Daily Skincare Routine & Style Tips

Hi Jose,

Thanks for writing in! Skincare regimen is such a personal and individual thing, so it’s great that you’re planning one specific to your needs! I understand your concern about mixed skin type. Having a combination skin has its own pros and cons. But once if you understand how to deal with the minor problems you’ll ace facecare like a pro. You also mentioned that you’re underweight, and this may be one of the reasons for the skin related issues that you mentioned.

Daily Skincare Routine

First of all, it’s important to maintain a well-balanced diet to have healthy and glowing skin. I recommend you to work on maintaining an ideal weight by going to gym or maintaining a weight gain diet. Also, include lots of green veggies in your diet. Vitamins, proteins and iron are rich in green leafy veggies. The vitamin E found in greens protects skin cells from damage. Greens also contain folate, which is a vital nutrient DNA repair and also helps to produce and maintain new cells. With so many benefits, I’m sure you can achieve a glowing skin by eating greens.


It’s also important to hydrate to get rid of acne, fine lines etc. Apart from exterior care, it’s very much important to take care of your skin from inside. Along with staying hydrated, exercise or have some sort of physical activity that makes you sweat enough. You can also indulge in meditation like om yoga or prana yoga.

Now, let’s check out the problems and how to handle combination skin:

Combination Skincare Routine

Avoid having fried food at night, and never sleep with makeup on. It’s common to have oiliness in the morning, so just using a mild cream-based facewash and washing with cool water will be perfect.

1. Oily T zone in the morning: As soon as you wash your face in the morning, you may notice oily T zone after 10-15 minutes. So, the best way to prevent oiliness in your skin is by using a mild cleanser that’s specific for combination skin. Use a cleansing brush and massage in the T zone or any other parts of your face that are oily. Follow the same steps during night, too. The physical motion of the brush will remove the dead skin and helps you to get rid of oil and dirt.

2. Moisturize: Use a mattifying moisturizer over an oil based one. If you feel your skin is dry during the day then use an organic toner to tone it down. You can carry an organic toner spray and use it whenever you want.

3. Pores: Having pores on your nose is yet another common issue with combination skin. Though there might not be a complete solution, there are a few remedies that you can try to make it look smaller. Alexa Boer Kimball, an assistant professor of dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine, recommends applying products containing retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, or beta hydroxy acid, which help keep pores from getting clogged. You can even try natural home scrub and mask made with oats and honey.

4. Masks: Since you tend to have oily breakouts and dry patches at the same time, it’s ideal to use two different masks. You can try clay mask for you T zone and a moisturizing one for other parts. Try natural face masks for healthy glowing skin. Avoid oily or fried food to get rid of oiliness on your face. this may not be a permanent solution but it will help you for a while to cope with your skin problems.


5. T-zone: The T zone usually tends to get shinier in mid-morning. And the state of the T zone is also determined by the weather. If it’s too hot then your T zone is bound to be more oily. As much as possible keep it makeup free so you can wash it with plain water once or twice during the day.

6. Facial dandruff: A few times, you might notice white or yellowish flakes on your T zone. These are often connected with dry skin. But it’s an overgrowth of yeast that normally grows on the scalp, too, which leads to dandruff due to excessive oil on the skin. If you have them then it’s better to contact your dermatologist who may prescribe antifungal, anti-yeast, or anti-inflammatory creams.

7. Blotting paper: It may be frustrating to handle the oiliness when you’re in the middle of something. But that cannot ruin your confidence, right? Try blotting paper to get rid of excessive oil on your face. You can use them on a daily basis and when you apply makeup, too!

So, these were a few tips to handle combination skin. Once you get rid of oily breakouts, your skin may be either dry or normal. You can even try Korean morning skincare routine or skincare masks.

It’s also important to know that gaining beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight. It takes loads of time and efforts to see a visible difference. Also, try to choose organic products over others as this helps your skin without any side effects.

Additional Tips:

1. To get rid of sun tan, use homemade masks like curd and honey or lemon juice and honey. Try to cover your face with a scarf and always wear sunglasses and a hat when out, especially between 12-4 PM. Drink loads of water and stay hydrated to protect your skin.

2. Try facial exercises or massage lightly using your fingertips or a facial massager to get rid of fine lines.

Makeup for Combination Skin

Makeup may be tricky for combination skin but it ain’t rocket science. Skip the moisturizer on the oily parts when you’re applying makeup. Instead, go for a primer as it will moisturize and helps the makeup to stay for a longer time. Foundation is the tricky part, a liquid foundation may be perfect or a mattifying one, depending on how your skin’s pores react. So try it before buying. And then set it with compact or a setting powder. Use more setting powder on the oily areas of your face.

dior-spring-summer-2018-ss18-rtw-makeup-beauty-looks (3)-foundation-shades

Since you’re an undertone, you can go for lip shades like red, orange, pink and nude shades work well for you. It may vary person to person but for someone with warmer undertones, these shades are perfect. For blush, go for pinkishor bronzy peach shades.

Makeup products are very individual. What may work for you may not work for others. So, I suggest you try brands that you firmly believe in. Also, I would like to add, try organic makeup products to keep your skin healthy inspite of using makeup.

Style Tips for Wheatish Complexion

Personally, I believe one should try each and every color and shouldn’t confine themselves. Since you have a wheatish complexion with warmer undertones, you remind me of my SlubTeam mate, Pinky who, too, has wheatish skin tone. And you guys are lucky as almost all colors look great! You can go for both bright and dark colors or combination of both. Pinks, magenta, brown, burgundy, white, teal and ink blue are the safest choices.

Fashion blogger team pinky style fashion slubteam blogOutfit Ideas

Since you’re underweight, it’s ideal to wear something that makes you look fuller. Go for small prints, horizontal striped tops and even layering works well for you. To look taller, you can try skinny and high waist jeans or short skirts also work well.


Skinny belts paired with sheath dresses, or crop tops with palazzos, pencil skirts with flouncy tops or shirts are great ideas to try. Also, note that, these are a few ideas, don’t hesitate to try new things. Wear anything you like with confidence and when in doubt, we’re here to help.

Daily Skincare Routine & Style Tips

My skin tone is wheatish with warm undertone.I have combination skin. My skin feels oily usually during morning. Also, I’m underweight. My weight is 35kg and height is 157cm.
I want to know the best makeup brand and colours which best suit my skin. I want to know which outfits and colours best go on my skin. I would like to have some effective remedies which will remove sun tan,fine lines,open pores permanently.

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