How to Create an Awesome and Sellable Clothes Collection for the Summer Season

If you are starting a clothing line, you want to make sure that you have a fabulous collection of clothing to offer to your customers for the summer season. If you don’t have a lot of money to get started, you should start your business with an online store.

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If yours is like most online stores, you will use a dropshipping model to get your products to customers. An online store that uses a drop shipping model does not store products. Instead, they order products from a manufacturer or a specialized warehouse on-demand.  The product will be shipped directly to the customer from the warehouse or manufacturer.

Fortunately, some drop shippers double as on-demand printers, as you can see here. You can easily design clothes on the drop shipper’s website, sell them in an online store, and have the on-demand company ship your customers’ orders to them.

Design a Logo

Give a lot of thought to your logo. You want something that distinguishes you from other designers and looks close enough to a famous designer’s logo to evoke a feeling of trust and familiarity in your patrons. The very best on-demand clothing companies will allow you to design a logo on their website.

Of course, you can get the help of a graphic designer to design your logo, but it’s a good idea to learn about typography, color theory and design basics so you can select a design that you can later use for branded clothing too.

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What Kind of Clothes Should You Offer?

When you are just starting, it is best to offer just a few very distinctive articles of clothing. If your company has a logo, you can create a t-shirt with the same colors as the logo or create a shirt with the company logo. You can also create hats and mugs with the logo on them that will introduce your company to the public.

You should think about the personality of your company before you begin designing. What are you trying to say with the clothing that you create? If your style is very feminine, you can create a pink or lavender tank top with a floral print or an empowering slogan.

If you are starting a brand of athletic wear, you should pick a t-shirt or tank top that is made of sturdy material. Or create a wool cap with your logo and an encouraging phrase on it.

You can also learn about the different types of fashion subcultures to create a line that your target customers can resonate with, or something that’s currently trendy.

Figure Out the Age of People You Want to Sell to

Once you have created your design, you will want to select the articles of clothing and the items that they should appear on. When you select the threads, think about who will buy your clothing.

If you are selling to a younger customer, you can use a lighter, more sheer material. Older people tend to prefer thicker, higher-quality material in a shirt. Although It may be counterintuitive, older people should avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing such as long t-shirts and long skirts. It will make them look frumpy.

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If you are planning on designing a piece of jewelry or two, you should know that long chunky pendants look the best on older people. The younger set generally favors light, delicate jewelry.

Starting your clothing line can be very exciting. Spring and Sumer are the best times to show off your fashion designing ability. Starting your line with a fun, eye-catching, and inexpensive piece or two is a great way to catch the public’s attention.

Do Market Research

Check out the old and new brands in your space. Your competition is the brands that sell clothes at a similar price point, targeted towards the same age group and gender. Look into their collections and social media marketing to figure out what you can do differently, how your collection can stand out and seem unique.

Also learn more about your target customer base to understand what needs they have, what they enjoy and you can speak to some people in the age group directly to get the best insights.

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