11 Dress Style Trends for Fall 2018 | Trendy Dresses for Women

Wanna know what’s trending in dresses this year?! Well here’s the latest 11 dress style fashion from the FW18 runway collections!

Dress Style latest-dress-trends-fall-winter-2018-fw18-coach-gucciHey beautiful! Dresses are synonymous with women. From workwear to casual ones, dresses are a perfect choice for any occasion. And after watching almost all the Fall Winter 2018 fashion shows of countless designers, I can say dresses this year are super-hot! I already have my shopping list for Fall 2018 ready. Lol! That’s the perks of being a trend analyst. I love my job! Ok, so let’s dive into dress style trends for 2018!

Dress Style Trends for Fall Winter 2018-19

It’s so good to see the results at the end of long research sessions and discussions for our trend analyses. It’s like a complete guide for the coming seasons. From shopping to how to wear, the trends are the foundation. And this year we saw unique dress trends for everyone. While a few designers are not letting go of the older trends, there are also a few dress styles that are completely new. So, apart from listing the new 11 dress style trends, we have also listed what’s still in and what’s out in women’s dresses. Let’s check out latest dresses for women!

1. Uniquely Draped Dresses

Go away, plain boring drapes! We saw some stylishly draped dresses in the runway collections. Uniquely draped dresses are topping our 2018 dress trends list. I’m totally loving this trend – feminine and chic! We saw fabrics folded into tiny drapes or draped uniquely around the body. These dresses go well for parties and get-togethers. From metallics to silk to cotton, any fabric looks great in this style. A look from Max Mara had draped style formal dress worn with pants – perfect as workwear.

2. 3D Dresses

Let’s be extra this Fall 2018. Wow! Let your dresses take up more space at a party than they need to!! Extraordinary and actually cool! From exaggerated bell sleeves to poofy skirt to bold shoulders, these dress style trends are surely headturners. Sexy short dresses with 3D details are a must try for parties. Take cues from the look by Versus Versace and pair it with sleek straight hair.

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This trend is also featured in our must-have fall fashion items for 2018:

3. Lace Details

A sexy lace dress sounds perfect for parties! This fall, we’re seeing dresses with lace detail, giving them a unique look. We saw lace trimmings and panels on sleeves, neck, hemlines etc. Lace is perfect for fall and designers are making us crave this trendy style even in spring!

4. Asymmetric Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Off-the-shoulder is passé. For 2018, single off-the-shoulder sleeves are in the limelight. Let one sleeve be off-the-shoulder while the other is a normal full or half sleeve. You can even try the dress on dress pattern. Or wear a top under the dress to combine two trends.

5. Top Worn Over Dress

While we saw dresses worn over a top, we also saw vice-versa. This new dress style is definitely eye-catching and is so perfect for fall-winter season. We saw crop sweater, metallic, bustier, and slip tops paired with dresses. So, this is a unique way to sport your separates together. A perfect way to layer trendy outfits even in the chilling weather.

6. Peasant & Flamenco Sleeves

A lot is happening with sleeves this year. The Spanish inspired peasant and flamenco sleeves are getting the right attention. Loose traditional peasant sleeves, gathered around the wrists were seen in maxi, mini and midi dresses. Flamenco sleeves, wherein the ends of the sleeves flare out like bell sleeves are hot, too. We saw them in the designer collections of Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, Christian Siriano, Dolce & Gabbana and many more.

7. Exaggerated Hardware & Zipper Details

Trendy dresses with zipper details are so hot! From slits to pockets to cutouts, they are all out-of-the-box! Also, along with these zippers, we saw large metal hardware in the women’s dresses like buckles, zip holders, buttons and many more. I loved the black mini dress with multiple zippers by Alexander Wang.

8. Loose Half Sleeves

Here’s another way to play up your sleeves and exude a carefree vibe! After asymmetric off-the-shoulder and peasant sleeves, we have loose half sleeves. No more tight sleeves that make you uncomfortable! Go for loose half sleeved dresses in solid colors to stand out!

9. Turtleneck Leather Dresses

Leather dresses with turtlenecks are so cool! We’re seeing this unique clothing style for the first time and it’s so fresh. The leather dresses were also mixed with other trends like ruffles, pockets, kaftan style, belted and slouchy. If you feel leather turtleneck is too much then wear a lace turtleneck top inside like the look by Chanel. Or drape a skinny wool scarf around the neck and tuck it in to give a turtleneck look!

10. PVC Dresses

Plastics are the new sequins! PVC apparel and accessories were the highlights of the Fall 2018 collections. Of course, I wrote about my reservations about transparent fashion and even for dresses, I’m not totally convinced. However, designers aren’t ready to let go of this trend. So, we saw transparent maxi dress, slip dress, midi dress with feather hemline, dress worn over a top and dress on dress trends. These dresses are perfect for coffee dates. Like wear it for an hour or two and get rid of them. But I would love to see outfit ideas for these dresses. I hope my SlubTeam mate, Nishita writes one!

11. Shoulder Pads

In the 2018 dress trends, this 70s fashion style has made a comeback. Shoulder pads are so very much in this season. I think it’s gonna be a normal style in 2019, too. So, no drooping shoulders to be seen. I’m not a big fan but it’s great to see this glamorous trend on celebs! From sexy belted maxi dresses to 3D mini dresses, they stole the show!

What’s Still In?

There are also some of the older dress styles that are very trendy this season, too! We have listed them for you. Let’s check out!

fall-winter-2018-dress-trends-style-fashion-still-in1. Thread fringes are still in. We saw them on the hemlines, sleeves, and all over the dresses. Rock ’em to parties.

2. Feather dresses, too, are still in. We saw feathers on the hemlines, sleeves and all over the dresses.

3. While tops worn on dresses is a new trend, the vice versa trend dresses worn over top is also in. Wear the new 2018 trendy dresses with tops to make a statement.

4. Dresses with pants are here to stay. Try matching pants.

5. We saw color blocking, too, in bright technicolor. It’s a perfect way to stand out in the gloomy weather. Color blocking with neons is very hot.

6. Coat style dresses are perfect for fall. Wear them to work or interviews.

7. Also, try holographic dresses, which is a new trend that you need to try.

8. Kaftan dresses are perfect for modest clothing!

9. One sleeved dresses are here to stay, so are ruffles and sheer dresses. These dress styles are perfect for parties.

10. Sweater dresses are perfect for the fall-winter season. Don them to work, outings and literally everywhere!

What’s Out?

Here are the dress style trends that are totally out.

dress-trends-whats-out-fall-winter-2018-fw18-cold-shoulders-frontslit1. Halter necks are a big NO-NO!

2. High low dresses are out. This was a short-lived trend.

3. Front slit dresses are passé. Stack them at the bottom of your wardrobe.

4. Cold shoulder dresses are so out of fashion. Thank god! I hate them. 😉

5. Fur on dresses is not so hot anymore.

So, these were the latest dress style trends for Fall 2018. Which one did you like the most? Tweet us @shilpa1ahuja!

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