arcade, dance class, music concert, etc. Who knows, you might end up making friends or a potential boyfriend/girlfriend who have the same interests as you.

27. Find (or make) cool wallpapers for your phone!

28. Learn something technical – a new software, coding, etc. Although, this may not seem like the last thing you’d want to do when you’re emotionally drained, it really challenges your brain and lets you focus on whatever you’re learning. Plus you gain a new skill, which will make you feel like you accomplished something and make you feel confident.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips-(2)29. Visit a garden or park and bird-watch. You could also go around taking pictures of the different flowers and leaves, come back home and try to name them all. It’s a great way to recharge your brain and learn new things.

Being around nature can be very therapeutic.

30. Start a blog.

31. Go up to your terrace, rooftop or balcony. Sit there for a while, taking in the fresh air and sounds of the city while you declutter your mind. You could also take a book or a journal to write your thoughts in. Leave your phone at home.

32. Try your hand at fun craft projects like origami, calligraphy or wind-chime and dream-catcher making, all of which you can easily learn from YouTube videos.

33. Visit a theme park or carnival and go on rides you wouldn’t normally go on.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips-(12)34. Take it up like a project manager. Make a list of the things that are bothering you. Once you see all your troubles on paper, they won’t seem so bad anymore.

35. Learn to make scented candles, soap or homemade chocolates! You’ll feel productive and when you’re tired, all three of them will come in handy to de-stress!

36. Try a new restaurant or cuisine!

37. Declutter your wardrobe and donate the clothes you’ll no longer wear to charity.

38. Paint a wall, door or window in your house. And it doesn’t have to be neat or precise.

A change from the same old is always great.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (13)39. Make pretty covers for your notebooks for school. Or decorate your journal.

Sometimes, even the little things make a lot of difference.

40. Make fun lists such as naming all the states in your country, naming gadgets you’d like to own or the technologies you want to see in the future.

41. Baby-sit. If you love babies, you’re gonna have such a relaxing time and if you don’t, you can still be glad that you don’t have to deal with any kids of your own.

42. Picture the best version of yourself and write down what you see. So this will help you set goals for yourself.

43. In case of severe exhaustion, try a new body wash or perfume. It might just change your entire mood.

44. Create a chocolate sculpture by carving a block chocolate into fun shapes! Or have a chocolate party by making some chocolate fondue!

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45. Arrange your closet by color coordinating your clothes.

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46. Learn something useful like changing a tire, carpentry or plumbing.

47. Watch interesting documentaries. Underwater, space and aliens are some fun categories to look into.

48. Volunteer at an NGO. Making another persons day will surely make your day as well.

49. Do something adventurous like scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling or bungee-jumping.

emotionally-drained-stress-mental-exhaustion-recovery-tips (9)50. Visit a nursery just to look at all the beautiful flowers and plants.

So that was our list of what to do when your emotionally drained and ideas to de-stress. And what are your tips for recovering from stress and anxiety? Also, do share your own lists and ideas with us and we could all help each other out! Tweet them to us @shilpa1ahuja.

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