Easy Styling Tips for a Leather Blazer For Every Occasion

In this modern era, we are all in the rat race of looking best, without having to having to spend a fortune on tons of dresses. That can only be achieved if we can pair one clothing in multiple ways that meet our needs and matchers the code of dressing for the occasion. Blazer is the answer for that clothing item, which can be paired with multiple others to give the best and desired look.


Moreover, this is not just limited to any gender for that matter and can be worn by either of them. These days, girls or women are more into blazers as it gives them ample options to pair it up with. Blazers are one piece of clothing which even suits any age group as well. Be it is a young and aspiring man, going for a friendly gets together, to a gentleman getting ready for a client meet, it just goes well for both the instances.

Know More About the Blazers

Blazers would always have an upper hand when someone is limited on a budget as it can be bought without a matching pair of trousers, whereas a suit jacket would always need a matching trouser for getting that complete look. The comparison is made keeping the only because blazers and suit jackets are very similar looks wise. When it comes to Blazers which are to be worn by Men, there are multiple types of fabrics used to make one.


The choice of fabric primarily depends upon the weather conditions. If its warm, one would normally go with the Linen and Cotton twill ones, if it’s cold then we have options like tweed and wool to choose from. There is one fabric that tops other options, is Velvet. Velvet Blazers are luxurious from appearance and are sure to turn some heads, it is eye catchy and one would look very smart if coupled with slim cut trousers. These go well mostly for events which are a little fancy and you need to make an impression. But the main point of discussion is Leather Jackets. Now, styling yourself with Leather Jackets would require some points to be remembered. If someone is a fan of the movie The Matrix, then one should how Trinity looked in her Leather Blazer.

One can surely go for that look, provided she has such a figure to flaunt in that piece of clothing. This form of styling is age old and is slowly returning to modern day fashion with the likes of some famous Hollywood celebs. The material used in the making of Leather Blazers are not always pure leather, the material is called Faux Leather and is made up of plastic mainly with wax, polyurethane and dye treatment to give it the color and the almost identical to leather texture. This trend of Leather Blazers is now running in full speed as all the leading brands are into making one under their banner.

Famous celebs are seen donning them, in turn kind of forcing people to add one to their wardrobe. The best part about these leather blazers are the fact that it can be worn with almost anything. You do not need to follow a traditional pattern to look good in it, you just to have one to attain that look. But still, styling tips are always helpful to get that look which resembles our favorite models or actors. Out of the numerous options to style it with, one can style it with jeans that are the most basic way of styling one.

Essential need of Lather Blazers


Then, teaming it up with a mini dress also does the job when on a dinner date or similar occasions. In conclusion, it can as well be worn as an all leather thing, everything from the bottom and the upper clothing, all in leather. The only downside about these leather blazers are that this cannot be worn in hot and tropical climates without dropping a sweat, when in outdoors. As they say, there are pros and cons to everything, this too is no exception. Given the appearance and overall glamorous look it provides, these downsides can easily be managed. These are very durable and can last a very long time, before it shows signs of aging.

Thus, it neither burns a hole in the pocket nor it makes people update their wardrobe with different jackets and similar stuff every now and then. Just a pro tip for getting accolades socially, is to always go for Faux Leather, else Vegans are surely going to hate you for promoting animal cruelty.

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