60 Cute Tattoo Ideas | Best Tattoo Designs for Women

Have you made up your mind to get a tattoo done but you’re worried about the pain and how it would look like? Try small tattoos! From initials to relationship tattoos, check out all the cute tattoo ideas here!

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Hey beautiful! Tattooing is taking up the world by storm. Amongst today’s youngsters, you’ll hardly find anyone who doesn’t have a tattoo. Tattoos have become a super trendy thing. While there are a few who love to have huge tattoos covering their whole body, a few want to get inked but they just love smaller versions. Especially with women, it happens that they love miniatures of everything. Same is the case with tattoos if you don’t want to get a big and bold one, try the small tattoos. Here are the cute tattoo ideas for women.

Cute Tattoo Ideas

The teeny-tiny and simple tattoos are so adorable that even people who think that tattooing is not their thing give a second-thought and get inked. Small tattoos like the sun, animal tattoos, cute couple tattoos, etc. are so adorable that one would fall in love with them instantly.

Sun Tattoos

Use sun as your signature tattoo design to symbolize hope and power. From the rising sun to a cute little one, check out cute tattoo ideas for the sun below.

Simple Sun Tattoos

You can never go wrong with a sun tattoo design. If you don’t want a complicated version of the sun, just get a circle and fine lines around it as we used to draw in our childhood. It is also one of the first drawings I learned as a child, but would certainly make a cute nostalgic tattoo!

@susanacarromeu, @di_maio_kevin_inkvalley, @everlasting_creations, @tattooinka

Cartoon Sun Tattoos

Cartoon sun designs are so fun to look at. Go for the dark orange color as that of the sun so that it inspires you to shine brightly in whatever you do!

@jhopewellarts, @liamrossellink

Cute Sun Tattoos

Aww! I’m loving this type of sun tattoos. They look so cute and I guess you can get them done with very little pain as they look simple and easy. Good idea to get them on the ankle or even wrist. The fine line sun tattoo looks adorable.

@ronnielapierre, @_.m.a.r.i.s.o.l_, @deewhitetattoos, @nibitattoo

Little Sun Tattoos

Get this pure source of life inked on your body to feel inspired everyday. Not necessary to have a big one, you can try the little ones.

@femisi, @guileermovill2_electric, @meltemcebeciart,@thevaletattoo0

Constellation Tattoo Meaning

A constellation is basically a group of stars, which are combined to form an imaginary outline. Instead of a single star tattoo style, try the group of stars idea.


Relationship Tattoos

Relationship tattoos reveal our bonding with the person we love the most! From friendship tattoos to love to couple and family tattoos, the list of relation tattoos is endless.

Big Sister Little Sister

As they say,”There is no better friend than a sister.” The relationship of sisters is always special and nothing can beat the bond between them. Tattooing can make that bond stronger and will never ever let you forget that whatever you’re going through you have a sister-cum-mother-cum-friend, who will always be there for you!

@fatamorganastudio, @shewitt98

Matching Couple Tattoos

These are one of my favorite tattoo ideas for couples. It’s also a way to show how much you love each other. Couple tattoo ideas are so cute and there are plenty of options to choose from. Right from king and queen tattoos to lock and key tattoos, the list is just endless. The most common cute tattoo ideas for couples are hearts. Wherein, one half of the heart is inked on one person and the other half on another. They work well for photographs too!

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@fabmammyto3, @jessgarcia022o, @jesperdi.art, @thestephanie_noel95

Matching Family Tattoos

While matching couple tattoos are so common and trendy, we’re also seeing matching family tattoos! Let people know that you belong to the same family by getting the same tattoo inked. Cute tattoos ideas like the family surname, family crest, for what the family is well known for or if there is any family business, which has been running for ages are some of the good ideas for matching family tattoos.

Although, it’s not safe to get the tattoos for the little ones. If you want all the family members to get the same type of tattoo, then wait while your kiddo is old enough to get the tattoo inked.

@caiti.gallagher, @stacieharwoodtattoos

Friendship Symbol Tattoo

You may not have to prove your friendship but it’s a good idea to get it inked to stay friends forever. Try the friendship symbol tattoo to make it look subtle and cute. You can also try the initials of your BFFs, inseparable things like sun and moon, anchor and wheel, etc. to prove that your friendship is forever and inseparable.


I love You Tattoos

There are many ways to express love and one of them is getting it inked. Tattoo gives the solid proof that whatever might be the consequences, the couple is not gonna get separated! I’m loving the idea of the split of four letters of love with two letters being on one partner and the other two on another!

@classy.tats, @gap2ink, @shellyjamestattoo, @wardy0716

Cute Animal Tattoos

There are plenty of options to choose from animal tattoos. If you don’t want to get the bigger creatures like the wolf and tiger inked go for the domestic ones like dogs, cats and birds!

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Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos are one of the cute tattoo ideas if you’re choosing to have an animal tattoo inked. Free bird, a bird flying from the nest are inspirational tattoo ideas which remind us that nothing can hold us back and it is up to us on how high we want to fly!

@starby5, @danielzeroooidskull, @tattoosbyloughie, @tattoozlem

Cat Tattoo Designs

Cats may be your favorite pet animals. But if you’re not in a position to get the little one home as your pet, you can get it inked on your body! Cat tattoos are just super cute to look at! I’m liking the colorful cat one below in the cup. It looks adorable. The best body parts to try getting a cat tattoo inked are ankle or forearm.

@cleigh51, @polandtattoos, @tattoosbyjaclyu, @ernie_earnz_ink

Minimalistic Dog Tattoo

For many dogs are friends for life! You can have a cute puppy face or a small doggy tattooed. In this way, you can also show the love for your dog!

@jennydella, @tattoo_ideas, @minimini.studio

Strength and Happiness Tattoos

Strength and happiness are something people need at every stage of their life. Not necessary to always have a person who can support you with strength and make you happy. So, why not get them inked so that it reminds you every day how important it is to stay happy and powerful. You can also try the symbol of strength if you want it to look simpler and cuter.

@leonoraddama, @chalexandra89, @nicoleellisee, @mony-.green

Key Tattoos

These have always been popular since the time tattoos have conquered the world. Key tattoo with a lock and also initials are the most popular cute tattoo ideas. From colorful to floral to ribbons style, it all depends on how you want the key to look like. Make sure it looks realistic as that’s super trendy right now.

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@waltermessina, @stingers_tattoo

Car Portrait Tattoos

While many think cars and bikes are a guy thing, prove them wrong by tattooing a car portrait! From vintage cars to sports, you can try any of your favorite cars. If your dream is to get a Formula One car or any of your fav branded one, get that one inked so that it will remind you each day that it’s on your dream list and you need to fulfill it.

@tattoosbydestineemacadm, @sefa.sevinc, @lenawarriorprincess, @rudefernandaztattoo

Initial Tattoos

You can get the initial of your most favorite person or of yourself inked. While people try many things in matching couple tattoos, inking the initials of your partners is also a great idea! Try tattooing the initials in stylish fonts to make them more attractive!

@oxtattoos012, @laura_inkedmind, @evlhairdesigns, @megan.morth.kellam

Simple Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos are one of best cute tattoo ideas for both men and women. Infinity and beyond is the most common tattoo idea for both couples and singles. You can also try heart, birds, names, initials within the infinity symbol to show your unconditional love.

@hahissa, @nuna.ink, @eagleagle

So, this is all about cute tattoo ideas! I liked the simple animal tattoo designs. Which tattoo idea did you like the most? If you have any cute tattoo design already inked, do show your pictures @shilpaahujadotcom and we’ll be sure to double tap it.

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