Different Types of Eyeliner Styles and Looks

A single stroke of the eyeliner can change your whole look. Here’s your COMPLETE guide to the different types of eyeliner styles and looks. How many have you tried?

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Is your makeup kit just lying on your dressing table and forming spider webs? Because mine is. Don’t worry we’ve got you a list of various types of eyeliner styles that you could try. This lockdown is reaching the peaks of our frustration but why think about the things you can’t do at the moment.

Try spicing up your life sitting at home but yes, it does require a little patience. Make yourself feel pretty and I am sure it will boost your confidence. Take a break from all the hectic assignments and work that have been thrown at us – you deserve it.

Eyeliner – The Makeup Essential since Ancient Times

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt were the first to discover the eyeliner. They believed that wearing an eyeliner, which was kohl, would protect them from sun and wind, and would prevent them from having wrinkles on their skin. They also believed that makeup around the eye would act like a god to protect them from the evil spirits.

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The eyeliner came into the limelight in the west during the 1920s and was popularized by Hollywood stars, artists, etc. Ever since the eyeliner has been discovered, it has never left any human’s makeup kit. The whole facial mood and look can change with just a stroke of the eyeliner.

Here are some types of eyeliner styles and looks that you could try just by sitting at home.

Types of Eyeliner Styles

1. Classic Stroke

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If you’re an eyeliner beginner, this can be your first stroke to learn. It requires no special skills are and also saves your time. Draw a simple curve from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. The stroke should be thin while starting off then gradually you should increase the thickness of the liner, as you go towards the outer corner.

2. Anime Eyeliner

@ellxtasy via Instagram

Hand drawn or animated characters made in Japan are termed as anime. Cute or ‘kawaii’ is often represented with big doe eyes and it is mostly used in female characters. Start out thin from the inner corner and then make the eyeliner thick with a little wing at the end.

Then slightly extended the eyeliner into the lower lash line. Apply a white liner on the water line as it makes the eye look big. This is one of the cutest types of eyeliner styles. It will give a puppy eye effect and also make the eyes look big.

3. Fish Tail

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart (2)-fish-eye-liner

To get this look you have to wear a subtle winged liner. And then draw a small curved line outward from the lower lash line or a reverse wing in a way that it looks like the tail of a fish. Marilyn Monroe’s iconic makeup from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953 is similar to the fish tail eyeliner. It is elegant yet seductive.

4. Fox Eyeliner

dior makeup cat eyes red lips ponytail
Bella Hadid via @diormakeup

This alluring gaze trend has been going around for a while now. An elongated and slanted look like a fox is given to the eyes. This is one of the latest types of eyeliner styles, and is sleek and sexy.

Draw a thin line with the eyeliner and extend it outward at the outer corner of the eye. Also extend it straight outward from the inner corner of the eye and draw a small stroke from a little below from the lower inner lash line. Famous celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Alexa Demi have popularized this eyeliner.

5. Cat Eye


The difference between a cat eye and a winged eye often confuses people. So here’s the answer, cat eyeliner is more dramatic, covering both lash lines, and ends in a small triangle at the outer corner; whereas a winged liner is just liner extended at the outer corner in a curved “wing”.

To do a perfect flick, start at the center of the eyelid and line till the outer corner. Then draw a curved line from there in the direction of the end of your eyebrow. Join it to the center of your lash line to create a triangle. Fill it up and even out the liner from inner to outer corner.

The eyeliner defines the eye and enhances the eye shape and  the eyes look similar to a cat’s eye. It gives a fierce and powerful look. Liquid liner or gel liner can be used to get the best results.

6. Winged Eyeliner


One of the most party-friendly types of eyeliner styles. It is a subtle and thin stroke of line that ends with a flick. Apply a thin line from the inner eye and gradually as the line reaches the outer eye, the density of the line increases. Finally, extend the liner to create a small flick or “wing” going up towards the end of the brow.

7. Smokey Eyeliner

Diane von Furstenberg

Using an eye pencil can give the best outcome. For this look apply the eyeliner all around the eye or only on the upper lash line. Then use a thin round brush or a Q-tip to slightly smudge the line.

8. Dramatic Cat Eye


To try this type of eyeliner style, one must be fearless in experimenting with the length of the liner. This look is very bold and strong. This was popularized by singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse. This method is the same as winged eyeliner, but you can play with the length and thickness.

