Crown Braid Black Hair Designs for Your Mesmerizing Insta Pics!

From messy to a double crown, there are so many styles of crown braids that are perfect for both casual and party looks. Check out all the different crown braid black hair designs here!

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Hey there! We know it’s monotonous to have the same hairstyle every day, especially when you’re all dressed up and the hair doesn’t go with the outfit. From buns to curls to layered to messy hairstyle, the list of hairstyles is just endless. There are a million ways to style your hair and amongst them, one of the best hairstyles that look rich and classy are the crown braids.

Crown Braid Styles

In a crown braid hairstyle, a braid is either made the French way on the crown of the head, or a regular braid is pinned there, giving the look of a crown. There are many crown braid hairstyle variations perfect for every occasion especially parties and weddings. And you can accessorize them with small pearl pins, head charms or headpieces. From circle to messy to double crown braids, check out the different crown braid black hairstyles below!

1. Circle Braid

Oh-so-fabulous crown braid style this is! A circle braid style gives the illusion of a tiara on the head. It is braiding the hair into a circle, leaving no gaps in between. When viewed from the top, the hairstyle looks like a complete circle. Perfect for long and medium hair as the braid is thick and looks lovely! Secure the braid tightly with embellished bobby pins for that perfect party look!

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2. Crown Braid with Hair Down

If you’re bored of the just letting your hair down and wanna try something trendy, then go for the half up crown braid. You can either try the circle braid or a semi-circular one! It may look difficult at the first sight, but once you get your hands on it, it is pretty easy! Try it for casual outings and yeah great for office too!
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3. Crown Braid with Bangs

While eyebrow length bangs are one of the best cool hairstyles for 2018, upgrade this hairstyle with crown braids! Yeah, you read it right! Crown braid with bangs are a perfect style statement and bet you, you’ll have all eyes on you! Try them on vacations or date with your special man!


4. Crown Braid with Curls

Leaving a little bit of hair in the front before braiding the crown is better as this will help you get curls in the front. Try this look for prom nights and weddings too! If you’re wondering whether crown braid will look good with curly hair, then worry not, it looks amazing. Just pin it well and make sure to use a hairspray to keep the braid intact!
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5. Crown Braid with Weave

Weaving the braid is a variation of crown braids black hair. While weaving the hair, you can either tuck all the hair in or try the messy style. Start weaving the hair either at the center of the hair or from the forehead. I’m loving Shay Mitchell’s hairstyle! Try it when you’ve done enough of braids but still loving the style and wanna try something braid-looking!

@stykebylumine, Harper’s Bazaar via Pinterest

6. Crown Braid for Short Hair

Crown braid works well for all lengths of hair. The thickness of braid may vary according to the length and volume of the hair. Half down crown braid works best for short hair.


7. Messy Crown Braid Black Hair

Messy crown braid is perfect for beginners as you need not worry about getting the perfect braid. And if you’re perfect and still wanna try the messy crown braid, then pull out a few strands of the hair after braiding and you’re good to go!


8. Crown Braid Ponytail

A ponytail is one of the most common hairstyles and it looks chic too! A good variation of a ponytail is crown braid pony. Sometimes, when you have gotten ready early for office and love trying new hairstyles, then go for this crown braid black hair idea! It won’t take much of your time and will look fabulous. You can also try the crown braid ponytail when you’re going shopping or for movie nights!

9. Double Crown Braid

This hairstyle isn’t as tricky and time-consuming as the name sounds. If you’re over the standard crown braid style and wanna try a new hairstyle, then go for the double crown braid. Popular American singer, Ciara Princess Harris, was spotted in double crown braid style (with two different braids) at a fashion show.

crown braid black hair double crown braid latest styles
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Crown Braid Black Hair: How to Do it Right

For beginners, start off by doing normal braids and once you are perfect at it, doing crown braid is no big task.

1. Start off with parting your hair in the center. Divide the hair into two sections. Secure one side of hair with a hair claw while working on the other. This will make your work easier.
2. Start at the nape of your neck and split working on into 3 sections.
3. Cross each of the strands underneath each other. Make sure to keep the hair tight to get the perfect braid. Do the same on the other side of the hair too.
4. Now time to create the crown! Pull one the braids from right to left, over the forehead and secure it with bobby pins. Now, pull the other braid and secure it against the first braid. The crown braid is ready!

You can also check out this tutorial of crown braid!

Crown Braid Tutorial

So, this is all about crown braid black hair. I’m loving the messy crown braid style. Which one are you liking? And if you have tried them earlier, do share your pics with us by tagging us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

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