Dior cruise 2019 collection was a blend of tradition and freedom in a contemporary way. Discover the looks and read our review here!

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Dior Cruise 2019 dior-cruise-2019-collection-fashion-show-week-latest-collection

dior-cruise-2019-collection-review-mexican-inspiration-theme-setThe set up for Dior cruise 2019 collection was similar to charreada (a competitive event in Spain). “The escaramuzas are traditional Mexican women riders who have claimed the right to participate in the charreada – an equestrian practice of performing several challenging routines before a crowd – just as the male riders do,” mentioned the show description. And this is what inspired Maria Grazia Churi for Dior cruise 2019 fashion show.

As the show started, rain splattered on the floorboards soaking the guests. But as they say, “The show must go on!” The fashion show started with a model walking down the runway wearing an olive green colored zipped jacket and shorts paired with a forest-themed printed jacket. This was followed by a few pant-suits and sleek tie. The color palette included powdery colors like soft white, rosy beige, cool cocoa, pastel pink, mauve and grey navy.

Bold exotic prints and subtle embroidery formed a major part of the collection. Printed jackets paired with shorts and pants and printed blouses paired with printed skirts, made prints a strong part of the collection. Fabrics included lace, tulle and leather.

dior-cruise-collection-2018-review-latest-dresses-printedIntricate patterns in maxi dresses were another part of the collection that couldn’t be missed. Strapless maxi dresses with embroidery and paired with a broad corset belt cinched at the waistline were seen.

dior-cruise-2019-maxi-dresses-corset-beltOther interesting outfits included ponchos, pleated skirts paired with shirt and tie, shorts paired with a double jacket, striped pants and tops and ruffled skirts. My favorite look from the collection included matching printed shorts and jacket set paired with black sneakers. The look goes perfectly with the theme and it is also easy to pull off during vacations!


Accessories included different types of large embroidered straw hats without which a charreada is incomplete! Double bracelets, mismatched earrings, calf-length sneakers and saddlebags with designer logo straps were also seen.

dior-cruise-collection-2019-rodeo-hats-mexiacan-inspiredOverall, the show was a good inspiration for women who think they need to compromise their feminity in order to dominate men. It also gave the courage to do anything they want!

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Image Credits: Dior.com
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