Different Eye Makeup Looks to Recreate when You are Bored

Searching for fun makeup looks to do when bored? Here we have put together different eye makeup looks that will surely make your lockdown days more interesting.

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Hello lovely ladies! This quarantine phase would have probably brought out hidden talents in most of us. We are sure you would have tried lots of experiments in terms of makeup and styling. Although it has been frustrating to be full-time in our homes, the lockdown days gave us a chance to unleash our creativity and try something new. As they say, every dark cloud has silver lining; being quarantined did give us the scope to follow different eye makeup looks and fashion trends.

Well, if you are still in mood for some fun and are in for a game to glam up your face, then let us help you with it! Check out some fun ideas of different eye makeup looks that you can try when you are bored at home.

Different Eye Makeup Looks That are Cool & Worth a Try!

1. Stone & Wing It!

stone winged creative eye makeup look

Here’s a creative look where you can experiment with stone stickers. But with a twist of wings. Arrange stickers in a wave over your eyes. And do a winged eyeline. Use fake eyelashes and apply loads of mascara. For the lips, wear pink glossy lipstick.

You can get the face stickers from Amazon/Flipkart. There is a variety of assorted designs and crystal embellishments which you can choose from. Similarly, check on Nykaa for false eyelashes.

2. Floral Patterns Below Eyes

floral patterns below eyes latest trending makeup look

If you love creativity and want to have fun with cool new makeup trends, then you can try this look. Go for Suva Beauty Hydra Liner that is available on Amazon, Flipkart or any other online beauty store. It works well for doing face or body art. It is smudge proof, safe and available in multiple colors. Choose a liquid lipstick to give a good glossy shine to your lips. Or, to keep the focus on the design, go for neutral lip shade. Alternatively, you could draw in any other natural motifs – water, stars, moon or even abstract art.

3. Graphic Eyeliner Look

graphic eyeliner cool fun makeup look

This is one of our personal favorites from the list of different eye makeup looks. Graphic eyeliner look, as the name denotes, is yet another makeup look that brings out a dramatic effect. This would require a good quality eyeliner and a steady hand. Because, this look essentially requires precision to achieve a perfectly drawn eye design. Besides blending in your artistic skills, you need to ensure the design you draw is sharp and in equal dimension on both the eyes. Wear a nude shade lipstick to keep the focus on the eye makeup. Or, go bold and pair with some red!

4. Watercolor Blush

watercolor blush stunning different eye makeup looks

Another top trend which we came across is the watercolor blush look. Red carpet inspired, this look is all about extending the blush to the temples and blending it with the eyeshadow seamlessly. It gives room for playing with multiple colors. You should know the knack of blending different hues smoothly without going overboard. Choose light shades for giving the watercolor effect.

5. Butterfly Eye Makeup Look

butterfly makeup creative eye makeup look

We came across this look, which seems to be quite popular. Here is where you can play with your creativity. The look is not only simple to achieve, but literally eye-catchy.

Choose any of your favorite color of eyeshadow and do your eyes. Spread some of the color outside your eyes as well in a smooth gradient. Then by using white eye liner, draw wings over these areas. Wear nude lipstick and thin eyeliner to finish the look.

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6. Rainbow Eye Makeup

rainbow eyes cool trending makeup look

If you are fan of multi colors then this look is for you. As the name suggests, you would require a completely color-filled palette to do your eyes. Start by applying a darker shade of green in the middle of your upper eyelid. Next, seamlessly blend in around this area a lighter shade of green, working towards the crease line and on outer corners of the eyes.

Coming to the lower lid of the eyes; start from the inner corner of the eyes with yellow eyeshadow. Go on blending in multiple eye shadows along the water line. Move from warm colors to cooler shades – like orange, pink, purple and blue; eventually blending in with the green shade at the outer corners of the eyes, using upto 4 colors.

Use lots of mascara or/and stick-on eyelashes. Wear a light shade of lipstick so as to keep the focus on the eyes alone. Be particular to choose good quality and skin-friendly eyeshadow. There are many popular brands that have wide range of vibrant color palettes that one can choose from.

7. Lemon It Up

lemony eye fun makeup look

Make your eyes light up like sunshine, literally! This bright, yellow eye makeup speaks for itself. It is been done by noted celebrity makeup artist Anu Kaushik who is known for amazing makeovers.

