Dior Spring Summer 2016 Haute Couture Fashion Show Review

The Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2016 Haute Couture collection at Paris Fashion Week had a modern, wearable take on couture. Discover the collection, read its review and check out our favorite outfits!

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Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week brought the Dior Spring Summer 2016 couture fashion show. The show took place at the Musée Rodin where tall mirrors made up the outer facade of the venue, and an even more mirrored backdrop defined the runway interiors.


dior-spring-summer-2016-mirror-venue-fashion-show-runwaySince the departure of the Artistic Director Raf Simons, the fashion house is yet to announce a new replacement. And yet, the latest collection was a nod to Simons’ work, with modern sensibilities imposed upon classic pieces, inspired by the “spontaneous, relaxed Parisienne”.

Image Credit: Adrien Dirand

dior-spring-summer-2016-couture-outfit-24-dress-black-shoes-pfwThe bar jacket was the key piece of the collection, which was iterated in some looks to become a sensual, off-shoulder piece, and in others, a bar-jacket-dress. As such, bare shoulders were a common sight in this collection – with a mix of off-shouldered tops and dresses, and asymmetric necklines.

As much as the styles of formal pieces like bar jackets, coats, skinny trousers and tuxedos showed that the collection is much influenced by Raf Simons’ style, some interesting things also reminded us of his exit from the fashion house. Such as, the ribbon ankle straps in the shoes, the layers of ruffle in the dresses and sleeves here and there.

The collection predominantly used wool and silk – which is very unlike what Spring Summer actually needs – but then it’s Winter now, so I guess we could still wear it before it gets warmer! The color palette was a mix though – lots of black and white, with some navy, bright red, khaki, tobacco brown and bits of rose, light blue and lilac.

My favorite looks included the off-shoulder bar jacket dress:


The embroidered navy coat with a chiffon silk layer at the bottom:


And my most favorite of all- the embroidered peplum bar jacket with slit dress and the black jacket with skinny pants:

And here’s something I’m hoping will become a fashion girl’s wardrobe essential-an embellished nude tulle top – worn here with a slit embroidered skirt under a bar jacket.


The jewelry included single long earrings, sometimes paired with shorter ones. Long chain necklaces with charms and anklets were seen, too:


The overly-pointy shoes are something I was hoping not to see this year, but here we are. Although the tie-up style is inspired.


And if I have any other critique, it is that a collection with such modern tastes could do with even cleaner lines and even smoother silhouettes. Because the modern woman loves to look great, to stand out of the crowd, but absolutely zero-fuss outfits can make her feel as confident as she can be. But then, wearing Dior makes us feel confident as it is!

Dior Spring Summer 2016 Couture Collection: Gallery

Looks from Gary Pinagot (Christian Dior)

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