9. Arabian Eyeliner


It has a dreamy, exotic, Arabian Nights kind of a feel. The eyes are manipulated to give them an almond shape. Extend the eyeliner outward and upward from the outer corner. Then extend it a bit downward in the inner corner of the eye.

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10. Half Lined Liner


Starting from the middle, draw the eyeliner on the upper lash line. Then make a small wing or a flick from the outer corner of the eye. It is simple as well as easy to draw. You can also extend it along it along the lower lash line, up to one thirds the length from the outer corner.

11. Bottom Lashed Liner


Here’s another one of the new types of eyeliner styles. Popularly known as the upside down liner, this style rose to fame during the Spring/Summer 2015. This look was created by Avon’s global celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Andersen at the Nicholas K fashion show. He took the cat eye and turned it upside down. Use a kajal pencil on the bottom lash waterline and below it. Extend the line from the outer lower corner and the inner lower corner.

12. Double Flick

makeup-downturned-eyes-shape-chart (3)-double-winged-eyeliner

Using a liquid liner or a gel liner draw a line on the upper lash line and on the lower lash line which is below the water line. Join both the lines at the inner corner of the eye. They don’t have to necessarily be connected. Draw a flick extended outward from the upper outer corner of the eye. Draw another flick from the lower outer corner so that they both are parallel to each other.

Types of Eyeliner Looks

Now that you know all about the different types of eyeliner styles, let’s take a look at some of the unique looks you create with these.

1. Shimmer and Metallic


These looks are all over the runway and red carpets. This look is all about creativity and glitter. If you want to make your eyes look bold and fierce, grab a glitter eye pencil or liquid liner and create your own style. Play with the eyeliner shape or combine the glitter liner with black one. Why should you apply the same old eyeliner when you can add a little sparkle in your life!

2. Emo Eyes

Tom Ford

This eyeliner look is inspired from the emo music which rose to fame in the 2000s. Draw the eye liner all around the eye and smudge the eyeliner or apply a dark eyeshadow on the upper eyelid till the crease and below the waterline too. This gives a dark and emotional feel.

3. Floating Eyeliner

graphic eyeliner lashes makep looks lucy boynton

The floating crease eyeliner is the 60s Twiggy eyeliner but with a modern twist and less dramatic eyelash. Originally the eyeliner was drawn on the crease of the eye (the crease is the deep end of the eye socket). But these days we can see many variations of the floating eyeliner. You can add a wing or add a little glitter or sparkly stones can also be stuck on or above the crease too.

4. Thumbprint Eyeliner


This eyeliner is easy to create as it doesn’t need precision like the cat eye or the winged eyeliner. You don’t have to be a pro at applying eyeliner or you don’t have to use any hacks or tapes. You can use your finger or the brush to blot the liner at the outer corner. This is one of those types of eyeliner styles where there is no right way to do it so all the imperfections are perfect. You can wear it in black or use a bright color like blue or purple.

5. Colored Liner


Bored of the same dark eyeliners? Then add a dash of color. Do not worry if you don’t have a colored eyeliner. Apply concealer the way you want your eyeliner to be and then dab your favorite eyeshadow color on the concealer.

6. White Liner

white liner types of eyeliner looks

Earlier the white eyeliner was mostly applied on the water line as it makes the eye look bigger. But these days we can see many variations of the white liner. You can try any of the eyeliner but with a white liner such as the 60s style with white mascara, the dramatic cat eye, Amy Winehouse style and many more.

7. Graphic Eyeliner

graphic eyeliner cool fun makeup look

This is where you can unleash your creativity to the fullest. No way is the right way. You can add various strokes or glitter or color as well. Just be free and show off your artistic skills.

8. Bottom Lined Kohl Look

Christian-Dior Spring Summer 2019 SS19 Makeup Trends Bold Brows
Christian Dior

One of the most popular looks in the Indian subcontinent, this is a great way to line the eyes without drawing too much attention to them. To get this look, use a pencil liner instead of a gel or liquid one. Then just line along your bottom lash line from the inner corner to the outer. Voila!

9. Drawn Lashes Look


This retro look was first popularized by Twiggy in 1960s, and was recently brought into the limelight again with Dior Fall 2019 fashion show. You can simply draw your lower lashes in a subtle way. Or make it bolder like the Dior look by drawing both upper and lower lashes along with the liner.

So I hope this guide to types of eyeliner styles was helpful. Do you have any favorite eyeliner style or look that you want to try? Do comment below and tell us about your favorite style or look. If you try one of these beautiful looks, do share your liner look with us by tagging us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

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