For the eye makeup; begin by applying yellow eye shadow on upper lid. Start from the inside corners towards outside. Then do the same on lower lid; staying close to the edges. Then blend in light-green eye shadow, from the outer corner towards the center. Do not blend in too much green. Finish off the look by applying light mascara.

8. Avant Garde Makeup Look

avant garde latest creative eye makeup look

If you are looking for some drama, this makeup look is a perfect choice. The term ‘avant garde’ has French roots and it refers to anyone or anything that takes on unconventional route. The avant-garde makeup look is more about being creative, expressive and yes, dramatic. You can bring out your artistic skills and give a spark to your imagination to create bold and beautiful designs, mostly around your eyes. Try unusual colors like silver here, and go for magazine editorial themes for a selfie-ready makeup look.

9. Glam Purple Look

A spicy and confident look. This makeup will look good on all skin tones. We found this super fun look by celebrity makeup artist Morag Steyn quite interesting and thought we will share it with you.

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10. Crystal Eyelids

crystal eyelids cool eye makeup look

It will be literally what they call, sparkle in the eyes! All you need is circular crystal stickers in different sizes. Such adhesive stone stickers are easily available online shopping stores like Amazon or Flipkart or even in cosmetics stores. As a word of advice: when you are trying on different eye makeup looks, first ensure that you don’t have a sensitive skin and you are not allergic to the stickers.

As you can see, you have to work around the eyes. Start sticking the crystals from the inside corner of the eyes, using smallest ones first. You can use fake eyelashes and stick tiny crystals on them as well. Keep the overall makeup minimal by applying basic foundation and a light glossy lipstick.

11. Chrome Eyeshadow

chrome eyes hot trending eye makeup look

One of the popular trends of 2020, chrome eyeshadow is touted to be the ‘must try’ look. When trying this eye makeup, ensure that you use a neutral lipstick shade so that the focus is on the eyes. Begin by applying a base eyeshadow, either cream or brown and create a dimension. Then pick up a bright eye shadow and start from the middle of the eyelid. Avoid doing it on the crease. Take the shadow from inner corner of the eye to the outer one.

Then pick a brown shadow on brush and blend it around the chrome color at the outside corner. Choose a darker shade of brown and further do the corners so as to create a shadow effect. See that you blend the layers in a smooth transition. To bring a balance, apply the dark brown shadow on the lower eyelid. Touch up the inner corners of the eyes with silver eyeshadow. Finish the look by applying black eyeliner and mascara.

12. Dual Colored Winged Eyes

dual colored winged sexy eye makeup look

Here is a ‘Two for Tango’ makeup look for the eyes. This is a perfect way to glam up a winged eyeliner look. If you’re looking for different eye makeup looks with unique shades, this is for you.

Apply a light shade of eyeshadow on your upper eyelid. Then using a contrasting color to outline the eyes, finishing with a winged effect. It is important that the corners of the eyes are done perfectly sharp. Use black or colored eyeliner and mascara. Apply light pink or peach lipstick to finish the look. Go for Huda Neon Palette to get these vibrant color eyeshadows.

13. Millennium Pinup Look

Millennium pinup look cool eye makeup look

This one is a stunning option. This bold, classy and confident makeup is 2020’s version of the 50’s retro pinup look. There is no chance to go wrong while recreating this look. All you need to do is wear a good foundation, highlighter,  mascara and a bold color lipstick. And lo! You will be ready to behold!

14. Mint Eyes

mint eyes beautiful eye makeup look idea

Mint or turquoise eye makeup is one of the most happening looks of this season. Quite radiant, this is one of the different eye makeup looks that’s also classy. It is all about blending the shades of blue proportionately well. To get a better effect start with a lighter hue, from the corner of the eye and moving onto a bit darker one at the outer edges. A winged eyeliner and mascara will seal the perfect look. Going with the current ‘mask age’, this look will literally catch anyone’s eye.

Tried any of these Makeup Looks?

Don’t you agree that these different eye makeup looks are such fun?! You should certainly try to recreate them when having lockdown blues!

Well, we really hope you enjoyed our article on eye makeup ideas. If you try any of these, then do upload them on Instagram and tag @shilpaahujadotcom! We would love to see how you killed your boredom with these beautiful and different eye makeup looks.

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