Dior Spring 2019 Collection Shows Fashion’s Obsession with Dance

Dior Spring 2019 collection showed how dance and music are connected to the deepest part of our being. It also revealed how dance and fashion define the body. Read our review and view the gallery here! 

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dior-spring-summer-2019-collection-ss19-review-latest-looksChristian-dior-spring-summer-2019-ss19-milan-fashion-week-1- black-monochromatic

Dior Spring Summer 2019 collection started with a dance performance that continued throughout the fashion show. Dance was at this collection’s heart. But personally, I think that having two things at a time may distract one. It may be difficult to both watch the performance as well as the looks. But I guess that’s what Maria Churia Grazia wanted to show – that fashion and dance are interconnected.

According to the fashion show description, “The Creative Director drew inspiration from the works of a series of artists who shook up established codes in order to develop another idea of the beauty of the body in motion in a new relationship with space, time and nature. These heroines of contemporary dance, Loïe Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth Saint Denis, Martha Graham and Pina Bausch, revolutionized their discipline in order to reconnect it to the origins of the world, a Dionysian melange, the vital energy that powers each culture.

Looks & Details

Moving on to the looks, the show started with black monochromatic looks and progressed to pleated gowns, mesh outfits and matching sets with short trousers. We’ve seen pleated gowns and skirts in Dior Cruise 2019 and Autumn-Winter 2017 collections and they are no exception in Spring 2019 collection. Pleated skirts paired with matching cropped jackets and the logo belts accentuated the silhouettes.

Another interesting aspect that cannot be missed from the Dior Spring 2019 collection was mesh layering. My favorite look from this category was a mesh ankle length gown paired with a bodysuit and sheer leggings. Mesh tops and leggings were also seen.


The color palette included neutral tones – black, white, brown, beige, nude and olive green. While printed gowns and jackets were dominant, we also saw a couple of tie-dye printed outfits and acid wash dresses and outerwear.


Any fashion show of Dior is incomplete without the fashion accessories. Short strap sling bags that we spotted even in the fall collections were seen. From chunky chain link jewelry to logo belts, we saw all types of accessories in the Dior Spring 2019 collection.

After watching Dior Spring 2019 show, it may not be too soon to predict that narrow sunglasses may not be trendy. In many collections, they were replaced by the oversized ones. Well, we have to wait for the fashion weeks to end and then see which ones are gonna make it to our sunglasses trends for 2019!

Dior Spring 2019 Collection: Gallery


Photo Credits: Dior.com

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