Coolsculpting: The Cold Truth Behind the Fat Removal Technique

It is indeed tough to get rid of that stubborn fat when your target is weight loss! Coolsculpting has recently become a trendy technique that helps get rid of body fat. But is it really helpful? Find out here!

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Hey there! There are times even when you work out extensively to maintain body weight and particularly body fat, but it is never as easy as it seems. Fat is basically a three-molecule structure made in the body by itself. Fats like essential fats are to be provided to the body through diet and that too in required quantities. Any excess of it may get accumulated and later it’s difficult to get rid of it. It’s when these different types of fat removal techniques strike one’s mind. Coolsculpting or fat freezing is one such method that’s been in news lately that helps to get rid of the excess fat. But is it just another scam? Or could it actually work? Get to know how and whether it really works or not.

What is Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting also called cryo lipolysis is a non-surgical method of fat removal. In this method, a device is used to freeze the fat cells under the skin. This method is FDA approved, but can fat-freezing bring real results – without spending an hour at the gym, can you really get the body you always dreamed of? We have read both positive and negative reviews about it. Keep reading to find our thoughts on it.

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How Does Coolsculpting Work

Before knowing how does cool sculpting works, let’s know a little bit of science and history behind how this technique came into action.

It all started accidentally. As mentioned in Coolsculpting website, “In the early 2000s, scientists at Harvard University observed that some children who ate popsicles got dimples in their cheeks. The scientists—Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD—realized that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells. The idea that cold can target fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue was the insight behind cryolipolysis, the proven science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based.” Sounds interesting right!


In the coolsculpting technique, round panels are used which work similar to a vacuum cleaner. Placed in the target area, these round cooling panels work to crystallize the fat cells and break them down! It takes nearly 1-3 hrs for one session of fat-freezing. One may feel little discomfort during the process but it is bearable and one can do their daily chores actively post-treatment.

Coolsculpting for Kids

It is definitely not advisable for kids as they are still in the growing stage. Breakdown of fat cells by freezing can lead to serious dangers to the kid! Also, it is not a good option to try at home and to be done under the supervision of a trained person.


Cool Sculpting Machine

The machine used for removing fat cells is a portable thermoelectric device that applies controlled heating and cooling. Breakdown down of fat (lipolysis) is the main target of the device. It aims at cooling the target area and break down of the fat cells beneath them. However, it an external process and no major risks are involved in it.

The clinics claim that once the process is done, the disintegrated fat is automatically shed out from the body. They also make a shocking claim – researchers found out that fat on the treated area is reduced by 25% after multiple sittings of the treatment, although as you’ll read later, that’s not how the users experienced it…


Cool Sculpting Side Effects & Risks


1. Pain and tugging sensation in the treated area.
2. Temporary redness or swelling may be seen due to exposure to the colder temperatures.
3. Numbness for some time is experienced by some patients. If you feel numbness for a long time, then it is better to consult the doctor or the technician who treated you.
4. Itchiness in the treated area.
5. Long-term side effects include diarrhea when the fat cells are removed from the body.
6. In rare cases, the fat cells may enlarge rather than breakdown and this condition is known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).

Cool Sculpting Cost

The battle with the bulge may put a hole in your pocket. It also depends on what part of the body you want to get it done and the number of sessions required to burn the fat. However, the cost ranges from $750-1200 per session. But yeah, it is better when compared to liposuction both in terms of price and risks too!


Cool Sculpting Reviews

Coolsculpting has both good and bad reviews. A few are happy with the results but for the rest, they said it did not work. Read a few reviews here!

A review read on Pinnacle Dermatology and Skin Rejuvenation Instagram page said, “Coolsculpting is not some crazy gimmick treatment, it actually works.” However, it’s not by a genuine user. Let’s find out what those actually got who actually got the treatment done have to say about it.

Negative Reviews

Also, a review from Facebook by Danielle Dailey says, “I purchased a 2-course Coolsculpt treatment for my thighs at @chicagodermatology. They took measurements a few months after my first treatment and they said 1) I lost fat and 2) based on their measurement tool, I did not have enough fat to qualify for the second treatment. Sadly, the fat loss only lasted several months. My thighs went back to the way they were which didn’t make any sense because my eating habits and workout routine remained constant. I spoke to a Coolsculpt rep about my experience and they said sometimes fat cells can redistribute. It was a complete nightmare. Lesson learned.”

Another bad review from Lori Haro who posted on Facebook saying, “I did this sculpting thing on my inner thighs & outer thighs & knees & under my arms you know the wings, & under the chin also.” He says it did not hurt at all and one whole day he was there at the hospital and finished the entire process. The treating doctor said she said she would call him the next day to see how he was doing and that call never came. He adds that the doctor said it would take a minimum of 3 months to see the results.

“Well, it has been 6 months no results to talk about except the $7000.00 bill that I have to pay for.”

He feels being scammed because there are no shrinkage at all on the treated areas. Just a very small amount under the chin that is it. He added,  ‘If ever asked would I ever do it again? No. It is not worth all that money. Tummy tucks are better & very good results. Wish it worked it would have been nice but never would I tell anyone else to go do this sculping. I will not name the one I went to. Just ‘cuz I am not a person to ruin someone else business.”

How Long Does Cool Sculpting Last

Typically, the clinics say that results in coolsculpting technique start to show after a month or so. And yes, the results are mild and not drastic. So, if you wanna just get rid of tiny love handles or loose skin below the bra line, sure go for it, but definitely not for major areas.


It is also important to maintain a balanced weight after the treatment. So, if you want lasting solution to the stubborn fat problem after undergoing the treatment, try doing exercise every day and stay away from high calorie, high-fat food and have healthy food.

So would we really want to give coolsculpting a try? Honestly, our biggest fear is something that no one is even addressing – that this technique that’s supposed to help you lose fat may even make you gain some more! Remember the risk of PAH (paradoxical adipose hyperplasia) I mentioned above? In rare cases, this treatment can cause enlargement of the fat cells that activates a reactionary process in them and instead of breakdown it can cause fat to increase. This will make you fat instead of losing weight! All said and done, it seems that the trendy cool sculpting technique is a scam, rather than something we could actually ever think of trying!

So, this is all about cool sculpting technique. Have you ever tried this method or you’re happy to keep going with a good lifestyle rather than try any of these methods? Do let us know your views by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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