Coronavirus Memes: People in Quarantine Share What They’re Upto

From hilarious to ridiculous, here are the best Coronavirus memes to get you through your day. Plus, we share the funny and totally relatable ways people in quarantine are spending their time. I’m sorry, earth is closed today.


Coronavirus – yet another problem 2020 has thrown at us, the biggest one we’ve seen in decades. And while healthcare workers are working overtime, governments and workplaces have taken drastic steps to reduce the local transmission rates. A handful of countries have nation-wide lockdowns, while many have region-wide lockdowns. Countless workplaces around the globe have asked their employees to work from home, and many schools and universities have closed indefinitely.

To know more information & see live stats in our country, please visit our Coronavirus dashboard.

Coronavirus Memes: Quarantine & Chill

And when people are at home – what do they do? Of course, the answer is always memes! On Twitter, we’re seeing all sorts of ways people are spending their time in self-isolation and quarantines. People from all over the world are sharing funny and beautiful things. Some are missing socializing, while others are biding their time away as their workplaces have shut down.

coronavirus-memes-generation gap

Let’s take a look at our top favorite picks, which are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, say awww (or in case of the last one, even feel disgusted!).

Note: Currently, we’re having some trouble playing the embedded Twitter video memes on desktop. They’re working perfectly fine if you visit this page on your mobile phones though.

We Always Knew Umbridge in the Harry Potter Series Represented Something Else. She just wasn’t Human.

coronavirus-memes-harry potter

We Aren’t a Very Smart Species Afterall

We thought we’d get work done if every event gets cancelled. And yet, here we are – sleeping, eating all our quantine snacks in the first 48 hours, and deciding which side of the couch to sit on.

coronavirus memes work from home memes quarantine funny

Quentin Tarantino, Tentin Quarantino

coronavirus memes quentin tarantino quarantine

If You Really Wanna Be Safe

It’s called living in a bubble.

really want to stay safe during coronavirus

Parents are Having a Hard Time

Don’t worry, memes will help them get through the difficult time.

coronavirus memes parents homeschooling

Fashion During the Coronavirus Era

coronavirus memes fashion spring 2020

Coughs are a Stigma

coronavirus memes cough quarantine funny latest

When Corona has the Corona Virus

coronavirus memes corona virus funny best

2020 is Nothing Like What We Hoped It’d Be

2020 is unlike anything we imagined coronavirus meme

Socializing During Corona Virus

Extroverts find a way to hang out with their friends. Just like introverts find a way to stay quiet even during parties.

socializing during coronavirus

This is What I Think My Brother is Doing

His work-from-home days start today, and his wife has gone to live with her parents for a few days (with his kids). reached out to him for an official statement. He neither confirmed nor denied when I sent him this gif, asking him if this is what he’s up to.


Creative House Parties

Oh they still party in Italy, who said you have to be in the same room to party with one another?

A pianist and saxophone player make the most of home quarantine and spread some positivity in the neighborhood.

Time to Take Out Your Most Ridiculous Halloween Costume

Dinosaurs had to take out trash when an asteroid headed to the earth, and they take out trash when Coronavirus engulfs their planet. The T-Rexes are responsible citizens. Be like the T-Rexes

You’re my only hope, Stormtrooper hemlet.

What to Do When You Are in Quarantine

This is one of the most popular Coronavirus memes. Only if there were enough cars on the road for the sock-puppet to eat…

No One Needs that Much Toilet Paper, Says Who?

And you thought people are hoarding toilet paper to wipe their asses? Lol, you clearly don’t understand humans as well as you think you do.

That’s the Only Corona We Need in Our Lives

They say quarantine can be a positive time. A time to learn new skills. Perhaps these Coronavirus memes can inspire us while making us laugh.

Finally, We Find Time to Make Our Assignments Pretty

No more dates, no more drinks with friends, no more pointless meetings with our TAs and professors…

Lonely Parties

I wanna party…

Virtual Dating

People’s dating lives are getting reduced to the digital world. Thank god I’m married, otherwise I’d content myself with just movies and TV shows…

Home-Alone Instrumental

Some are getting creative, this one has created a whole instrumental by mixing up alone-at-home noises! Sound on!


It’s easy to feel lost and without purpose. We don’t go to work just for the money. Runs deep, this one…

The Streets Are Yours to Dance on

This looks like South Africa, even the attitude does! Coronavirus memes have to include songs about the epidemic. The song will be stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome.

Extroverts are Having the Worst Time

Now do you understand how we introverts feel when you force us to go to parties? Kill me now!

Remembering the Time We Actually Used to Get Bored

Someone on Twitter has taken out his hand-held video game collection. Ready to play tetris?

Here’s one more… Ooh! Even I should do that. Wait, no. I already have a home-office…

How Not to Waste Your Time

This one is too much!

Some teenagers have recklessly created an unhygienic #CoronaVirusChallenge, which involves licking public toilet-seats in a really stupid effort to show they don’t care about their well-being. Here I am washing my hands incessantly and not even as much as going out, and here are some who think they’re invincible (I value my life, thank you).

Which are your personal fave Coronavirus memes? Share with us on Twitter @shilpa1huja and let us have a laugh too. We all need it at a time like this.

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