Donatella Versace Designs Palazzo Versace, a Luxury Hotel in Dubai

Versace has ventured into the world of real estate design and development, making itself much more than a fashion brand, and maybe even more than a lifestyle brand! Palazzo Versace, a new luxury hotel opened in Dubai on November 9, 2015. Developed in joint venture between Versace and a UAE developer Enshaa Group, the hotel and resort is located on the foreshore of the Dubai Creek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

And what’s so special about it? The interiors and furniture of each of Palazzo Versace Hotel’s 215 suites has been designed by Donatella Versace herself. The hotel interiors also use the range of Versace Home Collection, and really combines fashion, luxury and lifestyle. Plus, it claims to be “the most luxurious hotel the Middle East has ever seen”. How much of that’s true is yet to be seen, but now we do have a hotel on our bucketlist to go, stay in and review!

Let’s check out these pics of the hotel:

Night View of Palazzo Versace Hotel
Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai: Swimming Pool
Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai: Grand Suite
Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai: the Vanitas Restaurant is designed like a classical Italian palace with handmade Grottesche Italiane

Palazzo Versace: Architecture/ Interior Design Analysis

The hotel also has more of Versace-style interiors in 169 condominiums, randing from one to six bedrooms. The hotel’s interiors feature lots of signature Versace elements, such as the Medusa Head and the Greek Key. As an architect, I can also make out that the hotel interiors also use tons of Greek motifs and elements, which are typically found in Greek architecture, sculptures and art. Wanna take a look?

Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai: Main Lobby
Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai: Executive Suite
Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai: Residence Living Room

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