How to Dress for Spoon Body Type: Clothing and Fashion Tips

Want to know how to flaunt your curves the right way? Here is a COMPLETE guide to dressing tips for spoon body type babes like you.


My dear lovelies! Each one of us is special in our own way. Being different from one another is what makes us unique. There are many types of body shapes and the right attitude and outfits can make us all confident with our own figure and the way we look. Bottom line is: There is no such thing like the perfect body shape and there is nothing called right body type or wrong body shape. It all depends how we present ourselves and dressing right matters.

Coming to our main topic; here we would be discussing about spoon shaped body type, what kinds of clothes will suit you and what should be avoided. So first let’s get to the basics.

What is Spoon Body Type?

For the uninitiated, there are five main body types. Namely, pear shape, spoon body type, diamond, hourglass and strawberry. It is important to first understand what your body shape is, so you can dress accordingly. Once you know what is right for you or what looks good on your body, it will be much easier to select your clothes and accessories.

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Those who have spoon body shape will have their hips looking prominently bigger than their bust, while the waist will be well-defined. The upper part of the body is leaner and the arms are slim. Also sometimes referred as ‘Figure 8’, the spoon body type might probably look somewhat similar to pear body shape.

However, it is actually more distinct in a certain way. While both pear and spoon shapes have hip measurement larger than the bust (at least 5 inches more), the pear shape doesn’t have a well-defined waist. The spoon shaped women are usually curvy but not typically ‘fat’.

On another note, spoon body shape is the best figure type to have love handles (wink).

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Popular Celebrities with Spoon Body Type

So, is the spoon body shape attractive? Get your answers here, in this list of hot female stars, who fall under this particular category.

spoon body type celebrities

Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, Parineeti Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz are some of the celebrities with a spoon body shape. They are a great source of inspiration for the way they carry themselves with confidence and look gorgeous in befitting outfits that suit their curvy body shape. Personally, I keep a tab on their fashion choices or the way they do their dressing and styling to match their body shape.

What Kinds of Clothes Suit Spoon Body Type?

Here we have put together different types of outfits that will look good for women with this body shape. Our dressing guide will help you choose the right kind of spoon body type clothes that will accentuate your curves in a sexy way!


spoon body shape dresses

Spoon body shape is really ideal for dresses. Anything that accentuates your well-defined waistline will suit you. Short dresses, A-line or princess dresses are the best choices. Dresses with ruffles on shoulders, off-the-shoulder or one shoulder dresses are good to create a balanced look. Go for color-blocking if you want your waist to appear smaller.

Avoid sheath or shift fabrics in stiff fabrics, as they will give the illusion of a straight or banana body type. So, go for soft, floaty fabrics like satin, georgette, chiffon or cotton.

Psst: Wearing padded bras can add volume to the upper body and make the waist look slender.

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Pants & Jeans

spoon body shape pants

Wondering what kinds of jeans to buy for spoon body type? Tight fitted pants and skinny jeans will look great on you. These are best to highlight your lower body curves perfectly. To get a formal look, choose straight or boot-cut pants. It is advisable to pick solid colored pants or jeans. Avoid loose fitted pants in stiff fabrics at all costs.


spoon body shape tops

Women with spoon body type should choose tops that bring attention to the upper body and make the waist look slim. Prefer fitted tops. Button-up shirts, peasant tops or wrap-tops in light fabrics will look the best on you. V-neck or boat-neck tops will be impressive. Shirts with full sleeved will look classy while strapless or sleeveless tops will bring a balanced effect on your figure. Go for light-colored tops and darker color bottoms to make your bottom half appear slimmer and balance your figure.


how to dress for spoon-body-shape-skirts

Spoon shaped bodies are best suited for wearing short skirts or mini-skirts. If you have slender legs, you can try pencil minis, and if you have heavier thighs, go for A-line ones. Make sure to preferably pick skirts that are of knee-length or slightly above your knees. Choose a skirt style that flatters the waist, like straight or pencil skirts.


spoon body shape belts

Belts are the perfect to make your mid-section look slimmer. If you want to accentuate your waist, then go for skinny belts. It will also take away focus from your tummy fat, if any. Wide belts are best to hide flab. Go for dark colored belts.


spoon body shape jewelry

Since the main idea is to make the upper body seem fuller and create a balanced look between your hips and shoulders, accessories or jewelry should be selected accordingly. Spoon body type is a good reason to wear large neck pieces, statement jewelry and huge earrings. Create some drama, gal!

The Don’ts: What Doesn’t Work for Spoon Shaped Body Type?

  • Stay away from loose tops. Avoid having heavy embroidery or large prints on the bottom of the tops, as they will put all focus on your hips, making your figure seem unbalanced.
  • Baggy jeans or flared pants are no-no. Similarly, too many pockets near waistline or on hips will look bad when dressing a spoon body type. Avoid pants with flap pockets.
  • Skirts that have a lot of detailing in the hip area should be avoided as they will make this part look bigger.
  • Try not to choose dresses that have light colors on waist or hips and darker ones on upper body. Light or bright colors will give an illusion of making the body part look bigger whereas dark shades will reduce volume.

Lastly, it all matters on what you wear and how you wear. See what suits your body shape and what doesn’t. Dressing and styling in the right way comes out of practice, observation and experience.

Hope you liked our article about fashion for spoon body type. If any of our tips helped you create a new outfit or refine your personal style, we’d love to see it. So share your pic on Instagram and tag us @shilpaahujadotcom! Do you have any other styling tips for our spoon-shaped readers? Share them with the community in the comments below!

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