Elie Saab Spring Summer 2016 RTW Collection | 10 Things to Love


Elie Saab Spring Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Week offers unexpected, casual silhouettes. Check out the latest trends in the looks!

When I first viewed Elie Saab Spring Summer 2016 collection, I was half-expecting (nay, fully expecting) some well-fitted skirts or trousers, perhaps a casual dress or two – replete with sheer, lace, glossy threadwork in an unabashedly feminine color palette of solid pastels plus some black. But I was surprised to see floaty fabrics and casual silhouettes with ruffles and capes. And the floral prints and bold stripes in candy colors.

Perhaps this is the type of collection that gives one a fuller understanding of the breadth of work of a designer – because as a designer I know that no single piece of work can define one’s style. Or perhaps Elie Saab is experimenting with different styles and combinations. Either way, here are 10 things ways Elie Saab combined the season’s latest trends into a cool collection.

10 Things to Love in Elie Saab Spring Summer 2016 RTW Collection

The Asymmetric Skirt with a Thigh-High Slit

Or even higher.18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-floral-dress-asymmetric-thing-high-slit


The One-Shoulder Asymmetric Cape Dress

This one is a lovely one-shoulder dress with a hemline that’s thigh-high one one side and floor-touching on the other side and at the sleeve gives an appearance of a cape. It takes a mouthful of a sentence to describe this red beauty!

The Metallic Choker

And this exotic-looking metallic choker on a white what I really want to call a double-waisted dress. Plus the dress has white thread embroidery and floral appliqué. Also liking the cut-out shoes.18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-lace-white-mini-dress-metallic-choker-necklace

The Gold Layered Necklaces

Loving this casual layered jewelry with a festive look.18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-red-jumpsuit-layered-necklaces-gold

Romantic Maxi Dress + Print Skinny Scarf

Yet another white dress. This time a lace maxi with a skinny scarf.18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-lace-white-maxi-skinny-scarf


The Pussybow Cape

Combining the cape and pussybow – two of the latest trends that have been seen on the runways this season is this floor-sweeping white and black striped fabric that ties around the neck into a long pussybow.

The Jumpsuit with Cape

Combining more trends of the season – the cape with the jumpsuit. This plunging V-neck sequin jumpsuit has a flowing cape that goes from the shoulder down to the floor. I would, however, make this jumpsuit less sequinny and more comfortable. And maybe add a closed shoe to make it  slightly bit formal.18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-kendall-jenner-black-sequin-jumpsuit-cape

Lace Bomber Jacket

Totally adorable. And very trendy! Especially when paired with an asymmetric dress. 18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-lace-black-bomber-jacket-stripe-asymmetric-dress

Lace Pants with the Tuxedo-Like Jacket

Lace pants usually seem like the type of runway trend that never sees the light of day (even if it sees the moonlight, in some cases). But I’m liking the idea of the pairing feminine lace with androgynous tux jacket.   18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016--black-tuxedo-jacket-adrogynous-lace-pants

Sheer Sequin Dress with Lace Underskirt

So feminine.18-elie-saab-spring-summer-2016-black-sheer-sequin-evening-gown


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